August 25, 2009

Round and round, here we go again.


The fall semester has started and I can now tell you it's gonna be a very hectic and busy semester. Oh boy, this is gonna be TORTUROUS. Even on the first day, the lecturers are already telling us about the assignments, the projects and all that jazz right... I'm like laughing nervously at the lecturer, wanting to seriously believe he's joking, but really no. But I asked for this anyway because I wanted to go back to college so badly due to my depleting form from boredom. So this fall, I'm going to be very cranky, very unseen, and very stressed. O Fall, I embrace thee with not so open arms!

Although I will say this, Developmental Psychology seems to be a very nice treat indeed, judging from the lecturer and what it has to offer, I hope and pray this subject would do me good.

So moving on... I just got back from Terengganu. Not that I'm from there, but I went there for a holiday, a very disorganised and last-minute holiday I might add. I'm just always at awe at the way my parents plan holidays. It goes like this..

Dad: Where do you wanna go this holiday?
Me: Hmm, how about Terengganu? Leo's been wanting to go fishing for some time now.
Dad: Hmm...

(the next day)

Mom: We're going to Terengganu!
Me: What? But we were just - when?
Mom: Tomorrow!
Me: *toooooooooooot*

It was like boom! we're going without any plans whatsoever. I mean, I'm glad for the holiday but seriously, so uncalled-for.

So anyway, the next day we're going. And it was probably the worst journey I had ever experienced. I was behaving like I was knocked up or something. Seriously, I was car sick right... so EVERYTHING annoyed me! Any one's voice, the sunlight, any sound, any sudden movement, any smell... basically ANYTHING would annoy me. I was having a headache, I was nauseous, I was fidgety... I'm not kidding around, you can ask my brother and his friend who was probably freaked out by me because of the symptoms of pregnancy I was showing. When I got to the hotel room, all I could think of doing was collapse on a bed and join Alice for a cup of tea in Wonderland. Three hours later, the Red Queen saw me and started chasing me and screaming "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" while in reality it was actually my mom screaming me conscious. Lol.

After that, everything went smoothly. The beach was great, although the waves were not as exciting as the last time I went to Terengganu. My dear brother saw something in the sea and was going "OOOH, what's this??" and he began to reach for it. Somehow his brain screamed realisation into him and he in turn screamed "JELLYFISH!!". You guys, he ran for it and no he didn't just stumble back, he ran like back to the shore which was like 10 feet away from the squishy creature. He was the joke of the day.

So about Terengganu people, they're very laid back, very cool, and much friendlier people. Okay I'm not being racist or anything, I just notice that some (note the word some) of the Malay people from the southern side of Peninsula Malaysia are not very friendly, not very helpful, and also unpleasant unlike the northern Malay people. I dunno what's the reason for that, but my guess is that northern Malay people do not care too much about modern issues. They just go with the flow, live the life, meet the people, contribute... Sway with ease, you know? I guess having a touch of simplicity about life is important in this crazy modern world. If you allow certain prospects or objects in life to take over your priorities, you could go south really... So just a tip, watch yourself about what you invest in or commit to.

Again, I would like to stress that the above is just a mere reaction to an experience. Nothing to go ballistic about, okay people? By the way, how eye-widening is the recent suing of the Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing by our very own MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat? RM500 million!!! That's not something you take out of your pocket now, is it? Well I have no comment about it so far, but let's see how this problem unfolds, shall we? This should be interesting to watch... another cage fight in the circus.

Catch you all later :)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln.

August 20, 2009

A single standard education for all!

The argument of teaching Science and Mathematics in English has been going on for some time..... and of course I choose English as the medium to be used when teaching not only Science and Mathematics but all the other subjects such as Geography, History and Moral Education.

First, the argument to "mermartabatkan Bahasa Melayu" should not be brought up.....I think those who use this as an argument why English should not be used, wants to create unnecessary problem so that more Malays would support them. It is the national language and it will always be used in Malaysia.

The Malays who are in the kampung that could not coup with the English Language can only be improved when they use English more often. By making the medium of teaching of Science and Mathematics in Malay Language will only keep them away from English and will further make them suffer especially those who wants to further their studies in higher education institution no matter in Malaysia or overseas. This is because almost all the higher education(universities and colleges) uses English as the medium of teaching.

Businesses which need English will also stay under the control of other races, the Chinese especially. The Malays in the kampung will only be further worsen by the act of changing the medium that will not improve them. I know that what I have told here have been argued by many people who are like me but I have an extra suggestion that I have experienced myself that would contribute to the tag-line that the Prime Minister created- 1 Malaysia.

Besides the medium thought in school, the vernacular education system should change to a standard education system- only one type of school in the whole country. Sekolah agama, maktab rendah sains mara, sekolah berasrama penuh, Chinese school and Tamil school should be abolished. For those who wants to study in a boarding school can continue but it should be the same type of school as the others.... no agama, Chinese or Tamil school.

