September 12, 2009



Sometimes, in life, being a good Samaritan isn't all that pleasant because you wouldn't know whether that good deed would be thrown back into your face. And yes, the good deed that I tried to do was flung straight back.

I was rushing to class two days ago a little before ten in the morning. As I was breeze-walking by, this car honked at me, I look up and I see this Indian dude waving at me, beckoning me forward. I stepped up to his car.

Me: What?
Dude: Hi, I'm sorry... I'm from Penang and I'm lost. I'm trying to get to Cheras and my brother-
in-law is waiting for me. Can you point me in the right direction?
Me: I'm not from here, Uncle. Sorry, I don't know the way (about to walk away)

I noticed he was very well dressed. He spoke fluent English and he was incredibly polite and well-mannered. As I was about to walk away, he said his phone is dead and he asked if I could led him my phone for a short call? I could understand a lost person in a car trying to find his way, I'd been there before. So my soft side surfaced and I STUPIDLY agreed to lend him my phone. He called his brother-in-law and said he was trying to find his way and all, bla bla bla...

I wasn't quick to notice that he was sneakily reaching for the gear and he changed it to Gear 1.

"OH, crap"

BOOM. He took off! He took off with my phone! I was left there, stunned. I was just a victim of robbery. Holy cow, there wasn't even a struggle. I gave it to him ignorantly WITH MY CONSENT. I couldn't believe how naive I was. As I pulled myself together, I walked up to my residence and reported it. They told me I'm not victim No.1. There have been worst cases, the office people said.

I wasn't going to let that thief have it just like that. Oh no. I called up Maxis to straighten things out.

Maxis: Hello there, this is Shalini. How can I help you?
Me: Hi, Shalini. I just got robbed of my phone and I don't want that thief using my phone with my SIM card in it. Is there anyway I can assure that the phone would be almost useless to him?
Maxis: ... ermm, well, Sir... we could block the SIM card.
Me: Fantastic. Please have it done as quickly as possible.
Maxis: Of course.

So, my Maxis number is unavailable now. I can retrieve that number when I get to a Maxis centre.

So there's my story. The scary thing is that that thief might have been observing me from a distance already, preparing to strike. And I can't believe I allowed it to happen so smoothly for him. Damn it. I was so incredibly naive at that time and a little messed up as I was rushing. I also fell for his polite manner.

I'm just thankful to God that I wasn't harmed and nothing else but my phone was taken away from me. It could have been worst but again God's grace was upon me, I was unscathed.

So to all readers anywhere in the world, robbers and thieves are getting smarter and sneakier by the minute. REMEMBER at all times to not entertain strangers! Maybe those from charity organisations asking for donations are alright. But honestly, anyone that just walks up to you in the street and asks for help, DON'T BOTHER. Just walk away.

One more thing for that thief. Dude, you've gotta be kidding me for stealing my phone man! The phone is basically 4 years old. All it's original parts have been replaced with fake ones and it has been dropped a million times. WHY WOULD YOU STEAL AN OUTDATED PHONE?!!! DUDE! You can't even get RM30 for that stub of a gadget. I would LOVE to see what you're gonna do with it.

Well, anyway, God be my witness, I'll let Him deal with the thief.

God bless and be safe, everyone :)

September 06, 2009

Parking Vandals

The activities of parking vandals are increasing in a very significant amount and it is a VERY VERY worrying thing for me. Let me sort of define what parking vandals are if you people out there still do not know what they are………

They are bunch of morons that must be burnt using a lighter to remove their hair on their body and for those who are hairless, they should be skinned alive! (I know I sound very angry and I am!)

Parking vandals are people who want to earn easy money by threatening the car owners to pay them parking ‘fee’ in a public parking area and if you DON’T PAY them, they will teach you a lesson when you ‘read’ your car- you will have a lot of hand-writings on your precious car!

Living in my hometown, Seremban has been very easy for me to get a safe parking space because I know Seremban inside out and I think Seremban is still a safe place compared to Ipoh and of course Kuala Lumpur. I have seen people directing drivers to park but I noticed the drivers were smart enough to choose to park somewhere else just in case…………Anyway, the people who does those thing there are just beggars but it’s different in Ipoh.

On one Saturday, I went out to Ipoh….(not important information….bla bla bla), my friends and I had to go for dinner. It was at night, I think it was 8pm, I decided to eat at a famous-looking place for dinner…….. It was crowded and I(a huge fan of cars) was looking at the cars that were passing by the area, some BMW’s and some cars worth looking:)

After eating, going back to my car, I saw many Chinese, Malay and Indian guys who are quite small in size but there were many of them. Only for a row of parking space, there were about 7 of them but most of them were small in size…..just in case something happen to me, I think I would be able to do something to protect myself plus I have a Taekwondo Black belt guy beside me who was bigger than me…..Hahaha. Back to serious stuffs, I was being followed by a few guys and they were asking me the location of my car and they PUSPOSELY showed me that they had metal rulers but I didn’t bother answering them……After walking a block away, they decided stop following me and I think I was lucky because my car was parked out of their area……. I don’t know what the end result would be if something happens to me or to my car………

It was like a planned job because those bastards are at the areas where parking spaces are really in need! Not only that, the authorities which were so busy patrolling and doing roadblocks SEEMS LIKE THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING!

