July 14, 2013

Seafood at Tanjung Tualang

Being a final year of engineering student has been extremely busy, which is the main reason why the blog has been inactive.

This post is especially good for those seafood lovers who crave to eat a good meal of prawns or crabs. I have tried them and I think they are good even though I am not into seafood. Located in the state of Perak, Tanjung Tualang is the place to go especially for those who are on the way to Lumut from Ipoh.

There are several style of the prawns being cooked but the favourite was definitely the prawns and crabs that was fried using sauce (9 o'clock- prawns in sauce, center- crabs in sauce). As for the butter prawns (4 o'clock), the cooking didn't create much "hooHAA" that I want to praise much but because of the quality of the prawns, you can actually taste the real flavor of the prawn.

The price is typical for the other dishes such as pork, clamps, vegetables but you would have to pay more for the crabs and prawns, isn't that usual? 1.5 kg of the prawns costed about RM 80 to RM 120, and of course this would also depend on the time that you go. The prices aren't fixed. This serving was for 6 - 8 pax. Other dishes were less than 20 bucks.

(Crabs friend in their special sauce)

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