November 24, 2012

Have You Googled Twilight?

Twilight, have you tried googling for images? This was one of the pictures that appeared when I did.

But wouldn't this be a more appropriate picture?

Anyway, I have been following the movie...... I don't know how I did but it is what it is. On the plot of the story, it is alright because I can't say much as I could guess how would the ending be like but it is ok. However, I would like to give credits to some not so much fighting scenes which I found worth getting some credits. Of course many people, in this case the girls would focuses more on the two guys instead, also the love triangle which the story very much revolves around, almost never ending. Just for your information, I haven't watch the last one though.

Again, the latest Bond (Skyfall) was forgettable as well. The last part where M dies was suppose to give an impact to its viewers but that failed, to me at least. I know the title doesn't relate with what I am suppose to talk about but screw it! Even the story line of the Skyfall was silly. Why hide in a house, far away from protection when he (James Bond) and M could just get police to protect in a humble house, away from any technology if they are so afraid of being hacked and etc.

The most memorable movie for this year I think would be The Avengers. I couldn't remember of anything else when blogging about this post.

That's it for today :)

The Politican

November 22, 2012

LGBT, Gay, Lesbian and Etc In Malaysia?

Hello everyone! It's been some time since we share our thoughts on this blog. I have always wanted to blog a lot of topics but I just don't have the discipline to sit on my computer and start typing!! I wish I can just dictate what I think and this blog will write by itself :)

Obviously, I am not the one in the picture, I am way more good looking and hawt too! :P Okay, back on the subject that I wanted to share about.

Do you know what LGBT is? It is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual (I am sure you do know!). These past few years, just from my experience, NOT THAT I AM IN ANY OF THOSE CATEGORIES, I have encountered or even have some friends who are gays (but I don't have any lesbians friends though :( ). Life is unfair!

How did I come across them? Obviously, with the era of social media, you could just find anyone or make friends easily with just an internet connection. There are many stories to it but I am keeping that for next time. The main point I would like to state here is that even though Malaysia is a country that would never accept these culture, I have found SO MANY OF THEM especially in places such as KLCC.

(Picture for illustration purposes only, not to embarrass any individual)
(Picture for illustration purposes only, not to embarrass any individual)

Every time, during lunch, I will enter KLCC shopping centre where there are so many soft guys (I am pretty sure they are gays as well) selling/promoting perfumes. They would approach me and say "hey sayang cubalah, ala skejap je" (hey sweet one, try the perfumes, it will just take a while). I would get goosebumps every time I encounter that and I would try to tell them no and thank you in a nice way.

Not only perfumes but most of them promoters who are in KLCC shopping mall would be soft (I don't know whether they gay). Regardless of races, they are becoming more daring to express themselves. Good or bad, I let you readers decide for yourself but personally, it is who they are and what they want to be. :)

Hopefully, I will get more audience after this to continue motivate me! :P

(P/S: This is not a gay blog but posts are at random and more controversial ones will be coming if I am motivated enought to write! :P)


The Politician