July 27, 2009

A very frightened Malaysian abroad writes...

(The following posts was taken directly from malaysiakini.com.)

The author(s) WILL NOT be held responsible for actions taken by anyone or party reading this article.

I HAVE been meaning to pen some thoughts for some time now, to let people actually read the views of the typical 'overseas Malaysian' who is kept away. I realise that my email is rather long, but I do hope that you would consider publishing it (and also keep my name private!).

I shall start by telling a little about my background. Mine is a rather sad tale – of a young Malaysian full of hope and patriotic enthusiasm, which is slowly but surely trickling away.

I am very different from many other non-bumiputeras, as I was given tremendous opportunities throughout my childhood. Born into a middle-class Chinese but English-speaking family, I grew up with all the privileges of imported books, computers, piano/violin lessons and tuition teachers.

My parents insisted that I should be exposed to a multi-racial education in a national school. In my time, my urban national school (a missionary school) was a truly happy place – where the Malays, Chinese and Indian students were roughly equal in proportion. We played and laughed with each other, and studied the history of the world together during Form 4, with one interesting chapter dedicated to Islamic history.

Though 75% of my teachers were Malays, I never really noticed. My Malay teachers were the kindest to me – teaching me well and offering me every possible opportunity to develop. I led the district teams for English and Bahasa Malaysia debating competitions. I was the only non-Malay finalist in the Bahasa Malaysian state-level elocution competition. My Malay teachers encouraged me to transfer to a government residential school (sekolah berasrama penuh) so as to enable me to maximise my academic potential. I refused because I was happy where I was, so they made me head prefect and nominated me as a 'Tokoh Pelajar Kebangsaan'. Till this day, I am absolutely certain that it was the kindness of all my Malay teachers which made me a true Malaysian.

I excelled at school and was offered a Singaporean government scholarship to study overseas. I turned them down because I wanted to ensure that I would remain a 'true Malaysian' in the eyes of Malaysia. So I accepted a Malaysian government scholarship to study at Oxford University.

Throughout my three years as an undergraduate, the officers at the MSD looked after me very well, and was always there to offer support. I graduated with first class honours, and was offered a job with a leading investment bank. The JPA released me from my bond, so as to enable me to develop my potential. I shall always be grateful for that. I worked hard and rose in rank. My employer sent to me to Harvard University for postgraduate study and I climbed further up their meritocratic ladder.

Now I am 31 years old and draw a comfortable monthly salary of US$22,000. Yet, I yearn to return home. I miss my home, my family, my friends, my Malaysian hawker food and the life in Malaysia. I have been asked many times by Singaporean government agencies to join them on very lucrative terms, but I have always refused due to my inherent patriotism.

Crushing down

I really want to return home. I have been told by government-linked corporations and private companies in Malaysia that at best, I would still have to take a 70% pay cut if I return to Malaysia to work. I am prepared and willing to accept that. My country has done a lot for me, so I should not complain about money.

But of late, my idealistic vision of my country has really come crashing down, harder and faster than ever before.

I read about the annual fiasco involving non-bumiputera top scorers who are denied entry to critical courses at local universities and are offered forestry and fisheries instead. (My cousin scored 10A1's for SPM and yet was denied a scholarship).

I read about Umno Youth attacking the so-called meritocracy system because there are less than 60% of Malay students in law and pharmacy, whilst conveniently keeping silent about the fact that 90% of overseas scholarship recipients are Malays and that Malays form the vast majority in courses like medicine, accountancy and engineering at local universities.

I read about the Higher Education Minister promising that non-bumiputera Malaysians will never ever step foot into UiTM.

I read about a poor Chinese teacher's daughter with 11A1's being denied a scholarship, while I know some Malay friends who scored 7A's and whose parents are millionaires being given scholarships.

I read about the brilliant Prof KS Jomo (right), who was denied a promotion to Senior Professor (not even to Head of Department), although he was backed by references from three Nobel Prize winners. Of course, his talent is recognised by a prestigious appointment at the United Nations.

