June 29, 2009

Michael, did you really have to go? Oh and Farah, you too...


Alright, as you all may have guessed from the title, I'm gonna talk about Michael Jackson. The King of Pop as dubbed by Liza Minelli, has sadly passed away due to cardiac arrest (allegedly). The whole world mourns his death, according to CNN.

Okay, here's my story of his death. I was really sad that he died all of a sudden not because he had the upcoming tour or something, but basically of the fact that he's Michael Jackson. This dude had brought a whole new variety to music in this generation. Honestly, I don't think Justin Timberlake would have made it big without Michael's influence of music in his life. Not just Justin, but all the pop stars out there, all the big names in the music industry.

I honestly believe that he could possibly be the most famous person in the world. No joke. Here's why. Even my not-very-informed-grandmother could call up my aunt and say...

Grandma: Ah Mun ar? eh nyi ti tao mor? Michael Jackson si hoi wor... yien wong! (Ah Mun ar, eh you know or not? Michael Jackson died! poor thing!)

Aunt : Haiyoh, ngai kang hei ti tao mah. Nyi yu ti, ngai em ti tao meh? Haha! (Haiyoh, of course i know he's dead! If you would noe, surely i would too?)

Grandma: Ngai lo men ti nyi! hehh! (How i noe u? hehh!)

This was all in Hakka by the way, HILARIOUS when my aunt told me! Lolz.

I'd bet even kampung people in the rural side of Kelantan would know.

"Eh kapan ya, Michael Jackson dah meninggak!"
"Apo pula? Kena'pak?"
"Skit jatung!"
"Arh arh ya!"

So, in a way, MJ has basically taken the world by storm, with his slick dance moves and high-key singing. This dude can sing an dance awesomely. Usually, you would get singers now who can sing but cannot dance, or dance but cannot sing. This dude has both! How cool is that? And as a bonus, he also has really good and catchy songs. C'mon, how many freaking No.1 hits has the dude snatched up? Every single album he releases is a 100% hit! Thriller is probably his most successful and best selling single of all time! Everyone of his songs just wanna make you dance and sing or cry (Heal The World, Earth Song, You're Not Alone).

But I guess fame has a price. This I have to lay it down on Michael Jackson. Dude, you should have organised your stuff right. His stardom overtook everything in his life basically. He can't even have a normal life after 2002. He was constantly bombarded with criticism, tabloids, rumours, and death threats even! Seriously, whose heart wouldn't explode due to the pressure of it all? A shame he spent the last years of his life suffering all of his haunting problems from the world. I feel really pitiful for him really.

But anyway, that's life and it must go on, and does the show.

I feel bad that I didn't talk Farah Fawcett when she went first before Michael. Lolz. Yeah, she died of anal cancer (ouch). It's sad as well, I mean she was one of the angels in the hit 70s TV series Charlies Angels, and she was apparently a sex icon too. But you know what's funny is that her death was trodden on by Michael's death since he died shortly after her. I can imagine the CNN people in the newsroom.

CNN: Today, we're devastated to announce the death of Farah Fawcett, former star of the hit
TV Series Charlies Angels. She died at the age of 62 with ... (pager beeps and he takes it
out and reads it) OH MY GOD, Michael Jackson's dead! Cancel the show, people, we're
making a new one!

And they rush to the hospital Michael died in, crowding the poor stretcher with Michael on it. Tsk tsk tsk, you reporters.

Even in newspapers or magazines, they give these long columns of Michael's death and in one tiny little corner of the column, it reads "Oh yeah, ermm Farah Fawcett died too" FULL STOP. A little unfair, don't you think? Oh well.

They must be quarrelling and bitch-fighting in the land of ghosts.

Farah: You bitch, you stole my thunder!
Michael: You the bitch, bitch!
*wrestles and fights on the floor while fellow spirits Hitler and Napoleon nearby shake their heads and go AMATEURS*

Sorry for the language, guys, but wouldn't that be funny? Lolz.

Well feel free to comment and add some stuff that we don't know about Mike and Farah.


