December 26, 2009

I want the snow... but apparently Europe and snowy part of Asia doesn't...


Merry Christmas everyone! It's that time of year again and let's hope 2010 will be brighter than this year!

Since most of TD&B readers are Malaysian, must give advise on certain things that happen in Malaysia a lot. If you are travelling this holidays, please please be safe on the road. Stick to the rules. I know it's very tempting but it really can save you a lot of blood and money. I know there are some very very smart and impressive people out there who think that they're being hilarious when they drive recklessly.... yes funny... hmmm but not so much fun when your brains are all over the road la... yeah not laughing anymore, are you?

Malaysia is famous for accidents every festive season. Right? Not to be bias, but generally it doesn't happen much on Christmas Day. The worst times are during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. CONFIRMED a number of people would be taking the next plane to the afterlife. This makes me feel sad and depressed.

So please whatever that's left of 2009, treasure it because soon, it will be just another part of our memory.

God bless everyone :)

December 10, 2009

So 2009 ends soon.


I just finished my finals. I'm so thrilled that it's done, but I will say that I'm a little sad that my 2nd semester has ended. I mean, I love college man... it's the place to be! Of course with all the right reasons la, huh... I'm not doing anything illegal or stupid or both.

SO, moving on, OH MY GOSH the best stuff is in the papers lately! I'm telling you, MALAYSIA is such a dramatic place to live in man... I mean, honestly, let's look at it, politicians are calling each other names, the public is doing dumb stuff only to be killed in the end, how can we not call Malaysia dramatic? People say America is so filled with drama and they're talking about the white lilies that live there... MALAYSIA HAS EVERYONE! You name it, we've got it! Malays, Indians, Chinese, Punjabi, Chindians, Chi Bais (Chinese mix bai yi la huh, what you all thinking ar?), Mayonaise and even foreigners also we got. Because we have a lot of illegal immigrants here, thanks to the our government's effort of trying to bring the world together. Our dear Prime Minister's wife was saying something about 1Continent or 1World or something along those lines... Dearie, let's just focus on 1Malaysia first, okay? Don't look too far because from where I'm squinting, it's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG long road.

You know what producers should do? They should do a reality TV series of everything Malaysian. Every joy, mistake, triumph, screw-up, drama. AND air it without any censoring on national and international TV. CONFIRMED ratings will be off the roof. Can you imagine the amount of money the networks in Malaysia could get from both national and international airings? It just occurred to me that this could be an EXCELLENT way to boost the economy. The politicians came up with all the plans and budgets, to hell with that! USE MY WAY!!!!

I must say, the post-traumatic mania from finishing finals has seriously made me say a lot of things on impulse. But never mind. I didn't say anything anti-government now did I? I'm merely being honest and blunt. I'm really being supportive of Malaysia. I'm not calling anyone a pig, I'm not being light-headed unlike those dumb dumbs in the newspaper today where they had some picture of a politicians head photoshopped onto a cow, for a protest rally. The stuff these people do really tickles me.

I did say I would compensate for not betching in my previous post, so compensation complete!


"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" ~ Abba Eban

November 27, 2009



WHOA. 2009. You are nearly becoming a past tense in our lives.

I shouldn't be blogging really. I've got exams and assignments to complete but I think I should pour my thoughts about recent happenings out into this box before I forget, hence making it seem like I'm not thankful.

Well, I can say it's been a very nice year for me. Everything just fell so nicely into place. Deadlines were met, prayers were answered, answers were given to mind-bending questions, people came into my life.... everything is just fine. I don't wanna say it's great because of the world's disasters like the Padang earthquake, the reversion of Maths and Science back into Malay, the economy crisis... I think it would be unfair really to say that life is great.

Among the recent things that I wanna be thankful for is my recent performance for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, everyone... though most of you don't celebrate this, but oh well). I performed two songs with two friends of mine, Mayuri and Marivin. We were called Green Egg & Ham feat. Marivin (he was a recent addition before we told the MCs our band name). The name has no reference or meaning, whatsoever, so go ahead and rest your confused selves. I sang "Use Somebody" and "Chasing Cars" to a good response from the audience, so I am particularly thankful for that to God. You see, I was panicky about forgetting the lyrics to the two songs and my panic escalated to greater heights when I DID forget the lyrics during sound check. My mind went blank.

