August 20, 2009

A single standard education for all!

The argument of teaching Science and Mathematics in English has been going on for some time..... and of course I choose English as the medium to be used when teaching not only Science and Mathematics but all the other subjects such as Geography, History and Moral Education.

First, the argument to "mermartabatkan Bahasa Melayu" should not be brought up.....I think those who use this as an argument why English should not be used, wants to create unnecessary problem so that more Malays would support them. It is the national language and it will always be used in Malaysia.

The Malays who are in the kampung that could not coup with the English Language can only be improved when they use English more often. By making the medium of teaching of Science and Mathematics in Malay Language will only keep them away from English and will further make them suffer especially those who wants to further their studies in higher education institution no matter in Malaysia or overseas. This is because almost all the higher education(universities and colleges) uses English as the medium of teaching.

Businesses which need English will also stay under the control of other races, the Chinese especially. The Malays in the kampung will only be further worsen by the act of changing the medium that will not improve them. I know that what I have told here have been argued by many people who are like me but I have an extra suggestion that I have experienced myself that would contribute to the tag-line that the Prime Minister created- 1 Malaysia.

Besides the medium thought in school, the vernacular education system should change to a standard education system- only one type of school in the whole country. Sekolah agama, maktab rendah sains mara, sekolah berasrama penuh, Chinese school and Tamil school should be abolished. For those who wants to study in a boarding school can continue but it should be the same type of school as the others.... no agama, Chinese or Tamil school.

I would definitely enact this proposal if I was the prime minister but I know that I may not be one on the next day:)...........Many parties like the Chinese, Malays and Indians would go against me defending their bahasa ibunda and so on but I don't care! I think this is a perfect plan and only the most country-loving prime minister would do this! Actually, the other languages will not vanish because those who wants to learn or study them could do so by having a system which they have now that is the POL-( a class where they could learn their language).

Therefore, I think having English school is the best not only that every races will mix together but they will also be united and they do not really care about races. This is based on my true experience.......I am not hating or condemning any races but usually the Malays from boarding school are not friendly towards other races when they are out from school because of the environment that they have been in for some time. In contrary, those who are from English school love to mix around with everyone.

The Politician

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Nurul Ain 29/2/1996 said...

Yea..I agree with you, Jetblack.