June 22, 2009

The Power of Paradigm

Hi readers... In this post i want to talk about the power of paradigm... Before i start let me explain to you in plain words about the word paradigm... Paradigm simply means a way, a mean, an interpretation, a concept, a mind set, a norm, a pattern, a world view on something methology or scientific... let me give u an example... everyone knows that an apple will fall to the ground and science clarifies that the apple fall to the ground because of gravity... so that is a paradigm... its a concept a view of somehting that we process it as true...

I'm gonna be a bit detail in this post so follow closely:) lets see where do i start... ok... The importance of a paradigm.. in our lives it is important to have our own paradigms... it helps us to justify and confirm many things in life..a paradigm often shows our character and mind set... because our brain is set to what we tune it to... therefore our reactions to situations often links to our paradigms in life...that is why u see many people have different reactions and views when something happens both negative and positive...

To me paradigm and positive thinking is totally different though it has things in common... positive thinking is temporary it only functions when we consciously think about it but in a long run it turns into a paradigm when u react positively without thinking about being positive...it just becomes your lifestyle and part of u....that is the difference..

Stagnant Paradigm limits creativity....i'll say it again...Stagnant Paradigm limits creativity... U see, creativity birth forth from thinking out of the box and thinking in vantage points... for example if everyone think that it is impossible to fly then it is but thank God for the wright brothers that created the aeroplane by thinking out of the box and this history impacted the whole world... creativity isn't just about making new thing or inventing a super thing but its a part of life i would say.. creativity can be anything from lifestyle, character, mind set, and etc... creativity is doing something that normal ppl dont do.. or simply out of the norm...if our paradigms arent flexible we will be the most robotic human and we live life quite miserably..... ( i'll have a few examples later)....

Paradigm shitfs... this is a shift of a whole new concept that we have in our head...this is powerful people... when we shift our paradigm u will begin to understand things in a different way in a more unique way that normal people dont see... its like the old saying... "everybody saw the apple fall but only newton asked why"... u see... then later we know that he became the one of the world's most reknown scientist...why??/ it was simply because he looked at a different angle, a new approach, he shifted his paradigm... he killed his first impresion and norm and paradigm that says apple falls to the ground fullstop....

Let me give u an example of paradigm shifting emotionally.... this one early morning, one man named Gabe stepped into the train to head to his office... on the way he saw many people still in the state of sleep, some reading newspaper, and some were just staring into thin air wondering away... it was a very quite and peaceful environment... everybody seems relaxed and motionless... not long later, a father and three children came into the train... the children started making a lot of noise and they were playing and running all the time... it certainly didnt please most of the passengers there... inspite of that the father remained silent and closed his eyes as if it was ok... So after awhile Gabe turned over and ask the man " could u pls control your children they are a bit restless ".... they man turned over and said " yea i wonder how they can be... their mother just passed away an hour ago... i wonder how they can still be like that... they must be recovering from that.." listening to that Gabe's reaction changed from agitated to calm and caring... he totally ignored the situation and ask the man if he is of any assistance.... In this scenario we see that Gabe's paradigm shifted at the moment he understood the situation... the normal paradigm is "these kids are naughty can the father pls do somehting"... when he saw it in a different angle he changed his paradigm....this is something very important that we have to learn.. to shift our paradigm in situation to suite the real thing.. dont just look at one aspect of things, there are so mant more angles, that is why God made that universe 360^ with altitude and latitude... Paradigms can built us or destroy us, can make us instruments of peace or arguement, can help us be happy or sad... is our choice people... things around can change so much but it is how we think that affects us..

i just want to publish this because i believe that our choices and paradigms makes us what and who we are...positive and negative, happy or sad, successful or failure, peace or uncertainty.... its all in the tips of our hands...NO ONE CAN CHANGE WHO WE ARE IF WE ARE STRONG TO BE WHO WE WANT TO BE, NOT CIRCUMSTANCES NOT SITUATIONS NOTHING... i hope this post inspired u in one way or another")

Have a nice day!!


June 17, 2009

Family Moments...

Hey readers, good to be blogging again after a while:) I was really busy for the past few weeks...