I would definitely enact this proposal if I was the prime minister but I know that I may not be one on the next day:)...........Many parties like the Chinese, Malays and Indians would go against me defending their bahasa ibunda and so on but I don't care! I think this is a perfect plan and only the most country-loving prime minister would do this! Actually, the other languages will not vanish because those who wants to learn or study them could do so by having a system which they have now that is the POL-( a class where they could learn their language).

Therefore, I think having English school is the best not only that every races will mix together but they will also be united and they do not really care about races. This is based on my true experience.......I am not hating or condemning any races but usually the Malays from boarding school are not friendly towards other races when they are out from school because of the environment that they have been in for some time. In contrary, those who are from English school love to mix around with everyone.

The Politician

August 19, 2009

So sick of being sick.


Right, well in my previous post I was talking about me being ill and all. I am still ill, you guys. Oh my gosh, I'm telling you... my lungs might just spew out of my mouth if I don't stop coughing. Seriously. I have been coughing like an engine that just won't start in the morning. My medication has run out so I'm basically depending on Hacks sweets and cough syrup, which doesn't really help, because it's a placebo. The ads psychologically influence the consumers to think it helps them, but really it's just sugar and colouring. It probably only helps cool the throat and make you sleep. Honestly I feel drugged most of the time because of the syrup. But anyway, they're all I've got, so I won't complain any further.

So the fall semester is coming and I still dunno what subjects I should take up. I would confidently choose my own subjects but I'm afraid that the subjects I choose might clash and based on seniors experiences, we don't want that happening now. So I'm a little wrecked about that and my cough is still in full throttle... oh man, it's gonna be a long weekend.

I was watching Oprah the other day. Here's my excuse, there was just simply nothing to watch on Astro at that time. So I thought a little Oprah wouldn't hurt. I dunno about you guys but I always have this suspicion about her, like whether she truly means it when she does seemingly good charitable things for people. I mean, no doubt she's a powerful celebrity in Hollywood and she has certainly done her part to influence the entertainment world today. But have you seen her on her show, the way she looks at people and her body language she displays at the guests. Her bored monotonous look she gives to pitiful and needy people who appear on her show is just not attractive at all. Like this one time when she was doing a show about overweight people... from what I'd observed, all 15 to 20 guests who came on the show to talk about the problems they face about their weight were BIGGER than her. I don't mean this as a slight on the guests, it's just a general observation. The cold look she gives to people, honestly... like how she'll just lean her head on her hand on the armchair and how she'll just go "WOW, WOW, shocking...." but she never says anything to comfort them. So basically, she has ways that make me question her role in society as a giver and comforter, due to the fact she's loaded with cash. However, let's make one thing clear... I don't hate her or anything, I just disagree about some of her ways and attitude.

Right, so I found this really fascinating video and it just continues to remind me about the "values and morals" the politicians in our country display. Let's watch.

So, if you'd seen the video, you'll understand why I'm gonna betch about this dude. I don't wanna say his name, it gives him too much credit. So anyway, obviously the Star newspaper reporter was going to speak in English as he works for an English newspaper. But this uneducated piece of trash just puts the poor man down just like that without any valid reason at all. Maybe it's because he can't understand English, I dunno, I hear they're qualifications don't fly so high. Well anyway, I was most annoyed at his jeering and sneering. Yeah I can understand that the Malay language should be upheld because it's the national language of Malaysia... ya da ya da ya da, I've heard the whole speech before... But no one ever said we can't speak in English when it comes to interviews involving Malaysian politicians. And his views on Internet filtering? Not so strong really I would say... Coming from this dude, I wouldn't exactly say it's an honest act. I mean, for goodness' sake, he's the culture minister! Based on his very unimpressive attitude, I would say he needs a little culture for himself before he can ever make statements about culture. So, minister.... I hope you get loads of virtual spit and bad press about your ill-mannered ways. Boo hiss boo!

Anyway, I gotta fly now, so till my next betchin' session, take care!

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. ~ James Dean

August 13, 2009

Gone, gone, gone! So long!


Since Sunday night, I've been sick with fever and cough. Oh, how I suffered... I haven't had a fever before this for 5 years. At least that's what my medical records say. I hit 39.9 degrees. I thought that was normal, right, because I don't get fevers that much. But apparently according to people who were in the room when my temperature was taken, it wasn't good news. So I went to a doctor and he prescribed me with medicine for the fever and the cough. That was all good, all except for the fever. Really, I've had worst coughs before, so I'm not complaining about the cough.

The fever I had, let's just say, it was a bitch. It would just slip in and out whenever it wants! Like "Okay, I think I'll just make him suffer now and maybe some hours later..." It would just come and go like I don't have a healthy life to live. So, anyway, the WORST times would be in the dead of night. I would get up, feeling as if I'd just walked through the Sahara dessert. It was like a furnace. Not the weather, my body! The fever would then subside after sweating lightly. But still for the next few days the fever came back and forth until Wednesday evening, it didn't come back and I'm still fever-free as I type this. So thank you God!

