December 24, 2011

So this is Christmas

~ Betch

On behalf of my blog partners, we wish everyone a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year. Let's end 2011 with a bang and welcome 2012 with open arms!

"Christmas is a time when you get homesick - even when you're home." ~ Carol Nelson

December 12, 2011

Malaysian Government is Overspending?

With the announcement of the recent budget 2012 which has promised many benefits to the lower income earners such as financial aids worth RM 500, RM 200 voucher for tertiary education students including form sixes and RM 100 aids for every students. Is this a mere political play just to capture the majority of the voters who are in the lower and middle income earners?

The current government could use those as a justification to the lowly educated voter on why they should choose the current government....

(Let's hope for a cleaner election!)

November 29, 2011

In Penang again

~ Betch

Now here's a disclaimer for the title... I intend it to sound like a sequel to the 'In Penang' post, so I'm not slighting Penang. Plus, I didn't wanna sound like I was some movie. So I just called it 'In Penang again' to sound different. I'm no rebel, believe me, but in some cases, different is good.

Well anyway, I went to Penang again with the same two friends I was with before. Aside from them being fantastic company, they were also hugely effortless to have a holiday with because they're spontaneous and unfussy. So the trip went very well, did a lot of walking and bus rides which was fun. The buses in Penang are quite spotless if you compare them to the KL ones. Rapid Penang should honestly give Rapid KL a call and offer them some advice about cleanliness and management.

Again, we ate mostly and did a lot of waiting for buses and pausing for directions. The usual tourist conundrum, you know. We stayed at the Tune Hotel which was a lot of fun, but I think the other guests say different, because I was making so much of noise during the night time. My friends were trying to calm me but really, I was just being loud and cracking jokes at anything or anyone. Speaking of the Tune Hotel, they have an excellent concept going on and it'll be to your benefit if you have a budget.

My friends and I encountered a homeless lady who was schizophrenic (I think). She was just by the bus stand where we were when she suddenly jumped up, whipped around and screamed, "Get away, devil!" She then continued speaking in hushed tones to this other being next to her and walked up and down the street. My friends and I were sombre for her predicament. She shouldn't even be on the streets, considering her state. Sighz.

We didn't go to the beach this time round. It was really more of a food getaway. So by the time we got home to KL, all of us had acquired two extra chins. They're gone now, thank goodness.

Penang's a well-rounded place in the sense that it has a balance of the suburbs and a city implemented into it which is great for people like me who can't decide whether he's for the city or the suburbs.

The Penang government should be paying me for promoting their state. But I shall shut an eye and do it for free... as I've already done. 

People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. – Dagobert D. Runes

November 12, 2011

In Penang

~ Betch

This has been WAY overdue. The story of the Penang trips in one year. I meant to tell it earlier but with schedule clashes and busy periods (this year has been rather overwhelming), it was quite hard to manage. SO anyways, here it is... the first two trips of Penang. Both were great, don't get me wrong, but the first one was quite challenging.

The first trip happened some time back in May I think, when two college friends and I went camping in Penang. I know, you'd think, when did camping ever interest me? But these two friends of mine were rather insistent that I should experience camping out. So off we went to Pantai Kerachut, Penang, where we spent the night in this campsite. 

The mosquitoes were pure bloody murder (Listerine is NOT a mosquito repellent) and like that wasn't enough, I got stung by a jellyfish when I was swimming in the beach! OH HEAVEN HAVE MERCY, I can still feel the raging sting that plagued my right hand. It looked as if a thousand insects of various kinds just landed on the same spot of my right hand and bit me. So you can imagine me (if you know me), I just started prancing and dancing and singing around the beach to take the pain away... AFTER I applied vinegar to the stung hand. Oh, the ringing pain.

So then, my friends and I retired for the night and ate food that was pre-prepared. Of course we had marshmallows and stuff over a fire. That was great. And to think the challenge of the day was over... 