I read about Umno Youth accusing Chinese schools of being detrimental to racial integration, while demanding that Mara Junior Science Colleges and other residential schools be kept only for Malays.

I read about the Malay newspaper editors attacking the private sector for not appointing enough Malays to senior management level, whilst insisting that the government always ensure that Malays dominate anything government-related.

I read that at our local universities, not a single vice-chancellor or deputy vice-chancellor is non-Malay.

I read that in the government, not a single secretary-general of any ministry is non-Malay. The same goes for all government agencies like the police, armed forces, etc.

I read about Umno screaming for the Malay Agenda, but accusing everyone else of racism for whispering about equality.

I tremble with fear

I read about a poor Indian lady having to pay full price for a low-cost house after being dispossessed from a plantation, whilst Malay millionaires demand their 10% bumiputera discount when buying RM2 million bungalows in a gated community.

I read about my beloved national schools becoming more and more Islamic by the day, enforced by overzealous principals.

I read about my Form 4 World History (Sejarah Dunia) syllabus, which now contains only one chapter of world history, with Islamic history covering the rest of the book.

As I read all this, I tremble with fear. I love my country and long to return. I am willing to take a 70% pay cut. I am willing to face a demotion. I honestly want to contribute my expertise in complex financial services and capital markets. But really, is there a future for me, for my children and for their children? I am truly frightened.

I can deal with the lack of democracy, the lack of press freedom, the ISA, our inefficient and bureaucratic civil service, our awful manners and even a little corruption. But I cannot deal with racism in my homeland.

I think this is the single biggest factor which is keeping people like myself away. And bear in mind – there are so many of us (researchers, scientists, bankers, economists, lawyers, academics, etc.).

What people read about in Malaysia (like Dr Terence Gomez) is but the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

You will be amazed to know about Malaysians denied JPA scholarships (which would have made them civil servants), took loans to attend Ivy League universities, but who are later asked to advise our government (on IT, economics, etc.) at fees running to millions of US dollars. Such information will never be published because it is politically incorrect.

As a Christian, I pray for God's blessing on this great country of ours. I pray that He blesses our leaders with the foresight and humanity to see that this will not work and cannot continue. I pray that they will have the strength to make our country a home for all Malaysians and that they will have mercy for the poor, including the non-Malays. I pray for true racial harmony and acceptance (not just tolerance) in Malaysia. - Yours sincerely, A very frightened Malaysian abroad.


July 26, 2009

Another one lost.


As some of you may know by now, Yasmin Ahmad, acclaimed Malaysian director, has passed away after she suffered a stroke some days ago. She was admitted to a hospital and did not regain consciousness after that.

We've lost Michael, a legend in the entertainment world, and now we've lost another film legend, Yasmin Ahmad.

She directed the movies Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf, Talentime and most recently she was scheduled to work in Japan for a film. Her movies reflected the beauty of racial harmony and how important it is to have that in a country like Malaysia when we're so diversed in race, religion and culture.

Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009)

Rest in peace, Yasmin.

July 25, 2009



Okay, I'm gonna talk about the Pussycat Dolls. I think they're alright, they've sold out their albums, they've done their thing in the music industry. BUT what I don't get about them is Nicole Scherzinger. I mean, she's beautiful and hot and all that jazz right... but she IS ALWAYS THE GIRL AT THE FRONT! I think there's too much of emphasis on Nicole, really. What about the rest of the Dolls right? In their latest songs, Hush Hush and Jai Ho! (in which she pronounces Jai as Jay, I dunno why) the lead and background vocals were all done by her, and the PCD are there in the video, dancing along and basically doing nothing but flash their legs and smiles! The only thing the other PCDs did was sing 'Bai La! Bai La!'. There is simply complete neglect over the other girls in PCD.

Did you see the Jai Ho and Hush Hush video? This was Jai Ho was introduced, "A. R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger" and for Hush Hush is the same title except for A. P. Rahman obviously... he can't exactly be Jai Ho-ing in every video right. Since when did Nicole and the PCD become a separate act? Aren't they all supposed to be a team like they were when they started off asking Don't Cha a couple of years ago? It makes people wonder if she ever gave a (toot) about PCD (Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5). So anyway, Miss Scherzinger really needs to give some room for her bandmates to do their stuff, or not, what's the point of having a band when only one person is singing and doing everything? She might as well just disband from PCD and embark on a solo career.