So Mayuri in particular was worried for me and I didn't blame her. She was very passionate about performing before the people of HELP. So I prayed to God asking that everything would be fine, that I can remember the lyrics and the timing, that he would rid me of anxiety... you know, your typical prayer before anything. And thank you God, everything went so well. However, two people in particular from the audience were not pleased with me performing "Use Somebody". One was Monica whose reason was another band she heard totally crushed the song and has hated the song ever since, and the other was Dessie (I hope it's the right spelling) who thinks Kings of Leon's latest album sucked and has offered to coach me in other songs from their past albums which were, according to her, WAY better. Well, at least, it wasn't because of me, LOL. They be the coolness anyway.

And now, the show must go on... it's time for one final quiz and assignment and then... the finals. *Hallelujah chorus soars dramatically* I know, like I haven't even opened my books properly due to all the other projects that I've been involved in.

December 9, I beckon thee,
Come quick and deliver me,
From college and the final papers,
I ain't kidding, I need them answers!

I realised I wasn't being my usual betchy self here, but because I'm in the thankful mood, I shan't say anything indirectly nasty.

Have a good weekend, everyone :)

November 24, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey readers sorry for "abandoning the it world" (according to the Politician).... Well for the matter of fact i was really caught up with lots of things to do you know... I'm not as free as the politician and the betch... the politician gets money under-table and the betch get money by bitching and I get money by fishing so mind u there's no internet at the open seas... oh well.. So i'm back...
I've got nothing much on my mind to blog about recently so i'm just going to update u about my current experience in UNIVERSITY...
So for your info i've been accepted to a local uni that is UPM... well.. so much diff from all my well-to-do friends that's in INTI, TAILORS, HELP, UTP,SUNWAY, and etc... This is because the subject i want to study is only offered in UPM, no other col/uni... SO i'm stuck here... well being stuck here is no so bad afterall... i've got amazing friends (which i initially thought i wont have any)...Thank GOD for that..
The reason i am missing in action in the blog was because i was very caught up with many many things to do... My first sem was very busy... my schedule is always jam packed with labs and lectures sometimes i feel so drenched out... 18 credit hours every sem is crazy... every week i have three long reports to do.... every 3-4 weeks have test and exams...Well talking about exams its not easy at all sometimes.... i thought it will be all smooth and easy in uni looking at the majority that is around but this year was an exception... THIS IS THANKS TO THE JPA SCHOLARS!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.....I think they actually raised the standard so that it gives the JPA some sort of challenge...and they are also focusing on some ISO thing...haiz... all this is making my life more challenging... oh well... have to put up to it... its not easy honestly... In a way its a good thing because i think this is the thing that drives me to move further and getting me out of my comfort zone... I'm currently waiting for my finals results.. I'm so nervous looking at my odds to get good results...
I guess that's my update for now... i'll blog again when i find something more interesting") till then chiao!

~The Fisherman~

November 14, 2009

Fed up of Gossip Girl drama in reality!

Updates are kind of slow because of exams.......

These are some things that have happened since my last post:

1. MCA's image has been destroyed:
There are internal problemssssss in the party. Most of them are stupid problems! EGM was held but the resolutions were contradicting with Registrar of Societies(ROS) about the post of Deputy-President of the MCA and many more that I am too fed up to say....

2. Malaysia is in Formula 1!
I am actually looking forward to that and I don't want to give any comments until I know about it and see how do they do in it. I hope they do their best, take it seriously and not just for the sake of promoting Malaysia.

You people must have watch dramas such as Gossip Girl which should teach you people a lot about relationship. If not it's okay, it's just a metaphor for the title..... No worries:)

What relationship am I talking about? Of course guys and gals. If you want lesbians or gays, hmm maybe it will come from the betch or fisherman not me. Hahaha.

Coming from a place that is very different than where I am now, totally different type of people, made me notice that there are people who are jealous, so jealous that I can consider them as stupid!

Everything that the gal/guy does must be told to the other party so that he/she knows what is he/she is doing. For example: the voice of the guy changes into a very soft spoken person and start updating about every single thing that he is doing and going to do with his friends........ then his voice changes back to his real self. I find this annoying maybe just because I get this so much here...... I thought people now are liberal and not so 'ulu' anymore but I was wrong. A picture of the guy or gal of little intimacy can cause massive drama in a relationship...... The ending..... hmmm..... depends, sometimes it's good and sometime it's not but before ending, I would see tons of drama.

I find that utter stupidity. Are those the thing we get when we indulge ourselves into a relationship? Of course not! Why get unnecessary problems and stress instead we could be happier being single.