We all went to sleep. I had trouble though. The air was humid and heavy, which made me feel uneasy. I rolled about for a long time and just when I fell asleep, I heard a kerfuffle next to me and realised my friends had awoken. I turned and that was when I felt the first drop of water on my face, followed by another, and then another and before I said "Oh piss", it was raining! And best of all, the tent wasn't protecting us from it! What kind of tent isn't waterproof?!!!! My question was later answered when my friend who got it said, "I got it for free." *heaves and sighs*

We moved to this hall, and spent the rest of the night there. I couldn't sleep at all. I was a feast for the mosquitoes that trailed me as I spent the rest of the night till morning walking in circles to stop them from biting me. My friend thought I was doing my devotional reading and praying. LOL. I was definitely praying... praying for time to speed up so morning will come and we all could leave.

The rest of the trip was spent in an apartment we booked for three days. We spent most of our time eating really. What else do you do in Penang aside from eat and go to the beach? It's the most affordable thing to do as a tourist and if people know me well, they know I like affordable. It's safe grounds. :D

Well, after camping, I suppose it was an eye-opening experience. Honestly, I dunno if I'll ever go camping again.
(to be continued...)

Our moments of inspiration are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them; for those experiences have left an indelible impression, and we are ever and anon reminded of them. ~ Henry David Thoreau

October 02, 2011

The Top Stocks Prices in Bursa Malaysia

Topping the list is British American Tobacco (Malaysia) with RM 47.50 and it normally changes a little up or down and comparing to Nestle (Malaysia), the second, RM 43.00.

Some old statistics are as shown:

There are several reasons which make them so. Good governance of the organizations and being in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are the main factors that have possibly reason. They are in the low risk business and it can be said that they will definitely generate a steady cash flow and surplus.

September 25, 2011

Malaysian Government Possible Way Of Buying The People Votes?

Instead of sourcing the money of resources to the real poor people, I have noticed that food such as rice, oil and groceries are being distributed massively to anyone with the election just around the corner. I do not accuse the government of trying to get cheap publication and votes through this method but, personally to me, I find this way of channeling the resources wrong. The people who gets the allocated resources consists of society which is well to do and are just purely greedy... It is a waste of the nations money, if it was sponsored by the government.... Again, I do not have a concrete facts of the event but I know it is organized by the government. Hopefully, you guys can see for yourself from the pictures which I have taken.

And the event has caused massive jam because all the CHINESE especially, cannot tahan, but to stop and take the free stuff!

September 01, 2011



I just gotta lay it out here that decisions are overrated. They are. Really, a lot of people go "making decisions make you a decisive person..." and yes, I agree... however, the decisions of which they speak of are the kind that isn't long-term. It's something that's in the now. I'm not speaking about jobs or choices of meal or clothing... It's more to do with decisions like your education, your future (marriage, kids, etc..), financial standing, job specialisation... It's good to have an idea but nothing is ever fixed. Something always comes along and changes things up to challenge or bless you. It's a very scary thing if you break it down piece by piece.

So from that, I thought... it's rather quite pointless for one to worry and fear then, no? I mean, there isn't much you can do but to live for the time being.. to do what has and needs to be done, and deal with whatever that comes up next in life. But that's always been how life was designed to be, no? Unpredictable and undefinable by no one but God...

But if you believe in a higher power, such as God, I think we have nothing to fear as a whole. Death is nothing compared to what could be in store for you. Death is merely going to sleep and waking up in another room, although I can't guarantee the physical state of being you might be in at the time of death, so there could be pain, but only temporarily. DISCLAIMER: I don't minimise people's sufferings of diseases, famine, illnesses of any kind across the world. It's a general opinion.

So, waste no time in fearing and worrying... instead, as corny as this sounds, always love and care unfailingly... It sounds so sappy and nauseating, I know, but if you realise, it's one of the absolute truths that never fails anybody. It's both a blessing to love and be loved. 

Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

August 01, 2011

Take Time For 'Periods' =P

What comes to your mind when you see the title? Naughty thoughts or just curious of what's coming?

It's a reflection which I was thinking before writing it down for the readers. I noticed that many people have things to rush and get them done such as assignments, study crazily for exams and all the typical teenage guys stuff that everyone would do like fighting or having fun with gf/bf for example... But recently after many happenings that I have witnessed in my daily routine, I noticed... I am in the same situation too! Do people always take time to reflect on what they have already done or where they are after living for some time....? It's not being emotional, it's just how things has changed... It's awesome to do a reflection when you have the mood for it. Some may think I am just being 'emo' but I insists I am not. It's sort of an interesting slideshow that you can see about yourself.... and others if you want. =)

In this post I would like to wish everyone to take a break and reflect, it's a cool thing to do... Maybe with a girlfriend or close friend or spouse would even be better. However, I think it may not.... Anyways, just a reminder. To do it or not, it is your decision =)

Peace and God Bless! But politics never end!

~The Politician

July 04, 2011



I'm working now! Yes, in a surprising turn of events, I'm now working as a web writer. It's been so much fun in the office, learning new stuff and getting me some cash. The real reason why I wanted to work was just to take a break from my studies and to work a bit before heading to the US. The current reason is now to just take a break from my studies as my US study plans have been axed indefinitely. Yes of course I'm disappointed but I guess abrupt change of plans happens, so I'm accepting it and moving on.

Back to work... I feel as though the universe just doesn't want me to forget about Seremban or HELP University College. I studied in HELP for two years and lived in Seremban for most of my life. But everywhere I go, there are always people or things that just remind me of Seremban and HELP. Currently, in my office, I have a colleague who graduated from HELP with a law degree and a colleague who's from Seremban. Even my old school wouldn't leave me alone. I remember St. Paul's Institution so so well. One morning, I went to the dispensary to get myself a cup of Milo and I spotted a cup that had the St. Paul logo on it!

Seriously, if I ever had amnesia, I would recover from it so fast, it's not even a worry. Because one way or another, things in the past will always hold on to me... and I suppose being grounded and always remembering your roots are good, but I would like some air to breathe just a little, thanks.

Oh, and to end my posting for today, I'll tell you all a joke. Ibrahim Ali. Done.

June 14, 2011

Warning By Hackers to Malaysian Government

Probably they should be warned for going against the human rights.

June 12, 2011

Honest Thought By Hafidz Baharom (THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER)

An insult to Islam?

