October 10, 2009

A crocodile in disguise 2

The Betch and his silliness…Buu you!

Fisherman and his jala! Buu you too for abandoning the IT world and being very busy in fishing!

(The following post may have been slightly different from the real story for he/she may be a close friend of the writer and please excuse the informality of the post)

Remember once I told a story about a crocodile in disguise? If no huh, go find it in previous posts, if yes, I have another story that you people might be interested in…. As what you have read, you must have learnt something about the attitude and characteristics of the crocodile but there is more!

Before telling, let me describe a little further about him. He came from a wealthy family. From what I’ve seen, his father is fierce but he’s very generous to his son if his son does achieve what the father expected them to achieve. His mother is very loving and that’s all I know about his parents. Let me tell you that the guy I am talking about is kind of smart but he could be the most stupid smart guy in the world and extremely immature….. I think lah.

Very common, a guy likes to act cool especially in front of gals…..So gals, I just let out a guy’s secret…thank me. I would like to give another tip too (if wrong don’t blame me), observing from what I have seen is ……. a guy who has good sense of humor and he does naughty stuffs even thou in front of his girlfriend is a guy who is really in his true natureJ Anyway, back to my story…… The guy that I was talking about invested his properties (handphones, money and other stuffs that a teenager may use to give his gf) that his parents bought for him on his girlfriend….How? He would show that he is loving, caring, generous and cool, everything in the world lah, so that the gal that he is with would be impressed. What for? One word………..sex. I heard him said that he would spend much more money on prostitutes for sex than his girlfriend and it’s not only for once, he can do it as much as he want and then when he captured a new prey, bye bye the used ones. Phones and anything that usually a guy can give to a gal are some of the things that he would give and that wouldn’t be as expensive as receiving services from prostitutes. So did the coolness attracted many gals to him? Yes it worked!

Recently, he went for a class and his good friend was his partner for that class. There was a girl who was new and she was also in the same class. The crocodile and his good friend had prepared for some time for an important project. As you all know, the crocodile can’t stand his (I don’t know what word should I use to describe), he went and waste much time with the new gal and left his friend for hours to wait for him. His good friend was fed up with him so his good friend told him off in front of the particular gal…… And because of his jaga muka and cool attitude, he punched his friend and left the project which was very important…… And guess what did his friend do? Nothing….He just said…..”that’s it you’re out.” Let me tell you that his friend was a very fit guy and I think he would have easily kick him in the ass for good….. but he didn’t.

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There is so much more about him but it is to be continued………

The Politician

October 07, 2009

Lost in Thailand...apparently.


Well, I've got a story for you guys and it happened two years ago. It suddenly came back to me a couple of hours ago before this post. It's hilarious.

So here's the dirt. I went to Thailand with two of my aunts and a cousin during the CNY holidays. This friend of my aunts came along and he was this art director from China. Very nice guy and all, only there's this one problem... well at least in my case, he doesn't speak much English. He can but not much. And you guys know me, I'm the worst Chinese ever because I don't speak Mandarin. My almost non-existent ability to speak Hakka and Cantonese wouldn't help. So basically, I only made small and monosyllabic conversations with this dude.

I think it was our 3rd or 4th day there when he expressed an interest in touring Bangkok as he had never been there before.

Aunt of mine: Hey, that's good! (My real name) can go along!

I remember hurting my neck from turning so sharply around to look at my aunt.

Me: HUH?
Aunt: Yes, he hasn't been to Bangkok before... so why don't you two go together?

OH YES..... I, a Mandarin-impaired dude, was going to go walk around some places in Bangkok with a guy from China who doesn't speak much English... I mean, c'mon, think about the communication issues... I remember praying the previous night that things would work out... Thank God it went quite well with a few bumps. I mean I had fun going around taking pictures with him and seeing the historical sites and shopping places, what have you not, it's freakin' Bangkok.