And this was how the juice began to thicken. Lol.

Apparently, according to the Internet, the other PCDs are unhappy that Nicole is being overemphasised. Here's what I found in Wikipedia:

"Single release and controversy

It was confirmed that the new remix version of the song will be released to mainstream radio as the final release from Doll Domination. The original ballad version serves as the B-side and was released to some radio stations in the US on May 12, 2009 as well as digital download outlets. It will be released as a CD Single on July 13, 2009 in the UK and Europe. Amazon revealed the single promotional cover-art on 20 April 2009, which listed the single as "Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger".[1] The emphasis on Nicole Scherzinger as the featured artist caused controversy, as "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" also emphasized her as a featured singer. It sparked rumours that Nicole Scherzinger was leaving the group to continue her solo career, despite well below average sales for the singles from her 2007 shelved solo album release "Her Name Is Nicole". This also led to internal strife within the group as the other members were unhappy with the overemphasis on Scherzinger.[2] The tension surfaced onstage while the group opened for Britney Spears on their tour in Glendale, Arizona. Melody Thornton, on the verge of tears, addressed the crowd saying, "Thank you guys for supporting me, even though I'm not featured" and encouraging the audience to follow their dreams and to "never let anyone stomp on them, ever". After her outburst, she was high-fived by Jessica Sutta, indicating more of the Dolls were upset by the tagging and the over-emphasis on Scherzinger.[3][4]."


Really, Nicole should have taken the advise of her fellow colleague in the industry, Fergie, when she sang "You don't want no drama... no no drama, no no no no drama" in My Humps. And of course she didn't, and now she has the drama. But whatever, we aren't naive... we know celebrities live off these kinda things.

So another singer that I quite don't get now is Mariah Carey. She used to be an AWESOME singer. With a five-octave range, who wouldn't be awesome? But now, I just sigh... for a long time when I look at her now. First of all, ever since 2002, she became sultry and her songs took a completely different direction. I was like 'Mariah, no! What about your hero? Don't go!'. There are some current songs that she sang that was good but I feel that her passion in her songs have faded. I'm sure she still has it in her, but somehow she's choosing the commercialised way of being famous. This is just a personal opinion by the way.

But I really gotta give it to some singers now. Even though they're way passed their time, they are still singing like there's no tomorrow. And their voices are still in check! OR at least great for their age... Examples are like Cher, Tina Turner, Neil Sedaka, Rod Stewart... this is only a few I'm naming, there are others out there.

Anyway, I just posted this for mere bubbly fun and also to update this thing regularly enough now that I'm on holiday.

Have a good weekend everyone :)

July 18, 2009

University life!!!

Well as you all know i was enrolled into UPM to do foundation in agricultural science but its basically chem, phy, bio, math, eng, and agriculture studies")... if u dont know now u do")

To start things off... firstly i want to tell u guys that i'm doing great... Well the first week in UPM was really really busy... they have this like orientation week for two weeks.... so we were having lots of activities and talking and more talking... tiring but still okla... there is so much that i want to tell u but i;m afraid that i will take up one whole page in the blog")
So meet my new friends")

This dude is my college principal... he's a cool guy... he speaks fluent jap!!haha... he has a Phd from japan")

These dudes are 4 of my good friends") from top left is sam then beside is wang ( i call him doc. later u will know why"), bottom left is chin and beside is kok hui...