June 01, 2011
JUNE 1 — First and foremost, having a Christian prime minister is not an insult to Islam, nor is allowing a nation to become secular or even Christian.
Take a look at Germany. Their president and chancellor belong to the Christian Democratic Union Party. Yet, Islam is still alive and well in their nation.
If that’s too much for you to imagine, take a look at Netherlands then. Ruled by a monarch and extremely secular, their prime minister is from the VVD and his deputy is from the Christian Democratic Appeal party. Yet still, Islam is there, alive and well enough to be the cause of Theo Van Gogh’s death.
Should Malaysia become a secular or Christian nation, it will not be Islam that is offended. It’s just people who obviously were not granted the brains, patience or even sensitivity to understand that the first basis of the religion itself is to find moderation.
If a Muslim does wrong, he or she is told to repent. If a non-Muslim says something wrong, we are told, through Islamic teaching, to educate them and find a peaceful solution.
What I believe this means is that if we were to understand our religion properly, and if our muftis had any interest in preaching moderation, they would tell people to shut up and mind their own business instead of forwarding text messages of conversions to Christianity like a certain mufti, wreaking havoc and turmoil while fuelling Malay tabloids with enough material to incite hatred.
Islam dictates that we are only to resort to violence when there is clear provocation, not before. And a cartoon by a Norwegian newspaper is not a provocation enough to kill anyone nor is it a justification for a call to jihad and protest with placards written in bad English that just shows how bad your level of education is.
Muhammad (pbuH) and his followers would never have called for a jihad on the basis of a blog stating that there were people in Penang who said that they would make this 60 per cent Muslim nation a Christian one.
You know what he would do? Or what any rational leader would do?
Bring in the journalist and the bloggers, and ask them to produce witnesses to this so-called declaration. If he fails, cane him for the spreading of fitnah.
A leader, in this case, our prime minister, should know better than to just simply shrug the accusation off and explain parliamentary conduct to amend the Constitution. I think this is where Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his home minister of a cousin failed.
The lack of swift action or any action whatsoever against people like those in Perkasa, now that is an insult to Islam because, if anything, Islam cherishes harmony and tells us to act swiftly against rumours.
It also tells us to forgo belief in rumours without witnesses. But somehow, Malay genetics being what they are — a low brain cell count and a high hormone imbalance somewhere down the line — resulted in the Malay male population going out and protesting the dumbest things.
There is no greater insult to Islam than those who selectively preach the religion for personal gain. That goes for any religion. We saw it with George Bush, we saw it with PAS, and now, we’re seeing it with Perkasa.
What we are looking at is a warped version of Drew Carey’s game show, which I personally call Who Is More Delusional Anyway, which stars politician after politician trying to prove they are more Malay, more Indian, more Buddhist, more atheist, more Christian and even more Muslim.
Somehow, this concept was abandoned by our religious scholars and political leaders who think banning condoms would stop pre-marital sex. These are the same bunch of ignoramuses who would rather deal with finding dead babies in dumpsters by excommunicating the child’s parents instead of even talking about contraception of any kind.
It is this same bunch of idiots who think that our religious authorities have every right to invade a person’s privacy; to catch him committing adultery, or let him die trying to escape these theocratic hacks who were tipped off by someone accepting a bribe.
Our people don’t need to defend Islam from the Christians. We’re doing such a bang-up job besmirching our own religion to ruin, by being a bunch of emotional, unruly, uneducated hacks who would use Islam as a tool to win votes and public support.
In fact, with that in mind, I think if Allah can forgive such a large number of hypocrites, he sure as there is a Heaven and Hell can forgive Muslims who are gay.
* The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.

June 10, 2011

Pretty Boy, Ubersexuals or just Gentlemen?

What is pretty boy and ubersexual? Let the pictures give you some ideas of what they are.

Pretty boy is the cute appearance and often, is look upon as good looking. You can actually see many Korean and Japanese actors, as shown some in this post, whom I put them in that category. Ubersexual is a male who is similar to metrosexual but he is straight, classy and shows much confidence. Somewhat near to being a gentlemen but he takes much care of his appearance. However, how do we know we fall into any of those categories? It's subjective!

Personally, it's not about being in any of the categories mentioned but the most important thing is to dress well with the amount of time that you could or willing to spend on. Everyone on the planet wants to look good. Appearance, you cannot help it. It comes from your parents. But it makes a significant difference when one dresses up well and keep a healthy lifestyle. Besides, it will also boost your self-esteem as well as your confidence level. If you have the time and money, do try to it. Don't like it, then get back to yourself. And do not over do it as well.

Girls are attracted to men as such but I find that many of those men who takes care excessively about their appearance are either gay or bisexual! =P

More to come....

May 29, 2011

Scream Park Fiasco.


Hello, READERS! Yes it's been so long and I promise you it's worth it because I've been loading up on stories. But unfortunately I can't exactly stuff them all here, and also I believe I've spoken briefly about them in the past through Facebook and such.

Anyway, let's move on. The reason I named this post as such is because of this strange but funny incident that happened in Sunway Lagoon. It was in this place called Scream Park and as the name goes, people who enter are bound to scream, whether it was fake (those poor people who work as ghosts and monsters there deserve a little scream, no?) or real. 

