November 03, 2009

Remember, remember... my gosh, it's November?


Before I betch, I apologise to our readers for the constant delay of updating. You see, I'm a very busy betch with college and the betching business. It's very hard to juggle you know. And also, I'm sort of at a crossroads in my faith. By that I mean like I'm hitting a rocky path as things in life are revealed to me, like what is there to come and what is there to do to please my God. It's hard but I'm hanging on.

I gotta say, I'm just so amazed how 2009 is just dissolving into 2010. I anticipate the future, don't get me wrong, but somehow I feel like things are going way too fast. Just yesterday, it seems like I had just started secondary school and now, I'm in college! Sometimes I just lay in bed and wonder how did time zoom past us so quickly.

It's either time that's being sneaky or it could be me. Recently, I've got TONNES of work on my shoulders. So basically everyday would be monotonous because I'll be trying to race against time to complete my work. Thank the Lord for He sustains me. And the people! I love HELP, readers. Honestly, I'm so glad to be in HELP and no where else at this moment because of the people in general. Come to think of it, if it was not for NS, I would probably be in some other institution. Because before NS, I didn't even think of HELP once. Funny the way things out, eh? And yeah, in this sense, NS was helpful, I guess.

Why am I being so nice and tingly? OK, Betch mode activated.

1Malaysia is good. Yeah honestly. But shouldn't it have been implemented LONG TIME ago in Bethlehem or something? They're only thinking about it now, when racism and discrimination is at its' worst? Even the late Yasmin Ahmad said our PM copied her because her movies have depicted racial harmony in Malaysia in the most natural way possible. I mean, I wanna be optimistic for Malaysia, I seriously do, but let's face it, the country is in pretty deep shit. C'mon, politicians are losing the trust and faith of the nation as we speak. No substance, just small talk.
No planning whatsoever, always playing dirty. How now?

All we can do is pray for this country.

If you ask me, I'm in a love-hate relationship with Malaysia. I dunno how to love it or hate it. I'm simply mundane about Malaysia. All I can say is that Malaysia is my first home and a home that no matter what happens, I still gotta love it. C'mon we gotta be thankful we aren't in wars or involved in natural disasters.

Anyway, it's nearly three in the morning. I'll come back soon. God bless you all!

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."
~ Groucho Marx


The Politician said...

It gets faster and faster....
I think so too.

Betch said...

God is coming for us... there's no denying it... serious... the whole earth is having bomb la, natural disaster la, war la, what hav u not...