The first pic... three of them in the pic are my roomates") the indian guy is thurga.. very funny guy")

OK i'm gonna tell u about my friends") this should be fun") ok u see the first time i saw these ppl i was shocked.. i was like what!!?!?! why are there so many non's here.. what are they doing here... so as usual i went to make friends with them and we kinda get to know each other... and guess what?!?!? there are 15 freaking JPA SCHOLARS here!!!! i was like whattttttttt!>!?!?! initially i was like very happy la u know.. i never expected there will be so many non's here... back of my head i was thinking like either i'm the only one or maybe other 2 to 3 max... the whole thing is jpa accepted too many students and they were forced to put them here... most of them are aiming for medcine, pharmacy, engineering and bla bla... the "good" courses.... so i was a little u know mixed-feeling... so nevermind we enjoyed our orientation week and did lots of cool stuff together... and so fine la i thought these ppl are cool and ok... but but....when classes started, all of them are like freaking nerds u know like study non stop.. they actually started studying like 2 days after the classes started... i was like what~!!!?!?!?!? (i havent started until now")...) haha... will be starting soon... the whole thing is they are like some studying machines ( not all though only few) .... I sense a lot of pressure in my way.. u know how i cannot lose la...hahhaha... my close friends will tell u") hahaah.... so i'm feeling alot of pressure these days")

I got this particular friend that i call him doc. (doctor).. he's like my buddy la in uni cuz we are in the same class.... we have so many things in common... we play table tennis, we do classical music, we go t the exact same classes, we r st. john members, and lots more") so... where ever i am he is most of the time there... ok.. he is the one of them that i call studying machine...haha... he studies every min of his life... then one day i cannot tahan i asked him..." whooi u study like that not tired and pressured wan meh classes only started like 2 weeks" then guesss what?? he answered me " this is normal for me this is what i do "... then i was in the state of shock for awhile... well he has an ambition to be a doctor and he works like freaking hard for it.. he has a big big interest in BIOLOGY!! haha.... well its him... good la in a way.. we need good doctors in the future....

That is a bit on my friends la... so many more stories... if i get a chance to meet u then u can probably ask me")haha.... they are very very nice ppl though... (for now)...hahah...

Classes.. classes are fine though... they are quite good but still need some improvement but at least the try to teach in english but they use BM when u-know-who-la dont undertand... so i'm cool..acceptable at least they dont conduct it in BM!!!haha...

LIfe there is quite hectic... my schedules are quite pack... and i travel and walk alot alot everyday.. this is because the uni is so so big u can never walk from college to the faculty...haha...so have to take bus lo") and their bus is very cool wan...its not those old busses u see or the yellow colour sch bus..haha.. the are the rapid kl and travelling kinda bus... very nice la and there's air cond!! haha....basically got lots of walking la in uni..

Ok... there is this one interesting class..haha... i'll show u!!

FARMER MUN!!!!!!hahaha...........

Well this is my hands-on for my agriculture studies.. i was elected as the leader of the farmers in my group.. so basically we were given a piece of land and were required to plant stuff la... i guess my group is like planting 10 different types of vegetables... for this two weeks we have to go everyday la from 5 to 7 pm after classes but later on when things are ok then we take alternate days...its quite fun though... but tiring cuz in my group there are 6 girls and 3 guys!!!! haha.. same goes to the others... the no of girls in uni are higher than guys!! come on la guys!!!

I guess that's about it for now..its quite late ady... i'll continue when i can find time!!! hope all of you are doing great as well... till then!!! Take care")


Guest POST!! By KENNETH ONG!!! Have fun...

I’ve been allowed a guest post on this blog, so first and foremost allow me to thank mun, warren and maya. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, there are a few things I am going to address in this post.

Identity. Pretty important to most people, and there is hardly a doubt that everyone has some sense of identity, just like every Maori has a pitbull. Anyway, unless you don’t care about your own dignity and, well, everything about yourself: who you are, what you are, how you got to where you are and about every other W question out there about yourself, then u can leave identity among the pile of mess somewhere in your room, assuming of course, you are at least half human and have better things to do than cleaning up your room. But for the rest of us, identity is to us, what muscles are to Edmen. Not implying that he has no sense of identity or whatever…. However, what happens when somebody takes it too far?

