July 14, 2013

Seafood at Tanjung Tualang

Being a final year of engineering student has been extremely busy, which is the main reason why the blog has been inactive.

This post is especially good for those seafood lovers who crave to eat a good meal of prawns or crabs. I have tried them and I think they are good even though I am not into seafood. Located in the state of Perak, Tanjung Tualang is the place to go especially for those who are on the way to Lumut from Ipoh.

There are several style of the prawns being cooked but the favourite was definitely the prawns and crabs that was fried using sauce (9 o'clock- prawns in sauce, center- crabs in sauce). As for the butter prawns (4 o'clock), the cooking didn't create much "hooHAA" that I want to praise much but because of the quality of the prawns, you can actually taste the real flavor of the prawn.

The price is typical for the other dishes such as pork, clamps, vegetables but you would have to pay more for the crabs and prawns, isn't that usual? 1.5 kg of the prawns costed about RM 80 to RM 120, and of course this would also depend on the time that you go. The prices aren't fixed. This serving was for 6 - 8 pax. Other dishes were less than 20 bucks.

(Crabs friend in their special sauce)

The Politician

June 10, 2013

Just 16.7% to win simple majority in Parliament (Taken from The Sun Daily)

PETALING JAYA (June 9, 2013): Astonishing as it may seem, it is technically possible for a political party to win a simple majority in Parliament and form the government by garnering a mere 2.21 million votes (or 16.7%) of the total electorate.

Because of the imbalance of registered voters in the 222 parliamentary constituencies, there are currently only 4,408,975 voters or 33.22% of the total electorate of 13,268,110 in the 112 seats with smaller numbers of registered voters.

The 112 constituencies have a very much smaller number of registered voters, ranging from 15,791 (Putrajaya) to 56,280 (Kuantan), in contrast with the remaining 110 constituencies with more voters, some in excess of 100,000, with the highest being Kapar with 144,159 registered voters.

As such, a political party needs to just win by one vote in these 112 seats – a third of which are in Sabah and Sarawak – to obtain a simple majority and form the federal government.
Calculations by theSun show that if a party were to win 50.1% in each of these 112 seats, it would only need to get about 2,209,000 votes (or about 16.65% of the total electorate).

The actual calculation based on half the total voters plus 1 in each of the constituencies, puts the actual number at 2,208,353, which is a mere 16.64 % of the total number of voters in the electoral roll during the recently concluded 13th general election.

And if one were to consider voter turnout on polling day to be around 80%, it would mean the actual number of votes needed to win the 112 seats would be even less, at around 1,767,117 or a mere 13.4% of the total electorate.

Hence, the numbers are very compelling reasons for the Election Commission (EC) to ensure that each vote should, as much as possible, be accorded equal value or weight in all parliamentary constituencies.

On Saturday, the EC denied claims of inequality among constituencies, claiming that critics had not considered the increase in voter population over the last decade.
EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar claimed the voter population had increased and there had been much urban migration since.

"The inequality among the constituencies was not that large when it was drawn up in 2002," said Wan Ahmad, adding it is unfair to compare the number of voters like Kapar (144,159) to Putrajaya (15,791).
"When people talk about 'malapportionment', they refer to the 2002 numbers. It is not fair to compare the present figures to the 2002 numbers," he said at a public forum themed "Constituency Delineation – Knowing where to draw the lines", organised by the Bar Council.

Wan Ahmad said the EC would consider the 15% voter variance rule for seats in the same category namely urban, semi-urban and rural seats when conducting the next review.
If this rule is applied, the difference in the number of voters between two urban constituencies or two rural constituencies would be less than 15%.

Wan Ahmad said there have been many complaints over the high variance percentage of voters between constituencies, adding that he agreed that there were areas like Baling which were "hard to justify".

Baling, which is considered a rural seat, has 93,376 voters compared to Alor Star, an urban seat in the same state with 69,189 voters.
The EC had last month announced it will study all proposals thoroughly when it conducts the redelineation process.

Opposition leaders have also called for the "one man, one vote, one value" ideal to be practised in light of the recent election, where Pakatan Rakyat won 51% of popular vote, but only secured 89 of the 222 parliamentary seats.

Under Article 113(2)(ii) of the Federal Constitution, a redelineation exercise should be conducted between eight and 10 years from the last one. The last time the EC conducted the redelineation exercise was in 2003.

Taken directly from The Sun Daily.

June 07, 2013

Playing games is good?