So we entered the place and we were watching this creepy video. I was sorta holding on to a friend and he was holding on to my wrists. Suddenly these hordes of monsters and ghosts turn up from the shadows and behind the curtains and divided the group. Now, it was dark you see so I haven't a clue who was scaring who, who was screaming what, who was screaming at what, I dunno... I just went with the crowd, feeling around in the dark.

We came to this opening where there was a little lighting. So I was a tad relieved and decided to say something to my friend who was still holding my wrist.

"Finally, some light... Some ride huh? Dude?"

I turn to him and.... it wasn't my friend holding on to me. No, it wasn't even a ghost or ghoul or whatever. It was this random Malay dude holding on to me!! I just stood there staring at him for the longest time and he was unaware of who he was holding on to, bless him. So I said to him:
"Eh dude, you hantu kat sini ya?"
"Oh bukan, I bukan hantu!"
"Then let go lah!"

But here's the thing. He wouldn't let go! I was shaking my hands and he just held on, transfixed from fear or something. So I was like, " - this is getting me no where" and just dragged him along with me till I found my posse of friends and took him along.

Eventually he realised he was holding onto a stranger and he let go frantically and dashed off to find his friends. I found my friends too and I told them what happened. 

It was basically the joke of the day!

"Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you.  Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure."  ~ Murphy's Law

May 11, 2011

Christian As The Official Religion In Malaysia?!

Dear readers,

Do you know what happened, recently on a sensitive issue in Malaysia? Even if you do know, I would have to tell since many Malaysian themselves do not read the paper enough! =P

A group of people in Penang has been accused of trying to make Christianity as the official religion in Malaysia. However that is untrue. Islam has been agreed to the the official religion since the independence of Malaysia.

The main problem now is not the problem mentioned above, but politicians like Hishammudin, home minister (a ministerial position who's in charge of the security of the country) do not check the validity of the accusation instead, he wants to capture those responsible for it.

Disappointed again.......

(An extract taken from Malaysia Kini)

"As a Muslim, I am not bothered whether the PM is a Muslim or not. The constitution protects Islam as the official religion of the country and the monarchy as guardian of Islam in Malaysia.

If a non-Muslim can be proven capable to lead the country, why not? Look at many countries around the world where capable leaders are not from the majority race but instead from minority race.

It is Umno which is going all out to protect the Umnoputras to maintain political stronghold over the country to enrich its cronies. Other Malays not of the Umnoputras do not benefit or even if they do, are given the remnants that trickle down to them.

All these talks about Umno protecting Malay rights or Islam is a bunch of crap. I am apolitical but I trust PAS more than Umno to look after the interest of the Malays and Islam. Umno is more interested in enriching their cronies and stirring up racial and religious issues to maintain their power."

April 14, 2011

The KTM drama


People can really just start a movie based on my experiences at the KTM. It would be a confirmed box office success! 

So yes, I was on the KTM home yesterday and it stops at Bandar Tasik Selatan to pick people up. No one climbed on board and it started to leave. After about 20 feet, the train just freezes and just starts moving backwards! How is that even possible? Good grief, a train could be coming behind us and it just decides to reverse. It went right back to Bandar Tasik Selatani station to pick up these panting, lost and gubra people. Left behind. So sad.

So moving on, just when I thought the drama was over, this announcement was made:

"Due to damaged brakes, the train will stop at Kajang station. Please unboard the train and board another at Platform 3. The next train to Seremban will be arriving in 10 minutes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused!"

Inconvenience? DUDE. Braking problems?! Then how on earth are we supposed to stop?! This isn't the Flintstones where we could just stop with our feet! An Indian lady was going, "AIYOHAHMAAHPA, braking poroblem ar? *something in Tamil*".

THANKFULLY, we did stop at Kajang and had to wait til the next one. THANKFULLY, the next train was one of the newest models of KTM. They had a TV set and Tom & Jerry was going on. I was not impressed with the latest episodes.

So overall, it was a rather interesting ride home. Funny funny times.