So we were in this mall and I saw a rather fancy music store. I told him I was gonna go there and he nodded. I put on the headphones and started listening to a lot of music. I think at least half an hour had past and I started looking for him.

I found him talking rather quickly and desperately to this information counter lady. The lady just picked up the phone receiver and started dialling. I went up to them.

Me: What's up?

I could have sworn I had never heard the loudest sigh in my life. He was like: "OH MY, OH MY, HE'S HERE! WHERE YOU GO? I LOOK YOU AND CALLED YOU... LADY SAY NO ONE COME..."

I didn't understand initially until I saw the counter lady and I was like "OH".

The poor thing thought I was lost! I guess he wasn't listening when I said I was going into the music store or perhaps he didn't understand and simply nodded. Apparently, he went up to the information centre and made the lady call me on the loudspeakers 14 TIMES!!! My days, how could I have heard when I had the headphones on in the music store??? It apparently went like this...

"Calling Mr. (my real name), calling Mr. (my real name), please proceed to the information centre on Level 1! Thank you!"

He was terrified. I remember him rambling about what could have happened if I was really lost, about how he was so worried and what my aunt would say for losing me... I was like Dude, calm the hell down, I'm HERE.

It was the comedy of the evening, joke of the day and a memory of a lifetime and still is! So from now on, if any one of you decide to go on vacation with a person who doesn't speak your language, BE ON THE WATCH. Lol.

I have quite a lot to tell you guys but not at the moment, or not in this post. It's already too long, imagine if I'd added any more stories. Take care everyone!

October 02, 2009

Annoying Chinese

After some time being friends with many people from different places, I have learnt many kinds of characteristics that I have never seen before. Previously, I have talked about guys from boarding school and I might have criticized some races especially Malay…… but that doesn’t mean that all of them are what I describe in some previous posts….

From what I have seen and said before is that the school that a person goes to definitely has some effects on a person. Just to give an example, very often, a gal from an all girl’s school makes them very outstanding in the sense that they can talk a lot, anything they feel like talking and they are not shy! Am I correct? Hehehe.

During holidays, when there is a gathering with my friends, each one of them will always say and likely to complain about some people in their university or college…. And I found out that the only race that they would often complain would be Chinese. Why? They, themselves are also Chinese! What makes them so different?! I think these are the most common point why they complain! So it’s time for the Chinese to get bombarded!

1. They keep most of the things from others so that their marks are highest.

Very often this is a characteristic of Chinese students from Chinese school. For example, if they have some tips or questions or it could be anything that could help everyone in getting a higher grade, they would only keep it to themselves although sharing it would not affect his grade. The reason why he does it is probably because he wants to get much higher marks than everyone else which does not do him any good! So why do it?! I don’t know.

2. When you ask that have you studied for a test or exam, he or she would say haven’t study. Not only that, when he comes to see you that you’re studying, he would do a damn irritating kind of tease something like this “wah, studying wor, studying wor.” As thou he didn’t study at all but he has been studying like there no tomorrow. Just say you’ve got higher marks than him, he would do another kind of provocation again!

Competition is good but doesn’t mean you have to put others down by doing all that! Another thing is, in university or college, helping each other is crucial and good because it helps in getting higher CGPA for everyone so why being so like that! I have been listening from others and myself has experience it. If they want to study so hard, do it, but don’t put others down by doing all the annoying things!

Now it’s time to compliment other races.

For Indians, they have very strong spirit of togetherness. They would help their friends in completing their work and they are not self-fish. No doubt. Some Malays also have those characteristics in them. Not only that, Malays is also very generous especially in giving donations and is very helpful UNLIKE THE CHINESE.

For the international students, they may be rude in the eyes of Malaysians but its okay for them in their country….. So it’s hard for them to change in that way…..but there is an extremely good thing about them that is they would help others even thou they are taking a huge risk. In quizzes or tests, an international student would ask whether you need help and would give you his paper to copy!

There is so much more to say especially when doing businesses but I think I’ll do that in another post. That’s all for now.

The Politician