September 05, 2009

Ham Choy


I won't explain why the title of my post is as it is because it'll explain itself.

Recently, I joined the Christian Fellowship in my college. I'd thought I should join them to reduce the amount of time wastage I tend to allow. So anyway, one of the leaders had an ice-breaker in mind and he divided us into two groups. One group was to write their favourite food down on a piece of paper and give it to the leader. Then the leader would stick those papers on the back of the people from the other group. This other group would then need to find the person who wrote their favourite food down on the piece of paper on their backs. And then they gotta guess what food it was.

I noticed that the majority of the people in the Fellowship were Chinese people. So I thought I'd write down some Chinese delicacy. I wrote Ham Choy (salted vegetables) and I gave it to the leader. I started hunting for my food on of the people's backs and when I found that person, I was like "Oh bugger".

The leader decided to stick my piece of paper on an African girl! Her name was Tresha or something, couldn't quite get her name when she told me. How the heck was she to guess my favourite food? It's a Chinese dish for goodness' sake. She was all excited when she found me right... She was like..

Tresha: Oh alright! (high 5's me)
Me: Don't be too happy now, you'll never guess this.
Tresha: OH? Try me.
Me: (sighz) okaaayyy...

So she named all sorts of food and I was like "No, no, no and before you get to the next food, it's still no".

The game was over and she took of the paper from her back.

... Give her a minute.

Tresha: WHAT?!
Me: Well I did say you wouldn't have guessed it.
Tresha: Where is that dude that gave me this? Grr!

She went up to the guy and like sorta gave her a piece of her mind jokingly, of course. We all had a good laugh. That leader was just cruel, lol, giving the poor thing something that she still doesn't know about.

Alright, I should keep posts short. People complain about my long ranting here. So I'll end it for today.

Ciao, y'all.

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