This is what I think.....:

To be in a relationship is to declare that the couple becomes closer friends and not what most guys/gals now think, that is they own the guy/gal, he/she belongs to them. Not only when in a relationship, also after marriage, they should still treat each other as friends.........but that is not usually the case.......

The main factor to maintain a happy relationship and marriage is by the trusting each other. T....R.....U....S....T... is a value that we should practice when you think the relationship is getting serious. If not, hmmm, it's up to you because trust is something expensive or I can say priceless so don't just give it to any Tom, Dick and Harry. If you know that the other person is cheating on you and he/ she cannot be trusted so much but you still want to be with whoever the person is, what's the point? Sex? Money? Fame? If that is what your looking for then go ahead, continue with the relationship and you will attain your objective...... If you think that he/she is going to change to be a good person after you talked to the person, forget it. He/she will not change.

In the case where both are committed and have decided that this is the person then just do one thing........ trust in him/her, almost nothing can destroy the relationship. For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend slept with another girl/guy but he/she did not tell anything to you.....In other words you found it out yourself or it came from another person, you are confident that he or she did not do anything wrong. You might even choose not to ask him about that at all because you trust him/her. This is how much trust you have in the person you are with. But bear in mind, this has it's disadvantage.... If the other person has done a big mistake and you choose to trust him/her..... after some time you end up knowing that he/she did do a huge mistake, it will hit you hard...very hard.

But again, let me remind you that being in a boy and girl relationship(BGR) is a time of trial so breaking up shouldn't be a big issue and if both of you are really meant to be together, I am confident that you and the other person will get together again..... Wishing all the BGR out there good relationship and learn from love dramas about relationship, don't just watch!

The Politician

November 03, 2009

Remember, remember... my gosh, it's November?


Before I betch, I apologise to our readers for the constant delay of updating. You see, I'm a very busy betch with college and the betching business. It's very hard to juggle you know. And also, I'm sort of at a crossroads in my faith. By that I mean like I'm hitting a rocky path as things in life are revealed to me, like what is there to come and what is there to do to please my God. It's hard but I'm hanging on.

I gotta say, I'm just so amazed how 2009 is just dissolving into 2010. I anticipate the future, don't get me wrong, but somehow I feel like things are going way too fast. Just yesterday, it seems like I had just started secondary school and now, I'm in college! Sometimes I just lay in bed and wonder how did time zoom past us so quickly.

It's either time that's being sneaky or it could be me. Recently, I've got TONNES of work on my shoulders. So basically everyday would be monotonous because I'll be trying to race against time to complete my work. Thank the Lord for He sustains me. And the people! I love HELP, readers. Honestly, I'm so glad to be in HELP and no where else at this moment because of the people in general. Come to think of it, if it was not for NS, I would probably be in some other institution. Because before NS, I didn't even think of HELP once. Funny the way things out, eh? And yeah, in this sense, NS was helpful, I guess.

Why am I being so nice and tingly? OK, Betch mode activated.

1Malaysia is good. Yeah honestly. But shouldn't it have been implemented LONG TIME ago in Bethlehem or something? They're only thinking about it now, when racism and discrimination is at its' worst? Even the late Yasmin Ahmad said our PM copied her because her movies have depicted racial harmony in Malaysia in the most natural way possible. I mean, I wanna be optimistic for Malaysia, I seriously do, but let's face it, the country is in pretty deep shit. C'mon, politicians are losing the trust and faith of the nation as we speak. No substance, just small talk.
No planning whatsoever, always playing dirty. How now?

All we can do is pray for this country.

If you ask me, I'm in a love-hate relationship with Malaysia. I dunno how to love it or hate it. I'm simply mundane about Malaysia. All I can say is that Malaysia is my first home and a home that no matter what happens, I still gotta love it. C'mon we gotta be thankful we aren't in wars or involved in natural disasters.

Anyway, it's nearly three in the morning. I'll come back soon. God bless you all!

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."
~ Groucho Marx

October 10, 2009

A crocodile in disguise 2

The Betch and his silliness…Buu you!

Fisherman and his jala! Buu you too for abandoning the IT world and being very busy in fishing!

(The following post may have been slightly different from the real story for he/she may be a close friend of the writer and please excuse the informality of the post)

Remember once I told a story about a crocodile in disguise? If no huh, go find it in previous posts, if yes, I have another story that you people might be interested in…. As what you have read, you must have learnt something about the attitude and characteristics of the crocodile but there is more!

Before telling, let me describe a little further about him. He came from a wealthy family. From what I’ve seen, his father is fierce but he’s very generous to his son if his son does achieve what the father expected them to achieve. His mother is very loving and that’s all I know about his parents. Let me tell you that the guy I am talking about is kind of smart but he could be the most stupid smart guy in the world and extremely immature….. I think lah.

