August 25, 2009

Round and round, here we go again.


The fall semester has started and I can now tell you it's gonna be a very hectic and busy semester. Oh boy, this is gonna be TORTUROUS. Even on the first day, the lecturers are already telling us about the assignments, the projects and all that jazz right... I'm like laughing nervously at the lecturer, wanting to seriously believe he's joking, but really no. But I asked for this anyway because I wanted to go back to college so badly due to my depleting form from boredom. So this fall, I'm going to be very cranky, very unseen, and very stressed. O Fall, I embrace thee with not so open arms!

Although I will say this, Developmental Psychology seems to be a very nice treat indeed, judging from the lecturer and what it has to offer, I hope and pray this subject would do me good.

So moving on... I just got back from Terengganu. Not that I'm from there, but I went there for a holiday, a very disorganised and last-minute holiday I might add. I'm just always at awe at the way my parents plan holidays. It goes like this..

Dad: Where do you wanna go this holiday?
Me: Hmm, how about Terengganu? Leo's been wanting to go fishing for some time now.
Dad: Hmm...

(the next day)

Mom: We're going to Terengganu!
Me: What? But we were just - when?
Mom: Tomorrow!
Me: *toooooooooooot*

It was like boom! we're going without any plans whatsoever. I mean, I'm glad for the holiday but seriously, so uncalled-for.

So anyway, the next day we're going. And it was probably the worst journey I had ever experienced. I was behaving like I was knocked up or something. Seriously, I was car sick right... so EVERYTHING annoyed me! Any one's voice, the sunlight, any sound, any sudden movement, any smell... basically ANYTHING would annoy me. I was having a headache, I was nauseous, I was fidgety... I'm not kidding around, you can ask my brother and his friend who was probably freaked out by me because of the symptoms of pregnancy I was showing. When I got to the hotel room, all I could think of doing was collapse on a bed and join Alice for a cup of tea in Wonderland. Three hours later, the Red Queen saw me and started chasing me and screaming "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!" while in reality it was actually my mom screaming me conscious. Lol.

After that, everything went smoothly. The beach was great, although the waves were not as exciting as the last time I went to Terengganu. My dear brother saw something in the sea and was going "OOOH, what's this??" and he began to reach for it. Somehow his brain screamed realisation into him and he in turn screamed "JELLYFISH!!". You guys, he ran for it and no he didn't just stumble back, he ran like back to the shore which was like 10 feet away from the squishy creature. He was the joke of the day.

So about Terengganu people, they're very laid back, very cool, and much friendlier people. Okay I'm not being racist or anything, I just notice that some (note the word some) of the Malay people from the southern side of Peninsula Malaysia are not very friendly, not very helpful, and also unpleasant unlike the northern Malay people. I dunno what's the reason for that, but my guess is that northern Malay people do not care too much about modern issues. They just go with the flow, live the life, meet the people, contribute... Sway with ease, you know? I guess having a touch of simplicity about life is important in this crazy modern world. If you allow certain prospects or objects in life to take over your priorities, you could go south really... So just a tip, watch yourself about what you invest in or commit to.

Again, I would like to stress that the above is just a mere reaction to an experience. Nothing to go ballistic about, okay people? By the way, how eye-widening is the recent suing of the Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd. chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing by our very own MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat? RM500 million!!! That's not something you take out of your pocket now, is it? Well I have no comment about it so far, but let's see how this problem unfolds, shall we? This should be interesting to watch... another cage fight in the circus.

Catch you all later :)

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln.

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