I was tasked to conduct a plant design project in order to complete my Bachelors of Chemical Engineering. The project requires, of course tremendous amount of technical background on the subject matter. The team which I was in consisted of 5 members of the same discipline. In the initial part of the project, we were required to proposed a site for the production of ammonia and urea plant. Of course there are many references which one can refer to. I am sure you are now thinking how does this relate with the title? Easy!

The task brought me back to my younger years when I was playing SimCity 3000. If you have no idea what is it about, go check it out. The game has taught me a lot on planning and some may not realise that it has also taught some good points of placing plants especially landfills, incinerator and power plants. In order to ensure that the surrounding areas aren't affected so much.

A snapshot of SimCity 3000

That said, I realized that the whole team wasn't aware of other factors. They kept mentioning buyer and raw materials only. With the knowledge learn from the games, I told them that there were many other factors like environmental impacts, flora and fauna, utilities, noise pollution, transportation and etc. They were shocked that there were so many factors.

SimCity 3000

So, do you think games are good for kids (or even adults)? Of course, just don't overplay till one not see the sunlight. :)

May 14, 2013

Perhentian Island, Redang Island & Lang Tengah Island (Malaysia)

About a week ago, as stated in the title, I went to those island. To my surprise, they are well preserved. Due to the timing I went which was on weekdays, the number of tourists at Perhentian could be counted. However, the same can't be said for Redang, the island has more to offer, nicer accommodation with high class resorts compared to Perhentian Island. Perhentian Island would be the choice for those who prefer a more village style kind of accommodation.

Let's say if you insists to stay at Perhentian, there is still nice resort called Awana (if I am not mistaken). But I would highly recommend one to stay at Redang.

Enough with accommodation, I will be showing some pictures of my snorkeling experiences over there. Except for the involuntary sun tanning that I had to go through, it was a good experience.

Clown Fish

At the Perhentian Island area

A huge turtle

One of the view at Redang Island

Quite a number of fishes surrounded us

Feeding them

A coral. The locals call it Christmas Tree

More corals

I wonder why was the fish surrounding that person only...

Morning view at Perhentian Island

On our way to Redang Island

Arriving at Lang Tengah Island

View at Perhentian Island in the evening

Another side of Perhentian Island

Night activity at Long Beach

May 04, 2013

Jokes That Cannot Be Missed for GE13

The very much anticipated general election, where, one has a choice to choose aside from the National Front. Some of the jokes created by them are as follows:

A song created by MIC:

Another idiot who created an album:

Their attempt has been nothing but a joke unlike the one that was directed by Tony Pua:

April 17, 2013

Rafizi Ramli Explaining How To Achieve PR's Manifesto

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has decided to use the alternative media to engage the people. Of course, they have anticipated that they won't get to do any promotion on the mainstream media.

Some video clips of him explaining on how PR can implement their manifesto. Pretty intriguing way of explaining.

March 30, 2013

Fake Handphones (Fake Samsung S3)

Last week, I personally encountered this incident in Seremban, Malaysia. For the local readers, this happened in Terminal 1, Seremban on the 2nd floor.

As usual, you would want to get the best price offered after surveyed some shops around a mall. At that time, Samsung galaxy S3 was about RM 1,600++ in Malaysia (that's about 500 USD). Friend said he would only buy if the price was RM1,400, the shop owner said yes. We were astonished that he was able to give us such price, so we agreed.

Mentioned to him that we wanted an original one and not the fake one, he said, "yes, original." Mind you that we questioned him 3 TIMES! After checking the phone thoroughly, we bought it and went home. While my friend was playing it in the car, he suspected that the phone feels different. He is a pretty IT savvy kind of guy. He reached home, check it on the internet,discovered that it was a fake Samsung S3. If it was me, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

So people out there, be cautious of these irresponsible conman.

(Fake S3 (left) and the original one)

The Politician

(Ps: sorry for the short story, I was too lazy to type it in a more exciting way)

March 18, 2013

Know Your Right Peers!

In just a few years, especially being in college, then working in 2 MNCs and soon going back to college, I have come across just way too many people.

Colleagues, college peers, and school friends, I have discovered much. I would say that I am lucky to have done so in a young age. I discovered, I have friends who often get closer to you when they have nobody to go to. Guess what, this isn't wrong, being friends with one another, I do believe, we need each other for something, not just in terms of materials but also non-materials for example, a company when one is lonely. But dear readers, know the difference. Listen to your gut, I am sure you guys out there are smart enough.

