March 28, 2010

Top Salaries In Malaysia

For the corporate CEO’s, thestar represented their annual salaries as daily salary (annual salary / 12months / 22 days / month):
Nazir Razak (CIMB): RM35,417 per day
Wahid Omar (while CEO of TM): RM RM6,742 per day
Ahmad Zubir Murshid (Sime Darby): RM7,764 per day
Yusli Mohamed Yusoff (Bursa Malaysia): RM7,462 per day
Lodin Wok Kamaruddin (Boustead): RM 7,007 per day.
To put some context around those per day figures, 79.3% of the entire households in Malaysia earn less than RM5,000 per MONTH

Prime Minister RM22,826.65, Deputy Prime Minister RM 18,168.15
Minister: RM14,907.20, Deputy Minister: RM10,847.65

Sources from TheStar on 2009.

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