May 26, 2009

Little things that i dont know to laugh or to get angry:)

Hey readers!!! Its been a while since i last blogged... so here goes...

So there was this one fine day that i went out with some church friends to plan some games for the church camp that is coming soon..Yay!! So our venue was AnW... A fine place to chat and discuss stuff.. So i thought will be comfortable la compared to a mamak stall... and guess what happened???

We were sitting down chatting and we noticed that the lights inside was blinking alot... So we couldnt be bothered... the next thing was some indian lady ran in and shouted "luar and wayar terbakar!!" then this AnW guy evacuateed us all outside...He was like "cepat cepat cepat"... everyone went into hysteria...hahaha... i went to the placed that supposedly "smoked" up to find that nothing was burning and only a few wires were giving out smoke.... then i started laughing..its like a small matter and this AnW man like evacuated all of us like as if a major fire hit AnW... And so looking at the situation... we went to the park to wrap things up... and others went inside after getting fed up of standing for 15min to finish their meals:)hahaha it was so funny looking at everyone rushing out... The day as usual and i went for breakfast before work in this new hawker centre in temiang.... Guess what i found out??? take a closer look:)

Look at the business hours part:) haha... 28 at the back simply means easy to get rich in cantonese.... when i saw that i was thinking to myself how supersticious they are.. alot of chinese ppl actually still believe that by having these no. it will bring them good luck.. We always notice that especially in car no plates (that includes me but no intention on superstition).. I was sitting right infront of it laughing endlessly....hahaha...


This is one piece of crap that often irratates me... U know what there are two incidents... First i saw this thing was when i parked my car outside a restaurant to buy lunch... i was only there for 10min max.. and there it was when i came back... 60 freaking cents for 10mmin of parking u know.. its not that i'm cheapskate or what so ever la but u know with the parking machine i would gladly put in 10cents for 10min.. that's not the only thing i had to drive my car like 3 blocks away just to pay it... The second time was... i went to Orix leasing to give a cheque (beside KPJ)... so i parked and went up to the office to give the cheque... 5min max!!!! came down saw this thing lying on my car!!!! i was like damn it again?? 5 min only 60cents!! These ppl working in the mps so poor meh cannot put parking machines and have a standard car parking system meh>>?? the irratating thing is not paying it, its finding the booth to pay it...and near the booth somethimes got no parking so u have to make rounds till u can find a spot near it to pay and who knows u can get another one at the spot u just parked??ahaha...

Haiz these are few things happened since i last blogged:) hhaha.. sometimes words cannot express my agony...hahha... Till my next post:)


May 25, 2009



In my recent psychology class, my lecturer spoke of dreams and it's psychological theories. It's very deep and interesting. Sometimes, scary. It's only interesting if I tell you upfront. Typing it down would cause some confusion, I'm afraid. So, what I wanna post about are simply dreams. What are your definitions of dreams? By the way, this dreams are the ones you have in your sleep, not the goals you all keep in your heads.

To me, it may be very traditional of me to say this, but I think dreams can sometimes suggest considerably important things to you. For example, your friends are planning to snort crack or something and they've invited you to join in their 'joyous' activity. You considered it but you aren't sure yet, so you go home to think about it. Let's say, you've unconsciously agreed to give yourself up to drugs (I don't bloody hell know why) and that night, when you're sleeping, you dream of yourself getting knocked down by a bus and you die from it. You get up from it and suddenly realise "Shit, what was I thinking?" This is just a mere example, people, please don't get upset by my frank example, but that's just who I am :)

Just because dreams can mean something, it doesn't mean all of your dreams mean something, alright? You don't consult a dream interpreter and tell him "Doctor, Doctor, I had a dream that I was staring at a blue cat and it was barking at me. What does it mean? What does it mean?" He will probably point you to psychiatric ward.

I have rather disturbing dreams. There was this one night I think I dreamt of the End of the World. I was just walking in town, minding my own business, when suddenly there was a flash of bright white light and there was no more. After that, it was some blind floating enlightenment.

This dream that I'm going to tell you now is the weirdest one I've ever had. I dreamt I was in this sorta carnival. Full of vivid somewhat dull colours. I was walking around, looking at stuff for sale until I bumped into this little boy. I got a shock when I saw him. The boy was me in a much younger frame. I think the me in my dream would be 11 or 12 years old. He said hi and we got to talking. Couldn't remember what we spoke about but the amazing thing was that I was basically talking to myself. It was like talking to a mirror that would reply.

