April 21, 2010

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April 16, 2010

I move on


Yeah I know I've been gone for a while. I've been busy with college (work, performances) and church (Easter Musical). It's been a tiring semester but fulfilling nevertheless. My first year in college concludes in May. I always find it amazing how time always zooms pass us without us ever noticing until it's a hundred miles down the road. College has been great nevertheless. Tiring, but great. That day, a girl asked me whether I missed high school. I quite bluntly said no. I'm so sorry but it's just an honest answer from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate school for what it was but oh my days, to think of the school uniforms, waking up early at 6am everyday, and tuition classes... Thank goodness those days are behind me.

Well, moving on, I've just realised how irritating some Malaysians can be. When you meet someone you know, a lot of you unconsciously ask or say EXACTLY what they're doing. Am I making this up? Especially Chinese people. I can go on forever with the amount of examples and experiences I've had. Like when I'm eating, these people will come and ask, "Oh eating ar?"

Eating is not exactly foreign to Malaysians considering the fact we are such gluttons. Let's face it. Even tourists who come here are at awe at the way we eat. We have food 24/7.  So why are these people still asking the obvious? It's so funny really. The best one was when one of my college friends asked whether I had a haircut when he only saw me the previous day with long hair. Aiyo... stress only. I said "No la, it grew shorter".

Anyway, let me tell you something about HELP. Underneath all the academic bliss and achievements, it's also a torture chamber of some kind. I'll explain. HELP has different buildings where different departments are located. Some are at the main block, some are at Wisma HELP, some are in at the KPD (I forgot what it stood for) buildings. It's a scattered university. SO, can you imagine how students have to pass up their assignments? They have to run to this place to print, run back to another building to pass it up before the clock strikes 5pm. And it's not like the places are near to reach. Imagine if you're late. Like my two friends that day... they had to pass up their computer essay assignments and they were suppose to pass it up at 5pm. 4.50 still no where in sight. 4.55pm, I looked up and saw the two of them running down the hall full speed and going, "I'M COMING!!!!" What was funnier, the girl who had no assignment in her hand ran faster than the girl who had it in hers... Funny la ar how some people work... LOL.

I've also come to realise now why the world is so stressed out. It's because of the Chinese people. Am I wrong? You look below and tell me if I'm wrong.

1) Who created exams? Chinese people right? And now anyone who's still studying, STRESS.
2) Who is always the business-minded and the most calculative when it comes to money and the economy?    Chinese people right? STRESS some more even after finishing your studies.
3) Who invented one of the earliest finest and most deadly weaponry in the world? Chinese people right? Whole world STRESS.

Country + Chinese people = STRESS.

This is just a joke by the way. Please don't report me. It's just an honest opinionated joke. And it's not like I'm making fun of another race. It's my race I'm making fun of. So no harm done. :)

Well I suppose I'll end here. It's enough jizz for one day.

God bless!