I have seen a Porsche 911 and many cool Mercedes such as SL being parked in the nearby areas……Can you imagine those cars being scratch just because of their few bucks! It is not being stingy or what but it seems like we are so scared of them and they are the boss! This is starting to be worse than I’ve imagine. Something must be done but I know nothing will……… so I just want to warn and caution you guys to not only park in a proper parking space and not get a summon but park in a safe parking area. Please help spread the word around……..Those bastards have interpreted the tag-line 1Malaysia in the wrong way by being united in doing crime! Put them in ISA! That should be the use of ISA!

The Politician

September 05, 2009

The Final Destination.... really? It's been four or five installments already. When is The Seriously Last Final Destination?


I know I'm doing two posts in one day but oh well :) Right, I don't get Final Destination and probably never will. When is this franchise gonna end? It's so over-the-top and unnecessary. In nearly every installment, there would be this girl who can see the future and sort of cheat death. She pulls these people with her and then one by one, they die in the most RIDICULOUS ways. The current film has a guy in it, I figured they didn't get the girl to come back for this one since she was basically pancaked by a train in the previous one. Anyway, in one part, I see in the trailer this girl gets bludgered by a flying tyre from the race track. It just swerves through the air and hits her squarely in the head. Like what are the odds of that ever happening, man? It's just TOO MUCH.

The previous installment had a guy sliced open by some swords that were hanging above him when he was working out. This girl got wasted from a nail gun or something. Not only is it nonsensical, it's basically violent and the violence just makes no sense. You know what's sensible violence? Live Free or Die Hard. That's okay, right?

It's as if the writers of the Final Destination franchise are turning Tom and Jerry stunts into a real film. Remember when Jerry would drop an iron on Tom's tail? Yeah that's basically how Final Destination is all about. Everyone dies Tom & Jerry style!

Okay enough about that rubbish. Let's move on. Whitney Houston is back! Her new album is out and it sounds like good stuff. BUT HER. Oh my gosh, I dunno what happened to her really. She doesn't seem to be focused and her voice is so deep and husky now. Have you guys seen her GMA performance? She says her long interview with Oprah was the cause of her vocal problems. I wonder what Oprah has to say about that. But then again, the woman is 45 now. Even Mariah's voice has deteriorated and she's 39. Celine, HOWEVER, well I say she's the best among the three. I mean, yeah Celine's voice has grown deeper now too but she can still hit the notes of her older and newer songs.

I smell dinner. Gotta run, you guys. And please leave some comments. All our comment boxes are empty and dusty. And where in Malaysia are my blog partners? Eh politician, pemancing, post something FAST.

God bless :)

Ham Choy


I won't explain why the title of my post is as it is because it'll explain itself.

Recently, I joined the Christian Fellowship in my college. I'd thought I should join them to reduce the amount of time wastage I tend to allow. So anyway, one of the leaders had an ice-breaker in mind and he divided us into two groups. One group was to write their favourite food down on a piece of paper and give it to the leader. Then the leader would stick those papers on the back of the people from the other group. This other group would then need to find the person who wrote their favourite food down on the piece of paper on their backs. And then they gotta guess what food it was.

I noticed that the majority of the people in the Fellowship were Chinese people. So I thought I'd write down some Chinese delicacy. I wrote Ham Choy (salted vegetables) and I gave it to the leader. I started hunting for my food on of the people's backs and when I found that person, I was like "Oh bugger".

The leader decided to stick my piece of paper on an African girl! Her name was Tresha or something, couldn't quite get her name when she told me. How the heck was she to guess my favourite food? It's a Chinese dish for goodness' sake. She was all excited when she found me right... She was like..

Tresha: Oh alright! (high 5's me)
Me: Don't be too happy now, you'll never guess this.
Tresha: OH? Try me.
Me: (sighz) okaaayyy...

So she named all sorts of food and I was like "No, no, no and before you get to the next food, it's still no".

The game was over and she took of the paper from her back.

... Give her a minute.

Tresha: WHAT?!
Me: Well I did say you wouldn't have guessed it.
Tresha: Where is that dude that gave me this? Grr!

She went up to the guy and like sorta gave her a piece of her mind jokingly, of course. We all had a good laugh. That leader was just cruel, lol, giving the poor thing something that she still doesn't know about.

Alright, I should keep posts short. People complain about my long ranting here. So I'll end it for today.

Ciao, y'all.