August 17, 2012

Time Worth Wasting

One of my favorite quotes is this "A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter is not a nice person."

I strongly believe in that.

After a little working experience here and there, I have noticed and even myself, learnt that, we lose our sense of humility (if you even got some) when we make rash decisions and rushing for something. Probably because we weren't thinking.

However, I have often noticed that it is more beneficial that we take our time to decide properly and waste some time than to be fast and thoughtless. Often, it will backfire if you do not take time and think.

The Politician.

August 13, 2012

Good Results, By Hook or By Crook?

Some of my Chinese friends said this to me "Why be so good, just bring notes into tests and exams. In the end, nobody going to know how you got good grades but your performance shows you are good!"

What do you readers think?

It is a question of ethical, moral and professionalism because these people are future engineers by the way.

The Politician

August 11, 2012

Economic Crisis, Never Ending...?

"Economic crisis" These are the same words that many hears today. Greece, Portugal, Italy and now Spain- Europe's 3rd largest economy.

When will this end? No idea but they have lots to do. Let me give you some figures. Labor productivity in Spain (real output per worker) only went up 15% between 1990 to 2010- quoted from Fortune 500. However, the costs per worker went up 120%.

Spanish wine exports were focused more on volume rather than value. This is a sector where could assist in the recovery of their economy if properly utilized.

The Politician

August 09, 2012

I have seen posters of Chief Minister and MPs being printed for coming general election in Malaysia. Would Najib push until 2013? I doubt, most likely he will wait for Pakatan to commit a mistake and after the budget, he might possibly dissolve the parliament.

Again, just a prediction, let us see.

再见 (Goodbye) for now.

p/s: I am learning Mandarin.