"We are the hero of our own story." ~Mary McCarthy~

March 25, 2011

Get In Shape!

6 Packs...

Huge chest and arms...

Big biceps and triceps...

Those are some idea of what many think of what it comes to fitness. Are they true? Partially....

I believe many people out there and my fellow colleagues are very busy with their work however exercise should never be out of your life, be it sports or just a simple jumping in the room exercise.

For starters, try starting with the exercises you like such as skipping, little number of push ups and sits ups. Those who wants to lose weight, don't do that, instead, go for cycling and jogging. The time I would advice for those who wants to notice significant effects on their body, do 15 minutes of jogging without stopping. The faster you go, the better. However, because you are new, you might get ache at your stomach area. That is normal.

Three times a week is a good start and consistency is very important to see the reduction of fats from your body.

(To be continued...)

Some information about the subject:

-Body Mass Index is not a good way to measure fitness (BMI), look at the mirror instead!!

-If you lose about 7700calories, that's equivalent with 1kg but to give you an idea of that better, jogging 30 minutes non-stop at 13km/h burns only about 1400 calories. 7700 calories sounds easy but it is not! You cannot lose 7700 calories net. Tens of  calories deficit a day is good enough.

March 07, 2011

Rainy Monday


Rainy Monday, clouds keep rolling,
     but you just remain there and cry
No more trees to dance for you in the air,
I give you a piece of smile,
     in the end, you just moaned in the sky

Oh life! The ghosts that prance and sing,
     on your knees, you looked on down the road
No fast car to roll by in the dirt,
Rainy Monday, now the dirt turns to mud,
     these scraped hands, they stain no more

Walking on turned to running,
     creatures of the rain came out to play
The field laid thick, killed by Rainy Monday,
The old man laid by the side and whispered,
     "Leave me and let me be as I lay"

February 10, 2011

The journey home


I decided today to go back to my hometown to see an old friend off overseas. I hope she comes back; people who leave Malaysia don't always do which is a shame because looking at the state of things here now, we're gonna need the Malaysians to return here and make things better.

Anyway, I digress.

This whole post is gonna be about a train ride from KL Sentral. I promise this is entertaining, so don't go click the X on the top right corner just yet. I got my ticket... the usual process of how I go home. This should have been the first red flag... the delay. I was like, "Alright, let's just be patient." So I waited with other people who weren't very patient and they were beginning to groan. At last, the train arrived. Of course, people crowded around the door (so so typical of Malaysians) and refused to let passengers get out first.

As I entered the train, I hear this dude going, "- sudah rosak." For the international readers, that means broken down in Malay. I was just hoping deep deep inside me that it wasn't the train, but several minutes, my worries were well-founded when this announcement came:

"Dear passengers, the train has lost it's electricity supply."

That's it. Not even an apology. So, the people got out and left the train, but they stuck near the door in case the electricity came back and they could easily rush inside when the doors open again. This, my fellow people, is the classic example of 'kiasu'. People who fear losing. As people were complaining aloud about how the KTM is the worst thing in the world, a sound came from the train. Funnily enough, people could hear that muffled sound over the racket they were making.

Guess how I noticed.

The moment that sound was made, everyone became immediately quiet and kept their eyes glued to the door, as if they were expecting the door to do something aside from opening and closing... I appreciate the sense of urgency but really, people? Sighz.

Then, this rush-of-air sound came from the train and the door opened. Good grief, anyone could have died from being trampled. People just bolted for the door and there were some who were slammed against the walls of the train. They didn't care who they pushed down or trampled over, they just wanted in on the ride. 

EVEN the women were vicious as they struggled to get a place in the train. I mean, the Malay women's veils were falling off, the Indian women's braided hair were whipping everybody in the face, and the Chinese women were just screaming and scratching their way through. There was this woman who was so strategically located in this massive circle of men who were pushing their way to get on to the train. The poor woman looked traumatised after that ordeal of being dragged along with them on board. 