Very common, a guy likes to act cool especially in front of gals…..So gals, I just let out a guy’s secret…thank me. I would like to give another tip too (if wrong don’t blame me), observing from what I have seen is ……. a guy who has good sense of humor and he does naughty stuffs even thou in front of his girlfriend is a guy who is really in his true natureJ Anyway, back to my story…… The guy that I was talking about invested his properties (handphones, money and other stuffs that a teenager may use to give his gf) that his parents bought for him on his girlfriend….How? He would show that he is loving, caring, generous and cool, everything in the world lah, so that the gal that he is with would be impressed. What for? One word……… I heard him said that he would spend much more money on prostitutes for sex than his girlfriend and it’s not only for once, he can do it as much as he want and then when he captured a new prey, bye bye the used ones. Phones and anything that usually a guy can give to a gal are some of the things that he would give and that wouldn’t be as expensive as receiving services from prostitutes. So did the coolness attracted many gals to him? Yes it worked!

Recently, he went for a class and his good friend was his partner for that class. There was a girl who was new and she was also in the same class. The crocodile and his good friend had prepared for some time for an important project. As you all know, the crocodile can’t stand his (I don’t know what word should I use to describe), he went and waste much time with the new gal and left his friend for hours to wait for him. His good friend was fed up with him so his good friend told him off in front of the particular gal…… And because of his jaga muka and cool attitude, he punched his friend and left the project which was very important…… And guess what did his friend do? Nothing….He just said…..”that’s it you’re out.” Let me tell you that his friend was a very fit guy and I think he would have easily kick him in the ass for good….. but he didn’t.

Please vote at the sidebar and feel free to comment or condemn.

There is so much more about him but it is to be continued………

The Politician

October 07, 2009

Lost in Thailand...apparently.


Well, I've got a story for you guys and it happened two years ago. It suddenly came back to me a couple of hours ago before this post. It's hilarious.

So here's the dirt. I went to Thailand with two of my aunts and a cousin during the CNY holidays. This friend of my aunts came along and he was this art director from China. Very nice guy and all, only there's this one problem... well at least in my case, he doesn't speak much English. He can but not much. And you guys know me, I'm the worst Chinese ever because I don't speak Mandarin. My almost non-existent ability to speak Hakka and Cantonese wouldn't help. So basically, I only made small and monosyllabic conversations with this dude.

I think it was our 3rd or 4th day there when he expressed an interest in touring Bangkok as he had never been there before.

Aunt of mine: Hey, that's good! (My real name) can go along!

I remember hurting my neck from turning so sharply around to look at my aunt.

Me: HUH?
Aunt: Yes, he hasn't been to Bangkok before... so why don't you two go together?

OH YES..... I, a Mandarin-impaired dude, was going to go walk around some places in Bangkok with a guy from China who doesn't speak much English... I mean, c'mon, think about the communication issues... I remember praying the previous night that things would work out... Thank God it went quite well with a few bumps. I mean I had fun going around taking pictures with him and seeing the historical sites and shopping places, what have you not, it's freakin' Bangkok.

So we were in this mall and I saw a rather fancy music store. I told him I was gonna go there and he nodded. I put on the headphones and started listening to a lot of music. I think at least half an hour had past and I started looking for him.

I found him talking rather quickly and desperately to this information counter lady. The lady just picked up the phone receiver and started dialling. I went up to them.

Me: What's up?

I could have sworn I had never heard the loudest sigh in my life. He was like: "OH MY, OH MY, HE'S HERE! WHERE YOU GO? I LOOK YOU AND CALLED YOU... LADY SAY NO ONE COME..."

I didn't understand initially until I saw the counter lady and I was like "OH".

The poor thing thought I was lost! I guess he wasn't listening when I said I was going into the music store or perhaps he didn't understand and simply nodded. Apparently, he went up to the information centre and made the lady call me on the loudspeakers 14 TIMES!!! My days, how could I have heard when I had the headphones on in the music store??? It apparently went like this...

"Calling Mr. (my real name), calling Mr. (my real name), please proceed to the information centre on Level 1! Thank you!"

He was terrified. I remember him rambling about what could have happened if I was really lost, about how he was so worried and what my aunt would say for losing me... I was like Dude, calm the hell down, I'm HERE.