Let me give you lot an example. A Sri Lankan will tell you he’s Sri Lankan. Sounds fair enough? Well, to some extent, yes. But in other cases, no. If you were to walk up to a Sri Lankan in the Kiwiland and ask him ‘are you Indian?’ He will say ‘no, I’m Sri Lankan.’ But then you think to yourself ‘but wait, I didn’t ask what’s his nationality… I wanted to know his race! Okay nevermind, maybe he didn’t actually know I was asking his about his ethnicity, I’ll try again. Take two.’ So you ask again, ‘ no, I meant ur ethnicity’. The lil bastard then goes and say, ‘ yeah, I’m Sri Lankan.’ At that point in time, at that very split second, any self respecting person in the world would have an ALL CAPS explosion in his/her mind that goes somewhere along the lines of (read aloud and well pronounced for maximum impact):

And then you calm yourself down with all your might, try as hard as possible to convince the person that there is no such thing as a Sri Lankan race. An argument (an intellectual one, not swearing your head off) follows, and you try to argue that what the Sri Lankan ideology of ‘if someone stays in a country long enough he/she eventually becomes a fictional race of that country’ is fundamentally flawed. However, you eventually concede defeat to this overidentityness, draped in red garments, that is not going to budge for an overpumped, testosterone charged, horny raging bull charging its way, and looking for a victim to make man love to. Or is this ignorance that we are losing to? Maybe abit of both.

And that brings me to ignorance. Whoever coined the phrase ignorance is bliss, is truly ignorant. And therefore, is truly blind/is idiotic/has herpes, and probably had a brain chewed up and spat out by a cow, then got all it’s remains smeared on the pavement. The next thing that probably happened is, a kid came along and decided to make a sculpture of a brain. Some hobo then walked by and put the paste into his head.

The general idea behind ‘ignorance is bliss’ is: whatever you don’t know cant hurt you. This theory is fundamentally flawed. Hobo #2 up there doesn’t know that the hooker he’s about to screw has got aids or some other painful std. That doesn’t mean it aint gonna hurt him. At this point, you might be thinking: ‘now come on, this ‘”ignorance” cant be THAT bad…’ On face value, it serves only to irritate and poke one’s intelligence. But after explaining to somebody TEN BLOODY TIMES that just because your from Malaysia doesn’t make you Malay, you start to wonder just how somebody even arrived at that conclusion. This leads to the conclusion that someone who is ignorant, is also an incumbent twat, and that anyone with a statement filled with IGNORANCE is a total waste of time. Hell, sometimes it makes me just want to shout out “usted está robando mi tiempo!!!!” On the topic of Malaysia, its good to be going back home. I will know I’m home, when the doors part, and the blast of hot, humid, Malaysian air hits my face.

3rd July 2009

Kenneth Ong

July 17, 2009

This and that and everything between.


I named my post the above because:

(1) It makes no sense.
(2) I think I got it from a book from a bookstore.
(3) I think a film director should name their next movie that.


Driving. The last time I spoke of it, it wasn't exactly a good testimony. Remember that post I was betching about that beast of a driving inspector who gave me hell while we were on the go? Yeah, this time, it''s the people. It's nothing bad, but everytime I go places either with my friends or family (F), it'll be something like this.

F: Oh, you're here! Good, ok so where are your parents?
Me: They're not here.
F: Oh, did they just drop you off?
Me: Uh, no. I drove here.
F: OH! You can drive! Wow.

So, what's the deal really? Loads of people are just in such awe and disbelief that I can turn a car wheel now. They just somehow won't or can't grasp that I can drive. Yes, I didn't get my license until I was 18 when I could've done it the year before I turned the big one-eight (which isn't really a big deal unless you're planning to get drunk every night, do drugs, get laid or maybe die from one of the three... I dunno, I'm only guessing). Alright, just in case some of my people are still unaware, YES I DRIVE NOW... DON'T BE SHOCKED THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU, OK? GROOVY...
Although I will say this. I'm not so sure if I can drive a manual car anymore. I can technically but confidently I dunno. The last time I drove a manual car with ease was the Perodua Kancil during my driving test. Aside from that, no. It's not that I don't have manual cars at home, it's because the two manual cars are inaccessible to me. My brother's car is a manual but it's way too modified for me... like one touch of the accelerator and off I go with the speed of light.... into my living room (!!!). The other car is a Proton Wira which is my age or older. Yes, I'm not messing around. The thing has arthritis or something, it shakes and trembles like it has nerve problems. I know you're thinking I'm exaggerating, so if you want, I could always take you for a ride in the 'roller coaster'. I will warn you though, the results are usually not so good, so you know, take the hint.

