October 07, 2009

Lost in Thailand...apparently.


Well, I've got a story for you guys and it happened two years ago. It suddenly came back to me a couple of hours ago before this post. It's hilarious.

So here's the dirt. I went to Thailand with two of my aunts and a cousin during the CNY holidays. This friend of my aunts came along and he was this art director from China. Very nice guy and all, only there's this one problem... well at least in my case, he doesn't speak much English. He can but not much. And you guys know me, I'm the worst Chinese ever because I don't speak Mandarin. My almost non-existent ability to speak Hakka and Cantonese wouldn't help. So basically, I only made small and monosyllabic conversations with this dude.

I think it was our 3rd or 4th day there when he expressed an interest in touring Bangkok as he had never been there before.

Aunt of mine: Hey, that's good! (My real name) can go along!

I remember hurting my neck from turning so sharply around to look at my aunt.

Me: HUH?
Aunt: Yes, he hasn't been to Bangkok before... so why don't you two go together?

OH YES..... I, a Mandarin-impaired dude, was going to go walk around some places in Bangkok with a guy from China who doesn't speak much English... I mean, c'mon, think about the communication issues... I remember praying the previous night that things would work out... Thank God it went quite well with a few bumps. I mean I had fun going around taking pictures with him and seeing the historical sites and shopping places, what have you not, it's freakin' Bangkok.

So we were in this mall and I saw a rather fancy music store. I told him I was gonna go there and he nodded. I put on the headphones and started listening to a lot of music. I think at least half an hour had past and I started looking for him.

I found him talking rather quickly and desperately to this information counter lady. The lady just picked up the phone receiver and started dialling. I went up to them.

Me: What's up?

I could have sworn I had never heard the loudest sigh in my life. He was like: "OH MY, OH MY, HE'S HERE! WHERE YOU GO? I LOOK YOU AND CALLED YOU... LADY SAY NO ONE COME..."

I didn't understand initially until I saw the counter lady and I was like "OH".

The poor thing thought I was lost! I guess he wasn't listening when I said I was going into the music store or perhaps he didn't understand and simply nodded. Apparently, he went up to the information centre and made the lady call me on the loudspeakers 14 TIMES!!! My days, how could I have heard when I had the headphones on in the music store??? It apparently went like this...

"Calling Mr. (my real name), calling Mr. (my real name), please proceed to the information centre on Level 1! Thank you!"

He was terrified. I remember him rambling about what could have happened if I was really lost, about how he was so worried and what my aunt would say for losing me... I was like Dude, calm the hell down, I'm HERE.

It was the comedy of the evening, joke of the day and a memory of a lifetime and still is! So from now on, if any one of you decide to go on vacation with a person who doesn't speak your language, BE ON THE WATCH. Lol.

I have quite a lot to tell you guys but not at the moment, or not in this post. It's already too long, imagine if I'd added any more stories. Take care everyone!

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Steph. Y said...

(my real name)... LOL! Still reluctant to let people know eh?