It was the comedy of the evening, joke of the day and a memory of a lifetime and still is! So from now on, if any one of you decide to go on vacation with a person who doesn't speak your language, BE ON THE WATCH. Lol.

I have quite a lot to tell you guys but not at the moment, or not in this post. It's already too long, imagine if I'd added any more stories. Take care everyone!

October 02, 2009

Annoying Chinese

After some time being friends with many people from different places, I have learnt many kinds of characteristics that I have never seen before. Previously, I have talked about guys from boarding school and I might have criticized some races especially Malay…… but that doesn’t mean that all of them are what I describe in some previous posts….

From what I have seen and said before is that the school that a person goes to definitely has some effects on a person. Just to give an example, very often, a gal from an all girl’s school makes them very outstanding in the sense that they can talk a lot, anything they feel like talking and they are not shy! Am I correct? Hehehe.

During holidays, when there is a gathering with my friends, each one of them will always say and likely to complain about some people in their university or college…. And I found out that the only race that they would often complain would be Chinese. Why? They, themselves are also Chinese! What makes them so different?! I think these are the most common point why they complain! So it’s time for the Chinese to get bombarded!

1. They keep most of the things from others so that their marks are highest.

Very often this is a characteristic of Chinese students from Chinese school. For example, if they have some tips or questions or it could be anything that could help everyone in getting a higher grade, they would only keep it to themselves although sharing it would not affect his grade. The reason why he does it is probably because he wants to get much higher marks than everyone else which does not do him any good! So why do it?! I don’t know.

2. When you ask that have you studied for a test or exam, he or she would say haven’t study. Not only that, when he comes to see you that you’re studying, he would do a damn irritating kind of tease something like this “wah, studying wor, studying wor.” As thou he didn’t study at all but he has been studying like there no tomorrow. Just say you’ve got higher marks than him, he would do another kind of provocation again!

Competition is good but doesn’t mean you have to put others down by doing all that! Another thing is, in university or college, helping each other is crucial and good because it helps in getting higher CGPA for everyone so why being so like that! I have been listening from others and myself has experience it. If they want to study so hard, do it, but don’t put others down by doing all the annoying things!

Now it’s time to compliment other races.

For Indians, they have very strong spirit of togetherness. They would help their friends in completing their work and they are not self-fish. No doubt. Some Malays also have those characteristics in them. Not only that, Malays is also very generous especially in giving donations and is very helpful UNLIKE THE CHINESE.

For the international students, they may be rude in the eyes of Malaysians but its okay for them in their country….. So it’s hard for them to change in that way…..but there is an extremely good thing about them that is they would help others even thou they are taking a huge risk. In quizzes or tests, an international student would ask whether you need help and would give you his paper to copy!

There is so much more to say especially when doing businesses but I think I’ll do that in another post. That’s all for now.

The Politician

September 12, 2009



Sometimes, in life, being a good Samaritan isn't all that pleasant because you wouldn't know whether that good deed would be thrown back into your face. And yes, the good deed that I tried to do was flung straight back.

I was rushing to class two days ago a little before ten in the morning. As I was breeze-walking by, this car honked at me, I look up and I see this Indian dude waving at me, beckoning me forward. I stepped up to his car.

Me: What?
Dude: Hi, I'm sorry... I'm from Penang and I'm lost. I'm trying to get to Cheras and my brother-
in-law is waiting for me. Can you point me in the right direction?
Me: I'm not from here, Uncle. Sorry, I don't know the way (about to walk away)

I noticed he was very well dressed. He spoke fluent English and he was incredibly polite and well-mannered. As I was about to walk away, he said his phone is dead and he asked if I could led him my phone for a short call? I could understand a lost person in a car trying to find his way, I'd been there before. So my soft side surfaced and I STUPIDLY agreed to lend him my phone. He called his brother-in-law and said he was trying to find his way and all, bla bla bla...

I wasn't quick to notice that he was sneakily reaching for the gear and he changed it to Gear 1.

"OH, crap"

BOOM. He took off! He took off with my phone! I was left there, stunned. I was just a victim of robbery. Holy cow, there wasn't even a struggle. I gave it to him ignorantly WITH MY CONSENT. I couldn't believe how naive I was. As I pulled myself together, I walked up to my residence and reported it. They told me I'm not victim No.1. There have been worst cases, the office people said.

I wasn't going to let that thief have it just like that. Oh no. I called up Maxis to straighten things out.