So today's topic, FAMILY MOMENTS!! haha... i love this one:)

Have you had moments that its just a big happy family having dinner together?? Im sure u do... i'm always very happy when this happens... u know why??/ i always get to see all of them trying to confuse the hawker!! hhhaa.... I dunno about your family but in mine they always always fight to pay!!! haha... my family quite cute...haha..... they usually confuse the poor hawker for a minute... Here goes..

  • " take mine i have smaller change!"
  • " Here here i'm from around if u dont take mine i wont come again"
  • " hai ya let me pay la once a while!"
  • "Next time i go your place u can pay!"

and there the hawker standing there goes " faster la i just want the money!" haha,..... have you have any experience like that?? we'll love you to share it in the comment:)


June 12, 2009

Stasis undone.


Yes, I am the betch of the three. Not so much bitch, but betch. A term I coined from 'bitch' as in I talk/insult/bash anything I find that has some level of considerable idiocy. I don't bitch to backstab people like the word defines, but I let out my opinions in my head, that sounds very provocative sometimes. It's hard to explain. You'll understand along the way of many more future posts. However, I can assure you my betchness is strictly for the blog.

Anyway, enough of my betchness. Who here's freaking out about the fact that it's now mid-June? Because I am. I just turned 18 some time back and I'm not ready to add another year to that digit. I've come up with a theory (I dunno whether any other dude has come up with it, but for now, it's me)... each time we're not looking at time, it sneaks past us without us knowing. I got a bit paranoid after having this feeling and also having that dream about me seeing myself 6 years ago or something (my previous post). But I'm cool, people, no pressure (*breaks chopsticks in half*)... ... Shyte!

Alright, so I decided to do this post, first of all, because I wanna verbally bash two dudes on a bus I saw the other day. I was on this bus to go to 1 Utama with a friend to watch 'Malaikat dan Syaitan' but ended up watching 'Keselamatan Pemusnah' which wasn't so bad either. On the way, this African woman came on board and she had a very exposed cleavage. So these two Malay teenagers saw her cleavage and they were like OOOOOHHHHH. Next thing I know they started taking pictures of her breasts! I'm like, could there be any more upper-level cheapskates around? It's probably even nobler to go buy porn, not that I'm sending any form of encouragement to anyone to do so. It's like it never occurred to them that all women have breasts before the incident. Ermm, guys, here's my advice... go back to school and pay attention in Biology class. Seriously, it would do Malaysia and yourselves a great deal of good. Get inspired from the *ever-so-useful* MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Speaking of buses, I also wanna voice out my disgust about some people who use public transport in KL. I was waiting for the bus to get to another station to go home to Seremban. When the bus arrived, it was naturally quite full. The people at the bus stand began pushing their way to the entrance. It was like an escaped circus of animals creating a riot. I swear, if you were in my imagination, you'd probably get to enjoy the slow-mo version of the scene and of course the added playback of animal sounds. Vicious, vicious, vicious. C'mon, you guys, everyone's gotta head somewhere, it's not only you. Have some sense of considerance! It won't kill you to have some patience, no? I mean, even if you miss the bus, wait for the next one then! It always shows up every 20 minutes anyway. Geez.

Here's something funny. In psychology class, I learned something about Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious. According to him, he says the slip of your tongue to some words is a form of manifestation of your unconscious. Well, that wasn't the funny bit but this. These Koreans guys in my class are so funny when they exclaim something in Korean. Okay, you know for example, some people say 'sex' instead of saying 'six'? So when the lecturer said 'sex', the Korean guys were like 'Huoa!'

I couldn't stop laughing. It was like the first time they'd heard of the 'sex' word. It's anything really. Anything surprising said to them, they would go "Huoa!" I'll demonstrate how they say it when I run into you some day, readers :)

Has anyone seen the haze in Kl lately? It's so bad, I was actually suppose to come back on Thursday evening. The haze was hanging over the jam in PJ like a dark cloud. It was crazy. I've actually just come back. And about the haze, guys, watch yourselves. Don't wanna fall ill now, do we?

KL life is both a blessing and a curse. The jams there are such great wrinkle-inducers.

So ends my post. Ta-ra, my good people!