Alright, anyway, I dunno why recently I've been having recurring dreams that had violent or thrilling themes. Like the other night, I dreamt I was getting chased by this group of people. I can't remember why they were chasing me in the first place. But you know, whatever, I was pretty scared shitless. I remember some of them even catching me and I was thrashing and kicking them till I was free. There would be running and shooting. Did you guys watch The Invasion? It wasn't so good, like a 5/10, but the alien-possessed people there that were chasing Nicole Kidman was something like the chasers in my dream.

Another time I remember, I dreamt I was being chased and shot at by Peter Petrelli from Heroes. I dunno why I dream crap like this up but I did anyway. I dunno why he was chasing me, maybe I stole his powers or something.

And the scary thing is I get up and I'm panting like I've just finished a race or something. It was disturbing. But I didn't have any difficulty falling back asleep, thank God. I wonder who will be chasing me tonight in my dreams. If it's Sylar, I'm dead, lolz.

Alright people, the next time you will hear from me is after the politician and the nelayan post something up. I'm getting writer's block as you all can see how short this post is compared to my previous ones.

I apologise for the chance of font colour. I dunno what the heck I did. I can't seem to get it back to white again. Oh bugs.

God bless.

July 09, 2009



I've decided to name the post Untitled is because there are simply too many things that I want to talk about so I thought wouldn't talking about everything in one post be space-savingly smart?

Anyway, so much has happened since my last post. Can't really organise myself to remember what I should type down, but I guess I'll try along the way.

I've got my holidays now. 6 freaking weeks of it. I think I gotta get a job or something. I dunno what the hell am I gonna do. I just got back in my game, people, and now I'm back to holidays. Not that I don't appreciate it, it's fantastic but I just felt a little cut down after being so used to college life which I love. I gotta say, I've learned a lot through this one semester alone in college. It's just amazing the differing views of people and the arguments on certain issues. I mean those arguments as in good ones, not some bitter whiplash between bitches. Thank God I was pointed to HELP, seriously, it's all good :)

So, I suddenly remembered this one time in Penang. I went up there with my parents after my SPM trials for this couples 60th wedding anniversary (let's see you pull this one, Hollywood). We arrived at this rather Chinese-fancy restaurant and I find out that I'm seated away from my parents. I was like, oh shit, but you know, I didn't wanna mess up the arrangements. At the same time, I don't want some people to come up to me and start conversing in Mandarin or Hokkien. So it's some avoidance-avoidance thing going on. I sat down at this table with some aunties and these two other couples. They were nice people, and not forgetting, LOUD but I'm cool, considering the fact I was brought up around louder Hakka people. So you know some of them were a little tipsy after a few drinks which I too had a few (oh leave me alone), but I was fine. So anyway, here's the deal. This couple next to me consisted of an Indian man called Desmond David (DD) and a Chinese woman whose name I've forgotten(CW). Here's how it went..

DD: So how long have you known the couple?
Me: Oh, not that long... just some time ago, through family...
CW: Oh, Suzanne (the celebratory woman of the evening), is an extremely good person. She
prays for our Nicole all the time. It's probably why she is doing so well.
Me: Yeah, hey that's great!

So the evening went on until it was time to say goodbye. And as we're standing up and saying goodbye to everyone, I overhear this woman (W) talking to the David family.

W: How's Nicole doing?
DD: She's fine, thanks. Very busy year for her. She has a lot on her shoulders now.

That got me thinking and linking. Desmond David... Nicole... *rush of realisation* .... not Nicole, NICOL!! NICOL DAVID..