Maxis: Hello there, this is Shalini. How can I help you?
Me: Hi, Shalini. I just got robbed of my phone and I don't want that thief using my phone with my SIM card in it. Is there anyway I can assure that the phone would be almost useless to him?
Maxis: ... ermm, well, Sir... we could block the SIM card.
Me: Fantastic. Please have it done as quickly as possible.
Maxis: Of course.

So, my Maxis number is unavailable now. I can retrieve that number when I get to a Maxis centre.

So there's my story. The scary thing is that that thief might have been observing me from a distance already, preparing to strike. And I can't believe I allowed it to happen so smoothly for him. Damn it. I was so incredibly naive at that time and a little messed up as I was rushing. I also fell for his polite manner.

I'm just thankful to God that I wasn't harmed and nothing else but my phone was taken away from me. It could have been worst but again God's grace was upon me, I was unscathed.

So to all readers anywhere in the world, robbers and thieves are getting smarter and sneakier by the minute. REMEMBER at all times to not entertain strangers! Maybe those from charity organisations asking for donations are alright. But honestly, anyone that just walks up to you in the street and asks for help, DON'T BOTHER. Just walk away.

One more thing for that thief. Dude, you've gotta be kidding me for stealing my phone man! The phone is basically 4 years old. All it's original parts have been replaced with fake ones and it has been dropped a million times. WHY WOULD YOU STEAL AN OUTDATED PHONE?!!! DUDE! You can't even get RM30 for that stub of a gadget. I would LOVE to see what you're gonna do with it.

Well, anyway, God be my witness, I'll let Him deal with the thief.

God bless and be safe, everyone :)

September 06, 2009

Parking Vandals

The activities of parking vandals are increasing in a very significant amount and it is a VERY VERY worrying thing for me. Let me sort of define what parking vandals are if you people out there still do not know what they are………

They are bunch of morons that must be burnt using a lighter to remove their hair on their body and for those who are hairless, they should be skinned alive! (I know I sound very angry and I am!)

Parking vandals are people who want to earn easy money by threatening the car owners to pay them parking ‘fee’ in a public parking area and if you DON’T PAY them, they will teach you a lesson when you ‘read’ your car- you will have a lot of hand-writings on your precious car!

Living in my hometown, Seremban has been very easy for me to get a safe parking space because I know Seremban inside out and I think Seremban is still a safe place compared to Ipoh and of course Kuala Lumpur. I have seen people directing drivers to park but I noticed the drivers were smart enough to choose to park somewhere else just in case…………Anyway, the people who does those thing there are just beggars but it’s different in Ipoh.

On one Saturday, I went out to Ipoh….(not important information….bla bla bla), my friends and I had to go for dinner. It was at night, I think it was 8pm, I decided to eat at a famous-looking place for dinner…….. It was crowded and I(a huge fan of cars) was looking at the cars that were passing by the area, some BMW’s and some cars worth looking:)

After eating, going back to my car, I saw many Chinese, Malay and Indian guys who are quite small in size but there were many of them. Only for a row of parking space, there were about 7 of them but most of them were small in size…..just in case something happen to me, I think I would be able to do something to protect myself plus I have a Taekwondo Black belt guy beside me who was bigger than me…..Hahaha. Back to serious stuffs, I was being followed by a few guys and they were asking me the location of my car and they PUSPOSELY showed me that they had metal rulers but I didn’t bother answering them……After walking a block away, they decided stop following me and I think I was lucky because my car was parked out of their area……. I don’t know what the end result would be if something happens to me or to my car………

It was like a planned job because those bastards are at the areas where parking spaces are really in need! Not only that, the authorities which were so busy patrolling and doing roadblocks SEEMS LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!

I have seen a Porsche 911 and many cool Mercedes such as SL being parked in the nearby areas……Can you imagine those cars being scratch just because of their few bucks! It is not being stingy or what but it seems like we are so scared of them and they are the boss! This is starting to be worse than I’ve imagine. Something must be done but I know nothing will……… so I just want to warn and caution you guys to not only park in a proper parking space and not get a summon but park in a safe parking area. Please help spread the word around……..Those bastards have interpreted the tag-line 1Malaysia in the wrong way by being united in doing crime! Put them in ISA! That should be the use of ISA!

The Politician

September 05, 2009

The Final Destination.... really? It's been four or five installments already. When is The Seriously Last Final Destination?


