February 23, 2013

Babies and kidnapping in Malaysia

In Malaysia, this have a been common headlines in the papers. As one flips through the pages, it is almost impossible to not see a report regarding that. What’s with the sudden rise of children being kidnapped? It hasn’t been happening before this? I am sure it has but the scale wasn’t as worrisome as now. Syndicates have identified this as a lucrative source to gain income with many rich (an irresponsible) people willing to ‘buy’ the babies at a high price. But, again, they are not the only one that should be blamed. The kids’ parents (or caretaker) should also be blame. 

A video from Britains Got Talent (Very Cute Performance)- p/s just a video, not related to this post.

Fellow readers especially those from abroad and not Malaysians, you will be surprised the way some Malaysians methods on how they take care of their kids. Absolutely abusive! Especially the Malays. Aside from physically hurting them for ridiculous reasons, some just hit their kids for no reasons.

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At the shopping mall, they just let their kids run free without keeping an eye on them (And when they get kidnapped, then you blame everyone else except yourself). At the restaurant, they will let their kids play near the hot area (at the cooking area) where they are exposed to many hazards. And when that happens, again they blame their kids. Kids don’t know that it is dangerous…

Food for thought people, food for thought.

The Politician

February 16, 2013

Paper Qualifications VS None

A colleague of mine at the company where I am interning once said “students are the poorest people in the community.” It was more of a joke when she said that but when you think about it, there’s some truth. Unless you have parents who keep pumping you with endless cash, one would either be relying on scholarships and loans, and that provide you with just enough! Yet, I see many students who own the most updated phones, branded clothes and nice cars, of course, I am sure that those are sponsored by their parents.

Back to the topic, I have come across friends who are doing quite well without having to spend 3 to 5 years in college. Air stewards for example, I see them owning a house, car, latest gadgets and superbike. Those things made me wonder when I get out of college, would I be able to buy those things. I am certain that would take at least more than 3 years!

Of course in the long term, our salary will grow exponentially where as theirs are uncertain. But we have to bear in mind that we have debt to settle even with bigger margin of increment.

Just a random thought,

The Politician

February 07, 2013

Men and Handbags?

In my attempt of trying to be a hipster, handbag, however, isn't something that I would use even if they were given to me for free. I never like the feeling and the look of men carrying handbags. It just feels weird for me. However there are some acceptable ones.
This is one of them but I will still not use it.

(handbag for men)

I thought of writing this down when my friend who came for a visit brought a handbag and it was PINK! The looks that my colleagues gave….(sweat..)

(Example of a pink handbag for men)

He has a swag look except for his handbag. It was absolutely gay. Plus, with the way he walked (not so gay, but not so man!), one will definitely judge him. The way he dresses up was good (again, except for the handbag), with coat and its sleeve folded up (example shown in the picture below). Even the ladies at the reception asked me “ini you punya lecturer?!” (is this really your lecturer?). They couldn’t believe as he looks very trendy and young.

Again, this is just my thought and preference.  Handbag for men is just uncomfortable even if it looks good and doesn’t look gay! :P What do you think guys?

February 03, 2013

Post General Election of Malaysia (13th General Election)

Whenever it is, it's coming! 29th April 2013 (if I am not mistaken) will be the date that is mandatory for the Parliament of Malaysia to be dissolved (in this case, automatically). In this article, I would like to put some thoughts on AFTER the election, regardless whether Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or Barisan Nasional (BN) wins.
(Malaysia's Parliament Building)

Let's start with PR, what if they wins? My prediction is that the country will be in the state of chaos. To what extent, I am not sure but I would place my bet that riots will be a common story in the news. This is because things isn't easy when a government that has been in power for more than 50 years goes down... Will they leave peacefully? How much things have been hidden and kept secret may be dug again. Aside from that, the government coalition at that time, the PR isn't solid enough that issues which are currently still unsolved might crack the coalition, perhaps. Processes for businesses will get tougher as things are based on merit which is good but I am sure some business owner will not be happy.
(Contracts will not be bias- I think! :P)

On the contrary, what if BN wins? Firstly, they will make sure that the opposition are tone down to a level that may not threatens them. However, this can only be done if they win big, more than 2/3 majority. If not, it ain't easy! Whether they will continue to be a 'giving' government, that I am not sure as BN has tightened their belts (a little bit) since opposition has gained some power since the previous election.

(Barisan Nasional VS Pakatan Rakyat)

Interesting times, isn't it?!

The Politician

February 02, 2013

My Experience In An American Company

Hi readers! For Malaysians, the election is coming soon, are you EXCITED?! At least I am!

Being in a multinational company (MNC) and the largest company in the world, also in revenue, has been such a pleasure. Not that they reward me with a lot of money, I wish they do, but it is because I am amazed with the culture. I have been in several organizations but this one is truly unique. I have never been to America (yet) so being able to work among them, even by just being in Malaysia, it has been fun! Why, it is because they aren't as tight as most Malaysians are! Not every Malaysians are boring but working with them it is just so funny! Most of them are!

The jokes we do on each other while working simply makes work a pleasure. With that said, I learnt to look things differently. Again, I don't do justice by just simply saying Malaysians as lame but sometimes being in a culture to get things done QUICK and WELL, values will simply degrade.....

I recently tried popcorn from America which was Soooo GOOD! It cannot be compared to the ones in Malaysia! They taste extremely sweet like chocolates. And you can expect that they are done perfectly as every single one of them are POPPED, so you won't hurt your tooth. But, being Malaysians, I still do love Malaysia! :)

(Oreo Flavored Popcorn)