There is a line which tells you whether the person maybe using you. Another form is that you start disliking the person especially with him/her as company. Why be with them? Try to reduce that then! How simple. You don't necessarily need to un-friend that person, but make yourself happy by discovering right peers that makes you happy. :)

Source: 9GAG (1)

Source: 9GAG (2)

Source: 9GAG (3)

Life is short and you live only once (YOLO!)

The Politician

March 11, 2013

Sulu Intruded Sabah?

Noticed the question mark for the title?

For those who don't know, the Sulu who are from Philippines claimed that Sabah is a part of theirs. True? According to my so called Malaysian History, yes, in the past, now, it belongs to Malaysian. But what intrigues me is why now? They could have claimed it some time ago. I suspect that some politician(s) may be involved in this fiesta, whether it is opposition or the government, they have gone completely wild.

Theory 1:
Barisan Nasional has provided too many under the table citizenship which has spark them to incite such claim.

Theory 2:
Anuar Ibrahim has some deals made with them.

Regardless of what it is, the person who is involve (if there is one) should be prosecuted regardless who they are.

February 23, 2013

Babies and kidnapping in Malaysia

In Malaysia, this have a been common headlines in the papers. As one flips through the pages, it is almost impossible to not see a report regarding that. What’s with the sudden rise of children being kidnapped? It hasn’t been happening before this? I am sure it has but the scale wasn’t as worrisome as now. Syndicates have identified this as a lucrative source to gain income with many rich (an irresponsible) people willing to ‘buy’ the babies at a high price. But, again, they are not the only one that should be blamed. The kids’ parents (or caretaker) should also be blame. 

A video from Britains Got Talent (Very Cute Performance)- p/s just a video, not related to this post.

Fellow readers especially those from abroad and not Malaysians, you will be surprised the way some Malaysians methods on how they take care of their kids. Absolutely abusive! Especially the Malays. Aside from physically hurting them for ridiculous reasons, some just hit their kids for no reasons.

Another cute post (Not related to this post)

At the shopping mall, they just let their kids run free without keeping an eye on them (And when they get kidnapped, then you blame everyone else except yourself). At the restaurant, they will let their kids play near the hot area (at the cooking area) where they are exposed to many hazards. And when that happens, again they blame their kids. Kids don’t know that it is dangerous…

Food for thought people, food for thought.

The Politician

February 16, 2013

Paper Qualifications VS None

A colleague of mine at the company where I am interning once said “students are the poorest people in the community.” It was more of a joke when she said that but when you think about it, there’s some truth. Unless you have parents who keep pumping you with endless cash, one would either be relying on scholarships and loans, and that provide you with just enough! Yet, I see many students who own the most updated phones, branded clothes and nice cars, of course, I am sure that those are sponsored by their parents.

Back to the topic, I have come across friends who are doing quite well without having to spend 3 to 5 years in college. Air stewards for example, I see them owning a house, car, latest gadgets and superbike. Those things made me wonder when I get out of college, would I be able to buy those things. I am certain that would take at least more than 3 years!

Of course in the long term, our salary will grow exponentially where as theirs are uncertain. But we have to bear in mind that we have debt to settle even with bigger margin of increment.

Just a random thought,

The Politician

February 07, 2013

Men and Handbags?

In my attempt of trying to be a hipster, handbag, however, isn't something that I would use even if they were given to me for free. I never like the feeling and the look of men carrying handbags. It just feels weird for me. However there are some acceptable ones.
This is one of them but I will still not use it.

(handbag for men)

I thought of writing this down when my friend who came for a visit brought a handbag and it was PINK! The looks that my colleagues gave….(sweat..)

(Example of a pink handbag for men)

He has a swag look except for his handbag. It was absolutely gay. Plus, with the way he walked (not so gay, but not so man!), one will definitely judge him. The way he dresses up was good (again, except for the handbag), with coat and its sleeve folded up (example shown in the picture below). Even the ladies at the reception asked me “ini you punya lecturer?!” (is this really your lecturer?). They couldn’t believe as he looks very trendy and young.

Again, this is just my thought and preference.  Handbag for men is just uncomfortable even if it looks good and doesn’t look gay! :P What do you think guys?