I know I'm doing two posts in one day but oh well :) Right, I don't get Final Destination and probably never will. When is this franchise gonna end? It's so over-the-top and unnecessary. In nearly every installment, there would be this girl who can see the future and sort of cheat death. She pulls these people with her and then one by one, they die in the most RIDICULOUS ways. The current film has a guy in it, I figured they didn't get the girl to come back for this one since she was basically pancaked by a train in the previous one. Anyway, in one part, I see in the trailer this girl gets bludgered by a flying tyre from the race track. It just swerves through the air and hits her squarely in the head. Like what are the odds of that ever happening, man? It's just TOO MUCH.

The previous installment had a guy sliced open by some swords that were hanging above him when he was working out. This girl got wasted from a nail gun or something. Not only is it nonsensical, it's basically violent and the violence just makes no sense. You know what's sensible violence? Live Free or Die Hard. That's okay, right?

It's as if the writers of the Final Destination franchise are turning Tom and Jerry stunts into a real film. Remember when Jerry would drop an iron on Tom's tail? Yeah that's basically how Final Destination is all about. Everyone dies Tom & Jerry style!

Okay enough about that rubbish. Let's move on. Whitney Houston is back! Her new album is out and it sounds like good stuff. BUT HER. Oh my gosh, I dunno what happened to her really. She doesn't seem to be focused and her voice is so deep and husky now. Have you guys seen her GMA performance? She says her long interview with Oprah was the cause of her vocal problems. I wonder what Oprah has to say about that. But then again, the woman is 45 now. Even Mariah's voice has deteriorated and she's 39. Celine, HOWEVER, well I say she's the best among the three. I mean, yeah Celine's voice has grown deeper now too but she can still hit the notes of her older and newer songs.

I smell dinner. Gotta run, you guys. And please leave some comments. All our comment boxes are empty and dusty. And where in Malaysia are my blog partners? Eh politician, pemancing, post something FAST.

God bless :)

Ham Choy


I won't explain why the title of my post is as it is because it'll explain itself.

Recently, I joined the Christian Fellowship in my college. I'd thought I should join them to reduce the amount of time wastage I tend to allow. So anyway, one of the leaders had an ice-breaker in mind and he divided us into two groups. One group was to write their favourite food down on a piece of paper and give it to the leader. Then the leader would stick those papers on the back of the people from the other group. This other group would then need to find the person who wrote their favourite food down on the piece of paper on their backs. And then they gotta guess what food it was.

I noticed that the majority of the people in the Fellowship were Chinese people. So I thought I'd write down some Chinese delicacy. I wrote Ham Choy (salted vegetables) and I gave it to the leader. I started hunting for my food on of the people's backs and when I found that person, I was like "Oh bugger".

The leader decided to stick my piece of paper on an African girl! Her name was Tresha or something, couldn't quite get her name when she told me. How the heck was she to guess my favourite food? It's a Chinese dish for goodness' sake. She was all excited when she found me right... She was like..

Tresha: Oh alright! (high 5's me)
Me: Don't be too happy now, you'll never guess this.
Tresha: OH? Try me.
Me: (sighz) okaaayyy...

So she named all sorts of food and I was like "No, no, no and before you get to the next food, it's still no".

The game was over and she took of the paper from her back.

... Give her a minute.

Tresha: WHAT?!
Me: Well I did say you wouldn't have guessed it.
Tresha: Where is that dude that gave me this? Grr!

She went up to the guy and like sorta gave her a piece of her mind jokingly, of course. We all had a good laugh. That leader was just cruel, lol, giving the poor thing something that she still doesn't know about.

Alright, I should keep posts short. People complain about my long ranting here. So I'll end it for today.

Ciao, y'all.

August 25, 2009

Round and round, here we go again.


The fall semester has started and I can now tell you it's gonna be a very hectic and busy semester. Oh boy, this is gonna be TORTUROUS. Even on the first day, the lecturers are already telling us about the assignments, the projects and all that jazz right... I'm like laughing nervously at the lecturer, wanting to seriously believe he's joking, but really no. But I asked for this anyway because I wanted to go back to college so badly due to my depleting form from boredom. So this fall, I'm going to be very cranky, very unseen, and very stressed. O Fall, I embrace thee with not so open arms!

Although I will say this, Developmental Psychology seems to be a very nice treat indeed, judging from the lecturer and what it has to offer, I hope and pray this subject would do me good.

So moving on... I just got back from Terengganu. Not that I'm from there, but I went there for a holiday, a very disorganised and last-minute holiday I might add. I'm just always at awe at the way my parents plan holidays. It goes like this..

Dad: Where do you wanna go this holiday?
Me: Hmm, how about Terengganu? Leo's been wanting to go fishing for some time now.
Dad: Hmm...