Aside from that, I've also had falling sensations. I'm just sleeping in my bed, when suddenly, I felt myself sink into the bed and fall into blurrier spinning colours. And moments later, I just snap up form my sleep and look around, a little terrified. Also these images that play in my head before I go to bed. It's like some picture show. I'm the director of my own dream hallucination, man, like what the hell? The scariest part is I can't snap out of it even if I wanted to. So I'm stuck with it until some point when I find a loop hole.

The coolest dreams are lucid dreams. I've been having those recently. It's fantastic. To escape and run wild in your dreams, unbound by reality and time. You're completely in control of your dream. What I dreamt about I kinda have forgotten, but I think it had something to do with the supernatural. Ha ha, me and my crazy imagination.

And through research and studies by professors, I am completely normal. SO if any of you had probably gone through some of the stuff stated, don't worry. You're just as sane as I am.

And before I forget, I would just like to say that I'm enjoying college a lot. I constantly enjoy what I study for once, unlike school for some subjects (I ain't bashing, but it's true).

It's nearly midnight. Gotta go, readers. Thanks for reading, and do leave a comment please. At least we know we aren't talking to ourselves.


May 20, 2009

There Is Still Hope In Malaysian Drivers!

As we know, drivers in Malaysia are famous for their not so good attitude on the road for example using emergency lane when all the lanes are busy, not giving way if a car gives it's signal to turn, cut queue when it is too long, giving all kind of body languages when somebody does something wrong and when they think that they are right and many more ways that you cannot imagine. You can hear so many public service announcements on the radio and on TV telling the public that their character changes when they enter a car and I think it's true.

In my opinion, the attitude of drivers in Malaysia could change from bad to good. Why? Recently, I drove in Kuala Lumpur(KL) and I got lost in there for quite some time. I had to do many extreme turns from one side of the road to another side because I had to refer to the sign boards when I was driving and I had to do last minute lane switching. haha! By the way, I saw an Aston Martin DB9 which had a cool license plate number too-DB9. Woah, what a cool car......A second hand Aston Martin costs about 1.3million......what would a new one costs?..... Anyway, back to my story, I was signaling from one side of the road to the other and some of them gave way. I was quite shock. The ones who gave way were young people and the people who were very offensive were mostly old uncles. What does this show us? hahaha.

Another situation was when I was driving a little fast in Ipoh.......then suddenly I noticed a Mercedes-Benz highlighted me a few times......I wondered what was wrong......After checking my car, I thought it was just false alarm.......but again another car highlighted me.......I knew something was wrong so I check again........still there wasn't any problem with my car. After about 45 seconds of straight road driving, I saw that there were quite a number of cars in front, I slowed was a traffic block, they were finding for something suspicious or somebody maybe. Then I knew that the highlights given by the cars were to warn me about this and all the cars behind me. I was impress of how caring they were, Wah!

Basically, base on some experiences that I went through, young drivers have the capabilities to be a better driver then now.....I am not stereotyping but it is a fact. Some words for the drivers out there, please do not listen to older people or friends who says "don't give way to that car, give that car way and then everybody also want!".......we should change and GIVE WAY TO OTHER DRIVERS AND PEDESTRIANS OUT THERE and they may do it too. Driving would be much nicer if the mentality of the drivers in Malaysia changes!

May 10, 2009

BACK FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well.. Hi again:) I'm back and this time is for good!!!!!!haha... i tell you i miss my life a whole lot... in this post i dont want to hammer too much on the bad side of ns:) warren did enough.. its quite similar...its in 'their' blood... I didnt' like NS a bit... dont be mistaken i could survive ns but its just that i choose not to waste more time and endure dumb trials...oh well... i'm happy to be back really...
In this post i'm gonna tell u funny things that happened in ns... i'm not sure if i can remember all but i'll do my best:)

