October 02, 2009

Annoying Chinese

After some time being friends with many people from different places, I have learnt many kinds of characteristics that I have never seen before. Previously, I have talked about guys from boarding school and I might have criticized some races especially Malay…… but that doesn’t mean that all of them are what I describe in some previous posts….

From what I have seen and said before is that the school that a person goes to definitely has some effects on a person. Just to give an example, very often, a gal from an all girl’s school makes them very outstanding in the sense that they can talk a lot, anything they feel like talking and they are not shy! Am I correct? Hehehe.

During holidays, when there is a gathering with my friends, each one of them will always say and likely to complain about some people in their university or college…. And I found out that the only race that they would often complain would be Chinese. Why? They, themselves are also Chinese! What makes them so different?! I think these are the most common point why they complain! So it’s time for the Chinese to get bombarded!

1. They keep most of the things from others so that their marks are highest.

Very often this is a characteristic of Chinese students from Chinese school. For example, if they have some tips or questions or it could be anything that could help everyone in getting a higher grade, they would only keep it to themselves although sharing it would not affect his grade. The reason why he does it is probably because he wants to get much higher marks than everyone else which does not do him any good! So why do it?! I don’t know.

2. When you ask that have you studied for a test or exam, he or she would say haven’t study. Not only that, when he comes to see you that you’re studying, he would do a damn irritating kind of tease something like this “wah, studying wor, studying wor.” As thou he didn’t study at all but he has been studying like there no tomorrow. Just say you’ve got higher marks than him, he would do another kind of provocation again!

Competition is good but doesn’t mean you have to put others down by doing all that! Another thing is, in university or college, helping each other is crucial and good because it helps in getting higher CGPA for everyone so why being so like that! I have been listening from others and myself has experience it. If they want to study so hard, do it, but don’t put others down by doing all the annoying things!

Now it’s time to compliment other races.

For Indians, they have very strong spirit of togetherness. They would help their friends in completing their work and they are not self-fish. No doubt. Some Malays also have those characteristics in them. Not only that, Malays is also very generous especially in giving donations and is very helpful UNLIKE THE CHINESE.

For the international students, they may be rude in the eyes of Malaysians but its okay for them in their country….. So it’s hard for them to change in that way…..but there is an extremely good thing about them that is they would help others even thou they are taking a huge risk. In quizzes or tests, an international student would ask whether you need help and would give you his paper to copy!

There is so much more to say especially when doing businesses but I think I’ll do that in another post. That’s all for now.

The Politician


Anonymous said...

haha, is it right to give answers to friends during a quiz...mmmhhh!!!

The Politician said...

Haha, I didn't say it's right but I am saying about their willingness to sacrifice for friends.

Betch said...

I guess it's time to bash our own people instead of always bashing the rest... there's no doubt in wat u say is wrong, politician...

in this case i'm trying to find a ray of light for the recent 1Malaysia, and i'll tell u when i find it... shouldn't take more than a decade don't worry...

Betch said...

i guess u deleted the performances post? lol

The Politician said...

Yes, betch. Hey, checkout our new profile picture.