(the next day)

Mom: We're going to Terengganu!
Me: What? But we were just - when?
Mom: Tomorrow!
Me: *toooooooooooot*

It was like boom! we're going without any plans whatsoever. I mean, I'm glad for the holiday but seriously, so uncalled-for.

So anyway, the next day we're going. And it was probably the worst journey I had ever experienced. I was behaving like I was knocked up or something. Seriously, I was car sick right... so EVERYTHING annoyed me! Any one's voice, the sunlight, any sound, any sudden movement, any smell... basically ANYTHING would annoy me. I was having a headache, I was nauseous, I was fidgety... I'm not kidding around, you can ask my brother and his friend who was probably freaked out by me because of the symptoms of pregnancy I was showing. When I got to the hotel room, all I could think of doing was collapse on a bed and join Alice for a cup of tea in Wonderland. Three hours later, the Red Queen saw me and started chasing me and screaming "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" while in reality it was actually my mom screaming me conscious. Lol.

After that, everything went smoothly. The beach was great, although the waves were not as exciting as the last time I went to Terengganu. My dear brother saw something in the sea and was going "OOOH, what's this??" and he began to reach for it. Somehow his brain screamed realisation into him and he in turn screamed "JELLYFISH!!". You guys, he ran for it and no he didn't just stumble back, he ran like back to the shore which was like 10 feet away from the squishy creature. He was the joke of the day.

So about Terengganu people, they're very laid back, very cool, and much friendlier people. Okay I'm not being racist or anything, I just notice that some (note the word some) of the Malay people from the southern side of Peninsula Malaysia are not very friendly, not very helpful, and also unpleasant unlike the northern Malay people. I dunno what's the reason for that, but my guess is that northern Malay people do not care too much about modern issues. They just go with the flow, live the life, meet the people, contribute... Sway with ease, you know? I guess having a touch of simplicity about life is important in this crazy modern world. If you allow certain prospects or objects in life to take over your priorities, you could go south really... So just a tip, watch yourself about what you invest in or commit to.

Again, I would like to stress that the above is just a mere reaction to an experience. Nothing to go ballistic about, okay people? By the way, how eye-widening is the recent suing of the Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing by our very own MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat? RM500 million!!! That's not something you take out of your pocket now, is it? Well I have no comment about it so far, but let's see how this problem unfolds, shall we? This should be interesting to watch... another cage fight in the circus.

Catch you all later :)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln.

August 20, 2009

A single standard education for all!

The argument of teaching Science and Mathematics in English has been going on for some time..... and of course I choose English as the medium to be used when teaching not only Science and Mathematics but all the other subjects such as Geography, History and Moral Education.

First, the argument to "mermartabatkan Bahasa Melayu" should not be brought up.....I think those who use this as an argument why English should not be used, wants to create unnecessary problem so that more Malays would support them. It is the national language and it will always be used in Malaysia.

The Malays who are in the kampung that could not coup with the English Language can only be improved when they use English more often. By making the medium of teaching of Science and Mathematics in Malay Language will only keep them away from English and will further make them suffer especially those who wants to further their studies in higher education institution no matter in Malaysia or overseas. This is because almost all the higher education(universities and colleges) uses English as the medium of teaching.

Businesses which need English will also stay under the control of other races, the Chinese especially. The Malays in the kampung will only be further worsen by the act of changing the medium that will not improve them. I know that what I have told here have been argued by many people who are like me but I have an extra suggestion that I have experienced myself that would contribute to the tag-line that the Prime Minister created- 1 Malaysia.

Besides the medium thought in school, the vernacular education system should change to a standard education system- only one type of school in the whole country. Sekolah agama, maktab rendah sains mara, sekolah berasrama penuh, Chinese school and Tamil school should be abolished. For those who wants to study in a boarding school can continue but it should be the same type of school as the others.... no agama, Chinese or Tamil school.

I would definitely enact this proposal if I was the prime minister but I know that I may not be one on the next day:)...........Many parties like the Chinese, Malays and Indians would go against me defending their bahasa ibunda and so on but I don't care! I think this is a perfect plan and only the most country-loving prime minister would do this! Actually, the other languages will not vanish because those who wants to learn or study them could do so by having a system which they have now that is the POL-( a class where they could learn their language).

Therefore, I think having English school is the best not only that every races will mix together but they will also be united and they do not really care about races. This is based on my true experience.......I am not hating or condemning any races but usually the Malays from boarding school are not friendly towards other races when they are out from school because of the environment that they have been in for some time. In contrary, those who are from English school love to mix around with everyone.

The Politician