September 06, 2009

Parking Vandals

The activities of parking vandals are increasing in a very significant amount and it is a VERY VERY worrying thing for me. Let me sort of define what parking vandals are if you people out there still do not know what they are………

They are bunch of morons that must be burnt using a lighter to remove their hair on their body and for those who are hairless, they should be skinned alive! (I know I sound very angry and I am!)

Parking vandals are people who want to earn easy money by threatening the car owners to pay them parking ‘fee’ in a public parking area and if you DON’T PAY them, they will teach you a lesson when you ‘read’ your car- you will have a lot of hand-writings on your precious car!

Living in my hometown, Seremban has been very easy for me to get a safe parking space because I know Seremban inside out and I think Seremban is still a safe place compared to Ipoh and of course Kuala Lumpur. I have seen people directing drivers to park but I noticed the drivers were smart enough to choose to park somewhere else just in case…………Anyway, the people who does those thing there are just beggars but it’s different in Ipoh.

On one Saturday, I went out to Ipoh….(not important information….bla bla bla), my friends and I had to go for dinner. It was at night, I think it was 8pm, I decided to eat at a famous-looking place for dinner…….. It was crowded and I(a huge fan of cars) was looking at the cars that were passing by the area, some BMW’s and some cars worth looking:)

After eating, going back to my car, I saw many Chinese, Malay and Indian guys who are quite small in size but there were many of them. Only for a row of parking space, there were about 7 of them but most of them were small in size…..just in case something happen to me, I think I would be able to do something to protect myself plus I have a Taekwondo Black belt guy beside me who was bigger than me…..Hahaha. Back to serious stuffs, I was being followed by a few guys and they were asking me the location of my car and they PUSPOSELY showed me that they had metal rulers but I didn’t bother answering them……After walking a block away, they decided stop following me and I think I was lucky because my car was parked out of their area……. I don’t know what the end result would be if something happens to me or to my car………

It was like a planned job because those bastards are at the areas where parking spaces are really in need! Not only that, the authorities which were so busy patrolling and doing roadblocks SEEMS LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!

I have seen a Porsche 911 and many cool Mercedes such as SL being parked in the nearby areas……Can you imagine those cars being scratch just because of their few bucks! It is not being stingy or what but it seems like we are so scared of them and they are the boss! This is starting to be worse than I’ve imagine. Something must be done but I know nothing will……… so I just want to warn and caution you guys to not only park in a proper parking space and not get a summon but park in a safe parking area. Please help spread the word around……..Those bastards have interpreted the tag-line 1Malaysia in the wrong way by being united in doing crime! Put them in ISA! That should be the use of ISA!

The Politician


Anonymous said...

ouch, the 3-series maya. i feel the pain. the form of torture you proposed is the funniest ive ever read- use a lighter and burn every strand of body hair hahaha. oh btw, you and that other dude shouldve crushed those creepy little bastards with metal rulers in their hands. if i were with you at that time, and since im so buff righttt, ive would've ajak-ed you to crush them with me :)

Anonymous said...

me again. i would've*

The Politician said...

Yea, I really had that feeling at that time!

Nurul Ain 29/2/1996 said...

Oh... poor you.