December 26, 2009

I want the snow... but apparently Europe and snowy part of Asia doesn't...


Merry Christmas everyone! It's that time of year again and let's hope 2010 will be brighter than this year!

Since most of TD&B readers are Malaysian, must give advise on certain things that happen in Malaysia a lot. If you are travelling this holidays, please please be safe on the road. Stick to the rules. I know it's very tempting but it really can save you a lot of blood and money. I know there are some very very smart and impressive people out there who think that they're being hilarious when they drive recklessly.... yes funny... hmmm but not so much fun when your brains are all over the road la... yeah not laughing anymore, are you?

Malaysia is famous for accidents every festive season. Right? Not to be bias, but generally it doesn't happen much on Christmas Day. The worst times are during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. CONFIRMED a number of people would be taking the next plane to the afterlife. This makes me feel sad and depressed.

So please whatever that's left of 2009, treasure it because soon, it will be just another part of our memory.

God bless everyone :)

December 10, 2009

So 2009 ends soon.


I just finished my finals. I'm so thrilled that it's done, but I will say that I'm a little sad that my 2nd semester has ended. I mean, I love college man... it's the place to be! Of course with all the right reasons la, huh... I'm not doing anything illegal or stupid or both.

SO, moving on, OH MY GOSH the best stuff is in the papers lately! I'm telling you, MALAYSIA is such a dramatic place to live in man... I mean, honestly, let's look at it, politicians are calling each other names, the public is doing dumb stuff only to be killed in the end, how can we not call Malaysia dramatic? People say America is so filled with drama and they're talking about the white lilies that live there... MALAYSIA HAS EVERYONE! You name it, we've got it! Malays, Indians, Chinese, Punjabi, Chindians, Chi Bais (Chinese mix bai yi la huh, what you all thinking ar?), Mayonaise and even foreigners also we got. Because we have a lot of illegal immigrants here, thanks to the our government's effort of trying to bring the world together. Our dear Prime Minister's wife was saying something about 1Continent or 1World or something along those lines... Dearie, let's just focus on 1Malaysia first, okay? Don't look too far because from where I'm squinting, it's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGG long road.

You know what producers should do? They should do a reality TV series of everything Malaysian. Every joy, mistake, triumph, screw-up, drama. AND air it without any censoring on national and international TV. CONFIRMED ratings will be off the roof. Can you imagine the amount of money the networks in Malaysia could get from both national and international airings? It just occurred to me that this could be an EXCELLENT way to boost the economy. The politicians came up with all the plans and budgets, to hell with that! USE MY WAY!!!!

I must say, the post-traumatic mania from finishing finals has seriously made me say a lot of things on impulse. But never mind. I didn't say anything anti-government now did I? I'm merely being honest and blunt. I'm really being supportive of Malaysia. I'm not calling anyone a pig, I'm not being light-headed unlike those dumb dumbs in the newspaper today where they had some picture of a politicians head photoshopped onto a cow, for a protest rally. The stuff these people do really tickles me.

I did say I would compensate for not betching in my previous post, so compensation complete!


"History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives" ~ Abba Eban