February 26, 2010

Changes you don't see in Malaysia

Gays and bisexual….. what do they mean? Haha, I guess almost everyone knows the meaning and if you don’t, look them up in the dictionary.

About a month ago, it was my semesters break, as usual, being a person who enjoys accompanying people to the malls and shopping complexes, I was at many places in one day. While letting the person browsing and comparing prices of the desired products, I went to a bookstore to check out some magazines.

Before heading to that department, I noticed there was I Malay guy who was looking at me!!(please bear in mind, I don't discriminate any races or groups, just the truth of what happened). Okay nothing wrong with that but it became a little scary when he started following me from one shop to another!! Hmm…… I was wondering “what was he up to” ……….. I know that he was either gay or bisexual but I didn’t bother.

After reading the “Top Gear” magazines, I head to a game shop to check out some new games and then, all of the sudden, he did the annoying whistle that guys often do to gals, not the “wheew weet” but the one where you have to inhale the air to produce the sound. Haha, if you don’t get it, just think that he called me.

I stopped walking, then I asked him “Ya, bang, ada apa-apa ke?”……. He replied “takde apa-apa, Cuma nak tanya, awak boleh jadi………. Bla bla (not important)”. He was actually asking me to be his model…….haha……..I just said that I can’t help him because I had a lot of work. Haha, I was thinking to myself that he must have an ‘udang di sebalik stone’ and yeah, it is true, he was a bisexual! I was right!

Since I have just made my facebook profile public, because of too many acquaintances requests, I had no choice but to just add everyone. He started mesagging me in facebook and very often I would just ignore because I know what do he wants!!!! Haha.

Many more of those things happened to me but that’s it for now. Moving on to my observation and analysis (haha, sounds serious huh), the number of Malays and Chinese guys who are turning gay (I am talking about Malaysia so no whites here) are increasing very rapidly and they are becoming more bold in asking guys!! They would just come up to you or message you in facebook and then after some crap conversation, they would pop-out the question! Not only that, many gays and bisex are now open, meaning they are not ashamed that they are gays and wouldn’t mind of others know about their orientation.

Picture taken from: vitayas.wordpress.com

To conclude my post, Malaysia has changed a lot but on the surface but we would not see it. Some of the things are Social, Judiciary, Politics (of course) and many more that we would not see on the TV. Fortunately, Malaysians are now, smart enough to analyze what’s happening in our country ;)

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February 21, 2010

Waves of Friendship

Hey guys!!! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you who are celebrating it!! to the others happy holidays!! This CNY was so amazing... There were a lot of activities lined up and i was so busy for the past week... busy enjoying...hahaha.... well the body is very tired but the spirit is excited... i hope u guys had a great new year as well!!!

This time i'm gonna share about FRIENDSHIP... i'm sure most of us have friends... well to me friendship is a blessing that no money can buy.. i LOVE my friends and i appreciate you guys very very much... friends can be such a shoulder that u can lean on when u face difficulties... I have friends who have helped me face some of the saddest times in my life and i have friends who have gone through thick and thin with me... well i hope that we still can and hopefully become better friends...

Throughout my years of developing friendship i find that there are certain crucial things that we miss out during the process of building friendship... the first thing is transparency... sometimes we tend to put on a mask when we build friendship... i sometimes do that as well especially when the person is new to me... the dangerous thing about this is that sometimes it hides us real well and when the relationship gets better we tend to get more exposed... i have many many many flaws in life (i'm sure some of my friends can testify to that).. there are times that when my friendship gets better, ppl tend to notice and know the true me.. well i have to say that some can accept me and some cant..(we cant live to satisfy everybody)... as the friendship builds up i become more and more transparent and i have learned that being yourself is important when it comes to a good friendship... we also have to learn how to accept each other for his/her flaws for nobody in this world is perfect...

The second thing is that friendship requires SACRIFICE.. the word sacrifice here can be in the form of time, effort and $$$$...hahha... I dunno about you but i think i invest quite a lot on friendship... not that i have all the money and time in the world but i MADE time for it...i find it very important that we make time to fellowship with one another so that the friendship can grow to become stronger... it can be a movie, bowling, or just a simple mamak session... anything that u do together will be good") at times its a bit hard to put in some effort but nevertheless we should give it a shot...haha...

Here is some friendship moments.....

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

"Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their efforts. For if either falls, his companion can lift him up; but pity the one who falls without another to lift him up. Also, if two lie down together, they can keep warm;but how can one person alone keep warm. And if somebody overpowers one person, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not easily broken"

I hope u guys can indeed build great friendship with your friends for it is a blessing to have friends!!!


February 08, 2010

Contradicting Traffic Lights

This picture was taken at the store in Seremban.

The lights were different when I was waiting to turn left...... One was green and the other was red!! Many drivers may not notice the difference in both of the traffic lights as you can see that the nearer traffic light was showing red but actually, it suppose to be green. Drivers would just wait and wait till they realized that they should move!!

February 06, 2010

Catastrophe in my EYES!!

Hey guys!!! Good to be able to blog again!! haha... I've been rather busy with uni... but i've just finished my first test so yeah!!! it feels great and now i'm free! (for now)...
Straight to the topic... well actually yesterday i went out with some church friends to watch legion... the movie was ok only la nothing to brag about..so yea...not so much of the movie...it was what happened before the movie... as usual i went there early to get the tics and so i just stood there and waited for my friends...and guess what?!?!!?! i saw some teenagers there just on the floor doing some street dancing... they were kinda good tho... they were just there with some radio and a whole group of them i would say 15 of them? to be honest, i dont think that would be a very good thing to do... i mean come on... its a public area and u guys are street dancing why??lack of attention ah?? i dont mean to judge them la but that was my first impression...so i would say that they should find a more suitable place to dance...and they are quite good") well...awesomeness....
The scenario also happened in SINGAPORE!!!!!!! when i was there, i went to visit the all famous auditorium there (that looked like 2 durians) i dunno its name... guess what?? there were teenagers at the parking lobby, dancing, skateboarding, alcohol, and etc.... i was like WTH!!!!! how can it be man...i mean in singapore?? but i dunno i guess they are humans too..hehe... but m'sia is slowly picking up the "trend".. i dont think i will agree to this kinda thing la do u>>>????
Besides the street dancing, recently there was a temple that was build near my house.. ever since, there was no eternal PEACE!!! My goodness!!! every now and then they will have some singing competition, firecrackes burning sessions, lion dances, operas, and all sorts la,,... goodness and they blast the speakers like the ppl there are deaf... sometimes i get so annoyed by these uncles who cant sing but dare to go up on the stage to sing... somebody has to knock some sence into their head la... and so yea... even right now they are having something..haiz... but at least i'm better than a friend who stays near the funeral pallor!! hahahha.... he gets funeral songs every night since young.. what a lullaby??hahahaa......
Signing Off.....