  1. There is this guy, his name was surend... he has some psyhcology problem i guess.. he's like no self image at all... he occasinally comes into my room and takes off his underware in front of me.... usually i'm alone in my dorm.. so he bumps in and show me and walk off... back of my mind i was like.....what the hell!!! damn,,,... these type of ppl still exists...
  2. Besides that...there is this friend of mine.. he's quite blur... so he went to this koperasi to buy a drink... he wanted CINCAU... so he ask me how to say it in BM so before i can say it, he told the man bagi saya satu LEONG FUN (cincau in kantonese)... then the malay man was like HUH??!?!? i nudged him and told him its cincau.. i had a nice laugh...
  3. One more.... ok we had this firearm training... so i was all excited to hold the M16 la.... so i waited like 12 HOURS before i get to hold the gun and shoot.. it was a great experience though.. its fun if u have a chance u should try it... but not through NS!!! anyway i got a decent point of 78/100.. okla:) so i was in the midst of finding out other friend's points... and here came this guy...

Me: how did u do??

Friend: i only got 22 points la....

Me : why a?? very hard to aim??

Friend: ya quite hard i keep shooting the NUMBER also cannot get points wan i dunno how u guys can get so many points ..

And so listening to that i was quite curious lo... i asked him what NUMBER??? he said number 4 la and he pointed at the big NUMBER above the TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like what the helll u r suppose to shoot the target and this guy went and shoot the indication NUMBER above the target... i instantly laugh until my stomach ached.... and the best thing is his teacher asked him where r u shooting when they were at the range.. He proudly told the teacher "Nombor empat la"....hhaah...damn... shoot the target ppl....haha...

4. The next incident.... i was walking back to my dorm one day and here came this malay guy... he stared at me for a moment then walked right up to me and said this " wa muka kamu sangat garang a"....then i was like "ya la"... back of my mind was like u wanna piece of me??.... u know some times these ppl just irrates u to the max...

For now these are the ones that i can remember la:) haha... there are more but i cant really remember now:) so yea... NS is not a very delightful place... u wouldn't wish that u r there.. and here they are saying that we should be thankful that we are the lucky ones choosen out of thousands of ppl... some want also cannot get.... some apply also cannot... u guys better be appreciative.. the government spend RM6600 on your food only u know?? (after calculation one day is like 70+ and the food i get there hardly 40bucks....) (so we all know where all the money snowball to)... back of my head i was like if "SO MANY" ppl want to go the make application forms la then choose la... why choose then force ppl into it.. if dont go can still treathen us with jail and fine... haiz... sometimes its hard to comprehend such different mentality...

Anyway i thank GOD that i'm back for good... Hopefully i wont be that lucky to be choosen for all these type of things again in near future.... So that's basically all for now...there are ups and downs la in NS but usually its more downs:) so yea.. thank u all for ur wishes... oh ya i forgot... out of 10 i rate NS 3.... 1 to the friends 2 to the food 3 to the environment... till my next post:)


May 06, 2009

Home, at last.


I can finally sigh in relief! I'm home, permanently. You've no idea how much I've waited for this. WOW. "Freedom! Freedom! Freedom...OOHH, FREEEEDDDOOOOMMM!!!" - quote from Aretha Franklin song.

For all you ignorant people out there, I was in NS for six weeks, and in da midst of the period, I decided I was fed here I am! Lolz. Alright, seriousness. Well, I wasn't unhappy in NS. I've met pretty great friends whilst I was there. And aside from this and unique physical activities, everything else wasn't exactly worth it, I feel. It was like a waste of valuable time. For instance, the nights when we gather at 9pm, these trainers would give us lectures about how shitty our attitudes are, when really it's just a handful of idiots who have those.

This would be the shortest paragraph. The food sucks most of the time. Period.

And the singing....oh my Lordie Lord, how I begged every night it would cease. The trainers would play this Malay song called Kini Disayangi every two nights that would make everyone seem like they're having fun, when it's the opposite. I don't say it in front of those who actually enjoy it because I wouldn't wanna be labelled a party pooper. So, when I get with my people, we would bash the song so much. There's this other song that they play that was writen by a third catch trainee last year. Alright, I gotta give it to the dude that he can write songs, but the song sucks terribly! Holy cow, you guys, the song tempo is SOOOOOOOOOO God-wrenchingly slow, it basically summons the dead back to haunt the very grounds we walk on. And since my camp is surrounded by a forest, wouldn't that be convinient? Bear with me. There's more.