That's right. I, the blur sotong, was seated next to Nicol David's parents and never once mentioned a word of congratulations to them on the great success of their daughter as an international squash player. I was smacking my forehead all the way back to the hotel. I really couldn't believe myself, lolz.

I got another story for you. It's to show us how undiscovered we people are internationally. Well not so intensely but on some distinct level. My English lecturer had a friend (F) who once went to the States to study. When she was there, people asked where she was from. She said Malaysia.

Americans: OOOHHH, do you guys still live in treehouses?

There was a moment of WTF.

So my lecturer's friend decides to play along to see how much they would be pulled into her bullshit that she was going to tell them.

F: Why, YES, yes we still do... emhmm, we actually have our houses on trees! Not to mention, the universities, the government offices, the schools, the instituitions... you name it! Our only mode of transport are those tree vines where we would swing from tree to tree to get to places. Yes, we're an interesting bunch of people...

And they believed it! LOLZ! Afterwards, my friend had to tell them the REAL truth. Poor little American things. This goes to show and confirm people's theories of how stuck some Americans are in their own world. I stress on the word SOME, I did not say all.

Did anyone see the MJ memorial. So sad and touching, don't you think? Especially his daughter's short emotional speech. It aches my heart for those little people to lose their dad at such an age, but as Queen has always sung, the show must go on and so must their lives.

Oh by the way, guys, go watch Persepolis. Search it up on IMDb or Wikipedia. It's a very awakening animated film about Iran and the hardships some people there go through. It breaks the stereotypical thinking of some non-Iranians towards those people. It was even nominated for an Oscar. So it's pretty good stuff, go watch it. It's in French though, so if you can get your hands on an English version through downloading or purchasing the DVD, it would be great.

Anyway, guys, ta for now! If any of you wanna hang out, just call me and we'll try to arrange something. Oh six weeks, I embrace thee.


July 04, 2009

The Big Air Hole Is Still Number One

People always gets excited when they are talking about cars...... what's the fastest car in the world, what's the most expensive car in the world, what this and that and everything else in the world......Okay fine... change the first word from people to guys because I don't know any gals that actually interested in cars....but anyway those who wants to know there you go:

Bugatti Veyron is still the fastest car in the world and not Ferrari FXX or McLaren F1. Even thou it is not practical and it was created with a huge 'longkang' in front of the car to allow the car to be the fastest car in the world. It is often said to be beautiful by my friends which I disagree with. It is just designed to be the fastest but seriously does it look like a car! But who cares rite, it's fast so it's 'beautiful'. Tested by Top Gear on November 2006, the top speed recorded was 407km/h and that speed is about one-third the speed of sound at sea level.

The tires can only lasts about 15 minutes at top speed so it is not a problem to drive it at top speed for 14 minutes and being able to drive more than that is suicide...........but there is an indicator that won't allow you to drive it that long at top speed...it is the FUEL.. It consumes a massive amount of 40.4 Litres / km and the car has to go for it's pit stop at the 12 minute if it was driven constantly at top speed. I was calculating the time that I need to go from Seremban to Ipoh which usually take me about 4 hours.... would only take about 44 minutes!! That is if the car need not to be refueled.....haiz....

It costs a crazy 1.55 million USD at a base price and it is not worth it to buy if one were to follow the speed limit and use it in the city! I recommend this car for the people who travels a lot on the highway because this will make your journey seems short and even shorter if you make a mistake when driving it. You can even test it's power on the nice PLUS highway..... don't bother about the cops as they can barely see you... but when you reach the exit..........Ouh yeah, I forgot, you just cannot be millionaire to buy this car, you need to be a millionaire who has more than 20 millions! It is because the price is in USD and when it is converted in RM that will be a few times more and add another 200% of taxes plus many more paying stuffs and you need to maintain it too...... in other words there is always proton! Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!!

The beginning of Bugatti Veyron.

Still need to be improved

Some improvements

Almost done

DONE!! This was the 'ONLY' picture that I found for the car.

It was so 'difficult' to find Bugatti Veyron pictures so I had 'no choice' but to put this.

The Politician.

(Sources: wikipedia, google, and BBC Top Gear)