January 31, 2009

Festival let-down.


First of, I hope all of you had a good Chinese New Year (CNY). I'm afraid to say, I didn't have a great one, not even a good one, but a rather dim one.

This CNY was rather blah to me. It's as if the climate decided to contribute it's dark material across the skies this week. It wasn't as hot as it should be. I've never come across a respectably chilly CNY. Something funny and weird about this new year. Something has definitely changed.

And if you think I'm speaking in terms of Feng Shui, well people, no. I don't believe in it (therefore, I don't listen to Lillian Too). I don't read what my horoscopes say as well, although I do read them once in a blue moon, just for the fun of it. I don't believe in the Chinese calendars with the different animals and how those Feng Shui masters tend to predict the future with that and the movements of the stars and moon. Really, I think it's all about you, your choices, God's will and well, God (who could forget?).

Well, aside from the whole Feng Shui story, I also think CNY has lost it's CNY-ness. I don't think most people take it as tradition anymore, it's like more of a routine now. Lose the fancy CNY-coloured clothes and accessories, this could be some normal get-together. There has to be something more to CNY, no? I don't claim to be a ceremonious person, but there has to be something more vibrant about CNY. It's the same old jazz every year. It's getting upsettingly monotonous.

I'm not being emo here, guys. I just tend to be vocal about anything misfitting.

"I shall not be moved" ~quoted from Psalms 16:8

January 23, 2009

Book-smart vs street-smart

Finally, I got my hands onto a computer!! Okay, what should I say..... Got it, about a month ago, I went for an interview in Perak for a convertible loan scholarship. I shouldn't say the name of the company for some reasons. The candidates chosen for the interview were all smart people as they obtained tons of A's in their SPM trials result (unlike me) and they come from all over Malaysia including from Sabah and Sarawak. Most of them studied in boarding school such as Sekolah Berasrama Penuh(SBP) and Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM). Only a handfull of the candidates there were from daily school. I asked them a lot of questions about their lifestyle in the school that they studied before. They told me that their lifestyle in boarding school was very hectic because they had to attend classes even at night. Anyway, I am not writing about the differences between boarding school and daily school.

My point is that they are the same as the pupils and kids in the primary school. Why do I say so..? They are smart and they could talk the whole day like a Prime Minister without any script but they behave like people who have little education when it comes to matters such as free food and many more situations. I was suprised when I saw them pushing and shouldering each other with their might just to get something they need faster than the rest. Too bad I didn't snap any pictures that time....

What I am trying to say is the education in Malaysia is going in a wrong direction and steps taken by the Malaysian government like making Moral Education and now, Civics are going to make the people in Malaysia a round person in every aspect..................?? I don't think so......


January 18, 2009

Seriously, people...wake up!


I've been looking at the newspapers and just browsing over them. I've given up reading it thoroughly because it's the same old jazz everyday, don't you think? Accidents, fights, murder, war....(Velma Kelly ~ "...and all that jazz!"). Don't get me wrong, I'm sad for those who have lost their lives due to the stated mishaps and but I'm beginning to lose interest. It's such a routine, don't you think?

Well, anyway, the above paragraph is another day for me to elaborate. I said the above sooner because it suggests what I'm about to say about life.

Life. That's like one of the greatest gifts to us, isn't it? I love the fact that we are given a chance to live our lives for a purpose God wants us to accomplish in life. I love the fact that we can see our friends and family everyday and have a round of laughter or two. It's everything really.

But somehow, people wanna throw that all away for stupid things like taking drugs, smoking etc etc. There are millions of people who are dying out there in the world due to diseases, natural disasters and stuff like that, and here these people are knocking on death's door.

Smoking, really why do people do this? "It's cool", "I like it", "It's fun", "It makes you a man".... the list goes on.... IDIOTS, these people are, they redefine foolishness. Call me conservative, church boy, innocent, but really is it very church-boyish of a person to die from cancer? Is it very innocent of me to not wanna smoke when I know the penalty is death? I don't think so. I started thinking about all this hubba-jubba when my grandfather died from lung cancer (he smoked, yes, at great length might I add). From then on, I always thought, why would I wanna smoke or take drugs when I know it will kill me in the end? I mean, I know I'll be the loser. And for all we know, God forbid, I might get cancer from any other cancer-causing stuff like food (cancer is everywhere). I might even go the very next second, God forbid. So why would people bring the cancer to them when cancer can probably be their future?

Ignorance is the word for you smokers and drug users.

Life is so short, people. Don't throw it away. If you don't care about yourself, fine, at least think about those who care for you. Don't waste your life on some stupid stick or expensive powdery substance. Basically, you're paying to die.

In case you don't know how your lungs would turn out if you smoke, here's a clue.

Feeling sick? Good. So start thinking then.

That's all.

Awaiting a Whole New Future

Well part and puzzle of life... Progress... Currently working with my parents in managing the business. Well at least that will be something for now cuz i dont seem to find any other way of killing time.. I'm excited, very excited in fact to see what the future holds for me.. Just an ordinary boy growing up to see a whole new world out there... I'm going to UPM to get my degree in AQUACULTURE... Hmm not one comment from my friends are good about this idea.. Trust me... in lay man's terms its a dream to be a FARMER. That's what they say... not wrong though.. At times even my teachers give me the big cloudy eyes that says "why on earth are you directing yourself into this??"
To be honest.. I dunno!!! well interest started when i grew up in the farm... I have some experience and basic stuff... soon i begin to see how much potential in this field... with the world upside down now... Everything is moving slowly but i still see so much room for improvement in aquaculture... Why do i want to do all the labour and sweat myself out?? well its because i believe in meaning of money... I like to do what most people dont do.. because that gives me less competition and more room to expand myself!! Selfish huh?? I guess its a battle of the fittest in the world out there.. if you dont work u dont get!
Now i just hope my instincts and my conscience are leading me to the corrrect path... i dont not know what my future will bring but one thing that i do know is that whatever happens MY GOD is still sitting on the THRONE.


January 10, 2009

The first one.

Two of my friends and I decided one day we should just start a blog. It happened randomly over one of our 'yam cha' sessions in Seremban 2. Jeremy, one of the two, informed me of his recent inspiration and eagerness to start a blog because "...I really wanna voice my opinions on certain experiences".

He also asked me to just set the blog up. I did so since I had the most time in the world (I'm a post-SPM student.... don't judge me!).

Right, well, I've actually just returned from KLCC. I went up to KL for an edufare which was great for me as I received shitloads of stuff from colleges/universities about psychology, law and mass communication. I got what I went for and I'm quite satisfied with myself. There's just one problem though. I'm still rather undecided on my career path. It sucks big time because I hate the feeling of uncertainty. It creates doubts and questions which tend to crumble one's confidence. Anyway, there's this really phenomenal place called Curtin University of Techonology. It's in Miri, Sarawak, something that can be problem for me. However, my options are still open. Any advice people?

As a whole, the edufare was well organised and I enjoyed my time there except for the walking. I can't feel my legs, I bluff you not.

Peace, people :)