There's this teacher, who by the way, I happen to dislike. Here's why. I was sitting on some stage with our Malaysian flag painted over it. I was reading The Vanished Man by Jeffrey Deaver at that time. I was there first and then some girls followed by another herd of them came and sat around that stage. This teacher saw me sitting among them and came up to me and this was how it went.

Trainer: Hey trainee, what's ur problem?
Me : Ermmm, nothing? I'm just reading...
Trainer: What are you doing sitting among the girls?
Me : I came here first.
Trainer: Go away!

And I did. Now, what the hell is this mentality? I'm just reading a book and I get busted for that! This whole boys-and-girls-can't-mix thing is getting abused. Like, if I'm sitting and chatting with aboter girl, this other toooooooot of a teacher would come up and make these stupid narrow-minded comments and I, being totally annoyed, would answer in a provocatively polite manner. It's not like we're doing anything illegal, right? I mean, trainers who have been doing this for so long should be able to discern between the harmless and the ones who are, well, the opposite ;)

I gotta tell you about my Bravo leader, Ramadhan. Bravo is my company in NS, by the way. So this dude, right... After 6 weeks being under him technically, I've come down to the conclusion that he is a little retarded. Seriously. I know it's bad of me to say that, but seriously, he is! There was this time where we were talking about some water sports competition. This was how it went...

Me: Ramadhan, if you put me in the team, I will sacrifice you for Ramadhan in a pot.
He: OK, OK, chill, bro, chillllll!
Me: Good.

And as I turned around to leave, he suddenly goes "WARREN!!". I turned around.

Me: What?
He: I gotta ask you something.
Me: Ask then.
He: Do you eat pork?
(a moment of speechlessness)
Me: WHAT??? Hello, I'm Chinese!
He: No, no no, you see... I see right you don't speak Chinese and you speak English, so I thought
maybe you didn't eat pork.
Me: And which idiot in your life gave you such information?
He: eh, don't get angry... I just thought...
Me: So your fancy theory is that Chinese people who can't speak Chinese don't eat pork?
He: Eh, errrr,,,no .... I...
Me: You know what, Adan.... just put a sock in it!

That was probably the stupidest conversation I have ever had with someone.

Then there are these trainees who fight without reason and smoke. I have one word for you trainee smokers.... cancer-lovers. The trainees that constantly fight, however, are just plain stupid. It's not like they're fighting because one owes the other money or some dude provoked the other. No no no. They fight because apparently, THEY ARE NOT SATISFIED. Who acts like that? Who talks like that? I mean, even if you guys wanna fight (which is totally not my style of settling problems), the least you guys could do is have a reason, which obviously neither of you possess. THIS is the unfair part... those innocents like me get punished too! This makes me boil. I mean, why can't the disciplinary committee just punish those who are involved only? Why take us along in their rollercoaster of hell? I think they're just pure lazy. Unwilling to deal with matters properly. Thank God I'm out of there.

Let me tell you something funny. There was this one time the Commanden came out of his shell (office) to come and scold us all (the lazy alternative for dealing with problems) for fighting. This was how it went.

Commanden: What's your problem, wira and wirawati (the terms they call us trainees)?
Why are you all fighting? Don't make me call the police to cooottttchu!

Oh, that made my day! He was actually trying to say 'caught you' but obvioulsy he failed, even after the 2nd attempt. I know I'm so cruel to make fun of his English, but I lived for this sorta of funny moments in NS to laugh about later. It's still a joke right until this day amongst trainees.

Another time, would be this. You all who know me well, You guys know very well I'm incapable of speaking Mandarin, yes? Well, the whole lot of Orientals here speak it and it's hard for me to communicate, especially to those who don't know a single word of London. So there's this dude whom we nicknamed Captain. He's Chinese-educated and he speaks very lmited English. So he avoids talking to me and only speaks to me when he needs to tell me something that's necessary.
After six weeks, a thought suddenly occurred to me and I told a friend of mine called Joseph who is multilingual, tell Captain that he can talk to me in Cantonese, cuz I did understand some Cantonese. When Captain heard this, he ran up to me and this is what he said in Cantonese:

"HUUUHH??? You can speak Cantonese ar? Why didn't you say anything? Oh my God, I suffered trying to talk to you for these past six weeks, and now you tell me? Aiyoh, good la good la... now no need to suffer so much... You give me a headache when you speak English la..."