June 10, 2009

A 'wonderful' experience in a government department

I don't know whether I am allowed to write some of my experiences on public service......because they might take some legal action against me but I will voice out a little bit about it.....just a bit......if I do say out a lot then I may end up like Raja Petra. I don't know much about the legal stuff on blogging but voicing out opinions should be alright.......I think. Hahaha....seriously I should read more on the rules and regulation on blogging and so do other bloggers out there.....we sure don't want to end up in ISA rite. Hahaha.

Okay, when we need to pay our compounds(cheaper type of summons that does not require us to go court and 'settle' there-'settle' it seems), income tax, road tax, renewing our driving license, we need to go to the government department and get them paid or else.......

I wanted to talk about this because I was amazed by the services that private sector provide us.... I went to a Perodua Sales and Service Centre for some errand and I was impressed with the service that they provided. The staff were very friendly and the workers there were hardworking and the good thing is they are all Malays. I am so used to seeing the Malays in the government departments that are acting busy, more talk than work and I personally think they need to do something to improve. I know not all private sector services are excellent and government sectors' services are bad but I strongly believe that you readers out there can see that when you go and experience it yourself. If you are lucky, you may get a seriously, I mean very seriously lazy!

I am not going to tell many stories that will boring you but I will tell one and this happened in one of the most important department- The Police Department. Before that, I'll start from the beginning........ About 7.30 AM in the morning.....don't bother about the day, I went to jog in the Lake Gardens which is a very usual thing for me except for the morning thing and it was a school holiday...... When I reached there, I kept my wallet in the motorcycle seat and locked it. I did it very discreetly to ensure that nobody was looking as there were a lot of 'budak-budak' around and they were all lepaking there.

After jogging, I went back to my motorcycle and I found out that my wallet was stolen from my bike.......maybe it was my fault that I kept it there but I have been dong it for almost 3 years and DA..... I did that on the wrong day and time......It was definitely the school kids work, I know but I couldn't do anything but to report to the police. I had so many important stuffs like my bank card, road tax(motorcycle), my license and many more cards lar.......

When I arrived at the police station, I asked the direction to do the report at the guard house and the police who wore the FRU uniform was very friendly and helpful. Then I arrived at the place where I can launch a report. The police officer who was going to take my report was a Lans Corporal (A post after Constable, if I am not mistaken) started asking lar about what happened and all....... Then I told the story to him. He was complaining all the way when I was reporting about what happened......he just had a little flu but he was whining about his SICKNESS to the other officer. The other officer who was new, was very enthusiastic with his job unlike the one I was reporting to. I pity him because he was working with such 'good' superior and 'exemplary' officer who will kill his enthusiasm to work.

He was saying lar "pagi-pagi tadi rasa nak ambik cuti tapi tu lah datang kerja jugak...and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and bla". Not enough with that he started asking me that how could the wallet be stolen because it was locked in the bike. He started talking in a very rude manner and instead of just listening to what I have to say, he was talking. I knew that he was too lazy to do a report and wanted me to pull back my intention to do a police report but OF COURSE I WON'T! Obviously he was damn lazy to do his job. Not enough with complaining and questioning me, he also said that "saya selalu simpan, takde pun curi....tak boleh curi punya!!"

My brother almost shouted at him in front of everyone but luckily the officer then stopped talking and started typing ONE BY ONE ALPHABET USING ONE TWO FINGERS!!!!! Can you imagine how slow he was?! And then when everything was done, he showed me the report and WALA! The report was so terrible and I am no going to talk any further about it. Then, a high rank officer came, and the Lans Corporal guy suddenly became so friendly and he tried to show that he was hardworking.

So there you go! One of my 'wonderful' experience in a government department....Police Station some more! By the way, the same thing happened when Bukit Antarabangsa landslide occured. An army who was a rescuer told to a victim that the incident was a good thing. The lady then reported it. And I didn't hear anything else after that. I wonder why? Hehehe.

Oh yea...before I end my post, I would like to stress that not all of them are lazy and bad, there are some who are fantastic at their job.... To think again why can't most of the government people be like private sector.....a little better services at least...... Is it because most of the lousy ones are thrown into that sector to fill up the workforce needed for it?.....I don't know. Any comments...Pls do so! Thanks.

The Politician:)