I was one of the slammed-up-to-the-wall people, unfortunately. Oh man what catch I was. I mean, have you seen how people look like when they're faces are squashed against a window pane? I looked exactly like that except mine was full body. 

I don't know why but for some reason such things happen when I'm there to witness the whole thing. One reason might be that I could fill up this blog with my posts. I mean, you guys should now be familiar with the nature of my posts and funnily enough, life keeps throwing me into such situations. One can only wonder and guess but never know for sure. 

“Irony is a disciplinarian feared only by those who do not know it, but cherished by those who do.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard

January 20, 2011

Possible Politics Renaissance in Malaysia!

Zaid Ibrahim is determine to change the current scenario of politics in Malaysia by not following any of the current political parties be it opposition or government. However, if he finds that if a certain political party are in par with what KITA- the new political party formed by Zaid Ibrahim, is fighting for, then the party will provide its support for it.

I do hope that people really follow the issues raised by this party and not what is shown in the television. This may give a rough idea of what the new party is fighting for. The decisions are in your hands.

At the moment the party is called AKIM until the ROS (Registrar of Societies) approves the usage of the name KITA which would be the name of the new party.

~The Politician

January 11, 2011



Happy new year to everyone of you! I hope 2011 kicked off with a bang a week ago. First of all, my apologies on the lack of updating. You see, I was under the impression that I had two other blog partners who are suppose to be posting stuff up. Perhaps one of them walked into a law suit and the other a fish net. Well I suppose it's just me for now while they untangle themselves.

Again, I must dedicate a small part of this post to rant about how quick time is passing by. I was a freshmen 1.5 years ago and now I'm reaching the 20 mark and I'm a senior. Can you believe that crap? Haha. I always find myself frozen in a particular mentality from the past. For example, I will be turning 20 this year, but somehow I have this schema in me that I'm a post-SPM student and I've just enrolled into college. But then you know, there's always that daunting feeling of familiarity and repetition of activity in the same place which makes one feel insipid and bored. And from there, reality just kicks me in the shins and say, "WAKE UP LAH! YOU'RE A SENIOR!!!"

Looking at how life is surprising people at every corner of it, I say we just go with the flow. I don't mean be carefree and ignorant but rather to just try things out. Test the waters, understand things not for others but for yourself. If it's bad, at least you can point people away from deciding the path you chose. You would be a missionary of sorts. And people say stress from life is detrimental. I agree but surely we need some stress now and then? Stress was there for a reason, so there must be some use to us; otherwise it would never have existed. People just like pushing themselves till their hanging off the edge. It's time to find that balance of stress. Whichever stress priorities come first and foremost :)

Alright, now down to some serious bashing... apparently, right now in Hollywood, it's a trend to be divorced at least ONCE. I suppose it's an unsaid trend but really, there were several divorces reported last year. They didn't even happen at once.. it was simultaneous. As if after a couple decided to have a divorce, another just goes "Hey look, another divorce! DAMN! You know what, you haven't been looking very pretty lately... yeah, so let's get a divorce...".

What frustrates me even more is how lightly they make divorce out to be. No perseverance or depth whatsoever. A quote from one of them would go, "We have decided to separate on amicable terms after five long wonderful years together." I'm like, "What the - my parents have been together since 1983... yeah, suck on that!" I know I sound harsh, but it's just an honest opinion... I don't think these couples ever loved each other truly or deeply enough and just decided to marry on impulse. They make marriage look bad when in it's core, it really is beautiful. And no, five long wonderful years together is not a beautiful marriage. That's just waste, really.

On the brighter side of Hollywood, awards season is here! Yes, it appears the actresses in Hollywood have turned the tables on their male counterparts. It's their year. The guys this time round are more relaxed, less threatened. The women on the other hand are in it to win it. The amount of promotional press conferences and premieres. DAMN. It looks like an exciting season even for a commoner like me!

Anyways, till the next post, take care!

What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. ~ Margaret Mead