February 03, 2013

Post General Election of Malaysia (13th General Election)

Whenever it is, it's coming! 29th April 2013 (if I am not mistaken) will be the date that is mandatory for the Parliament of Malaysia to be dissolved (in this case, automatically). In this article, I would like to put some thoughts on AFTER the election, regardless whether Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or Barisan Nasional (BN) wins.
(Malaysia's Parliament Building)

Let's start with PR, what if they wins? My prediction is that the country will be in the state of chaos. To what extent, I am not sure but I would place my bet that riots will be a common story in the news. This is because things isn't easy when a government that has been in power for more than 50 years goes down... Will they leave peacefully? How much things have been hidden and kept secret may be dug again. Aside from that, the government coalition at that time, the PR isn't solid enough that issues which are currently still unsolved might crack the coalition, perhaps. Processes for businesses will get tougher as things are based on merit which is good but I am sure some business owner will not be happy.
(Contracts will not be bias- I think! :P)

On the contrary, what if BN wins? Firstly, they will make sure that the opposition are tone down to a level that may not threatens them. However, this can only be done if they win big, more than 2/3 majority. If not, it ain't easy! Whether they will continue to be a 'giving' government, that I am not sure as BN has tightened their belts (a little bit) since opposition has gained some power since the previous election.

(Barisan Nasional VS Pakatan Rakyat)

Interesting times, isn't it?!

The Politician

February 02, 2013

My Experience In An American Company

Hi readers! For Malaysians, the election is coming soon, are you EXCITED?! At least I am!

Being in a multinational company (MNC) and the largest company in the world, also in revenue, has been such a pleasure. Not that they reward me with a lot of money, I wish they do, but it is because I am amazed with the culture. I have been in several organizations but this one is truly unique. I have never been to America (yet) so being able to work among them, even by just being in Malaysia, it has been fun! Why, it is because they aren't as tight as most Malaysians are! Not every Malaysians are boring but working with them it is just so funny! Most of them are!

The jokes we do on each other while working simply makes work a pleasure. With that said, I learnt to look things differently. Again, I don't do justice by just simply saying Malaysians as lame but sometimes being in a culture to get things done QUICK and WELL, values will simply degrade.....

I recently tried popcorn from America which was Soooo GOOD! It cannot be compared to the ones in Malaysia! They taste extremely sweet like chocolates. And you can expect that they are done perfectly as every single one of them are POPPED, so you won't hurt your tooth. But, being Malaysians, I still do love Malaysia! :)

(Oreo Flavored Popcorn)

January 19, 2013

Ming Kok Dim Sum (Seremban)

This post marks another journey of Dim Sum indulgence! For those who are googling on food, this restaurant is located nearby Terminal 2 Seremban. There are ample space for parking, no worries on that. As compared to other Dim Sum places like the infamous Fu Sam Dim Sum in Ipoh, it isn't as crowded as that. Often, you will be able to get a place immediately. I noticed that the Dim Sum resumes at 2.30pm, after giving way for lunch at 12.00pm. I wasn't aware that Dim Sum are served after lunch too!

The environment are ok- comfortable enough, service are alright, but don't expect it to be as par as a 5 Stars hotel, then you'll be disappointed. Now, the most important part of all, the FOOD! About a year ago, my previous visit there, they tasted good especially the Siew Mai. Food served was hot and they were remember-able. However, my latest visit ended up with a slight disappointment. Reason was that much of the delicacies served weren't as good as it used to be. I am not a good food tester but I will place my bet that they tasted much more flour than meat/seafood.

(Min Kok Restaurant Sdn Bhd)

Therefore, I think I should start finding a new place for my lusts for Dim Sum in Seremban.

January 13, 2013

Peaceful Rally (Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat)

Finally, it was a successful gathering till the end, for the first time in Malaysia. Why do I call it successful? Sebab dapat kumpul banyak orang? (because of the good turnout?) It could be one of the reasons. Looking at a broader perspective, I think it was successful, in Mandarin one could say it was 很成功 (hao cheng gong) because:

1. No one was injured by the police as they let the rally take place.
2. The police will not be condemn as force weren't use.
3. Voters who are yet to make a decision on which party should they vote will not switch to the opposition immediately. These are the "atas pagar" voters. At this moment, these people will make a difference. Others, even if you drown them in the rivers, they will still maintain their decision on being pro or against government.
4. International media will have nothing much no blow about.

So these are some of the good points.

However, don't you think it would have been better for the government if these had been done in the previous peaceful assembly?

Instead of stopping Bersih 2.0, they could have helped to make it happen. Again, I am sure that they have learnt but "nasi sudah jadi bubur" (the rice has turn to porridge).

And there you go, a success on the opposition side and this is also a statement to the government. :)

12th January 2013- Peaceful Rally to Stadium Merdeka

The Politician