Well anyway, I've another story from college. Well, some weeks ago I went up to college to ask some questions about next semester and about a scholarship. After that, I went to my room in the Residence Building. Well, I didn't tell my roommate (R) I was coming back for a day or two. So when I entered the room, I instantly noticed things had been.... moved. First, his laptop and his books were on my desk along with his bag on my chair. Not only that, there were two towel racks, one above the other right. I occupied the towel rack above since I was the first one who moved in and he took the bottom one. But NOW, I noticed my towel and his have switched position! Lol. I was a little weirded out by that. I thought I was alone, until I heard water running in the shower. So I knocked on the door and called.

R: Oh, you're back? I thought you were on holiday, I thought you - why did you come back up?
Me: I had to check on some things in college.
R: Right, right okay...

I did not address him about the 'changes' as I didn't wanna cause awkwardness. So I just kept quiet and I went out after that for dinner. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't angry or anything. So the funny thing was when I came back, EVERYTHING was back to where they once were before I came back to Seremban for the holidays! I was like, oh he caught on! Lol.

But it was very considerate and nice of him to move everything back in order. I should be thankful he didn't use my stuff without my permission or maybe steal them, right? Lol. I just think that it was just so cute how he quickly changed everything back to normal after I came in abrubtly without him being informed. OH WELL :)

~Life may not be the party we'd wished for, but while we're living it, we might as well dance.

August 04, 2009

Believe what you think is true and not what you listen

On the 1st August 2009, again the federal reserve unit(FRU) was deployed around SOGO, Dataran Merdeka and a few more places to make sure that the 'peace' and the 'safety' of the people are not threaten by the Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA(GMI)..... For those of you that still do not know what I am talking about....... It's about the rallies held on last Saturday to hand a memorandum to the King. It was claimed to be a peaceful rally by the organizers....and I think it was!:) until the FRU started 'playing' their water guns and gas canons on the people-I think look cool and had a lot of fun but the thing is......... it was not a game.......because only the FRU had all the fun shooting but the GMI couldn't blast them back....they should at least be given a paintball gun:)

About 589 people were arrested and 44 people were underage meaning they are below 18!! Then, the next day, the government claimed that losses of revenues of about 200 million were estimated because of the GMI. I think that is an exaggeration and a complete story telling!

Besides that, I am completely annoyed by the news on local television that always portray the Pakatan Rakyat government as inefficient and corrupt..... You can always hear that the news reporting that the Selangor government of not doing their job right and the Penang's Kampung Buah Pala recent issue. Not done with the television and radio, now the government is charging many bloggers with reason such as seditious the one that posted the claimed to be Teoh Beng Hock's tortured video......that blogger must be in a hot seat now...... I do not want to be charged with the same act so I will repent now by saying DO NOT 'BELIEVE' THE CONTENT CIRCULATED ON THE INTERNET, believe the television such as RTM 1 and RTM 2 which content has been approved by the government:) Hahaha.

I think more rallies would be held in future but they would be blasted by the FRU and they won't stand a chance. Nowadays, many people are very daring to voice out and go against the government but I think it's suicide braveness in our country. Enjoy your weekend in The Mist or MOS or watching Top Gear maybe, instead of joining rallies if you think you still want to be free and with your family. I have seen those who have tried their best to make a change but they end up losing everything. I salute the people who took risks and voice out their opinions in the rally but I think the best way to do it is in the next general election! Anyway who knows, maybe the government may start listening............

August 01, 2009

What is the purpose of RACE in a bill?

I received an e-mail that many of you out there may have already received one....... it's the race information that is written on the bill of the Pizza Hut Restaurant. My friends and I had a discussion once, on this same topic in school and they claimed that the rate of service charge and taxes that Pizza Hut charges on the customers are based on the race information written on the bill..... As usual, it remained as a discussion only.....then I wonder, but, if what they claimed was true, why didn't other people bring the matter up? Other people didn't know about it?......I don't think so because there are definitely many people out there who have received the same e-mail.

The following are some pictures that were attached in the e-mail:

As alleged by the e-mail I received, the word C was claimed to be Chinese

Therefore, the help of the readers are needed to help to checkout on the receipt whether the accusation made are true or it is just to check which race is eating a lot of pizzas. Before signing out, a word of advice.... Please do take care of yourself because it's the very pandemic H1N1 (aka BABI FLU) season and do not be ashamed to wear a mask... Wearing a mask doesn't make you an Optimus Prime but it may save your life so 'Jaga muka or pentingkan kesihatan?'. If any information was obtained please leave them as comment.

Virus mask given out free by the health officers


The Politician.