From then on, we could deliver messages to each other smoothly.

And now, for the blessed friends the Lord gave me in NS. Thank God for them really. Job, Joel, Joseph, Edmund, Nicholas, Cash, Sean, Raj, Kugen, Aris, Badrul, Risman, Jeevan, Adeleena, Jessie, Abigail, June, Krishanthini, Jean, the two Mei Yi's, Ka Ling, Angeline.... So many countless of other people. If it wasn't for them, I would be so upset there. These people brighten up my days there. Thank the Lord I met them. These people are the ones that make NS less shitty, seriously. The thought of getting up in the morning to spend time with these people is so reassuring. I laughed my head off with these people and I miss these guys. I pray we'll continue to keep in contact for now and always.

I have a friend called Jeevan from NS. He recently gave me a new nickname. Warren Kay. Each time I pass him, he would be like "Warren Kay!". So funny, but I quite like the name, really.

There's so much that I wanna talk about NS here, but there's simply too many. I shall edit this post should I remember some events that happened.

Until now, I still dunno how to feel about NS. To simplify the matter, from a scale from 1 to 10, I gotta give NS a four. That's just the way I feel statistically. The whole point is, is that I'm home and will be going to study soon. I'm studying Psychology in HELP University, KL Damansara. Enough obvious signs He has given me to know for sure that the subject is for me :)

Till next time, anticipate the next post, readers! Cheerio!

May 01, 2009

Customer is not always right!

Before I start, I would like to extend my appreciation for the comments and help for our posts!!

I went to Tesco about 9 morning on Labour Day. What so great about going to Tesco on Labour Day? Everything was the same but there were more customers than the other days because it was a holiday. I noticed when I entered Tesco there were so many cars finding for a parking space. Like you all know, some cars were following the customers that were walking back to their cars so that they can get a parking space........Fine with that, I did not bother to follow any because I know that there are many spaces at the other side. I just assume that they didn't know about them.

Then, I entered Tesco............wah, I saw so many people crowded in an area only and I can confidently say that everyone there was Chinese (I am not being racist okay!) I laugh because I remembered one of my friend who always say that "Chinese people and business man damn kiasu and very smart at cheating people". I don't know why I thought about that but I just did. Lolz. Looking at department like the stationary and sport which I was in, nobody was there. "hmm...weird... maybe there are some promotion and barang murah at the crowded place."

I followed my mum until the wet market then I am unable to go through easily anymore. I did not want to be in the crowded area so I went somewhere else. Pushing and pushing my trolley....... I found a spot that was away from the crowd. While looking at some vegetables, I saw this lady, trying her best to get as much prawns as possible, fighting with so many other customers mentally because the other customers were good at chosing prawns and they were fast too. Prawns were very cheap according to my mum so yea, go lady, do your best and gaduh for your prawns before they are gone. It's nice to see you know...! Hahaha. After a few minutes, all the prawns were gone! I am not suprise..... There were so many THAT kind of lady who were chosing prawns after I stopped looking.

Okay! My mum was done shopping. It's time to pay them. When we arrived at the counter, my mum told me that she forgot to get some MILO so I went to take for her. Walking to take some Milo, I saw the crowd again which I told about just now. Now I became one of them. Haha. I don't have a choice okay! I asked the officer whether there was any Milo left.......he said "yup and they are on the way. The previous stock was all sold out." While waiting, I saw everyone else that were waiting too.

Suddenly, the officer shouted, "give only 2 each!". That was fine with me. All the other officer was protecting the milo because they knew that everyone will rush for them. I just ask them that I wanted 2 and I went of from there. I turned back and I saw so many people rushing and pushing each other for the milo. The officers couldn't do anything. They tried his best to give them 2 each but they failed. The customers changed into jaws and all the Milo were gone. HAHA. Before they were gone, I know I had to do something and I did. I took out my phone and TAADAA!! I took pictures of them fighting for Milo!!! HAHAHA. When paying the things, I saw many having problems with the cashier because they bought so many Milos but they are only allowed to buy 2 each.

The officer was trying to stop them but he couldn't

Some even took a whole box of MILO
(If you see properly)
"Success! I have got a box of MILO"

I apologize for the blur images because they were taken using a phone.