September 05, 2009

The Final Destination.... really? It's been four or five installments already. When is The Seriously Last Final Destination?


I know I'm doing two posts in one day but oh well :) Right, I don't get Final Destination and probably never will. When is this franchise gonna end? It's so over-the-top and unnecessary. In nearly every installment, there would be this girl who can see the future and sort of cheat death. She pulls these people with her and then one by one, they die in the most RIDICULOUS ways. The current film has a guy in it, I figured they didn't get the girl to come back for this one since she was basically pancaked by a train in the previous one. Anyway, in one part, I see in the trailer this girl gets bludgered by a flying tyre from the race track. It just swerves through the air and hits her squarely in the head. Like what are the odds of that ever happening, man? It's just TOO MUCH.

The previous installment had a guy sliced open by some swords that were hanging above him when he was working out. This girl got wasted from a nail gun or something. Not only is it nonsensical, it's basically violent and the violence just makes no sense. You know what's sensible violence? Live Free or Die Hard. That's okay, right?

It's as if the writers of the Final Destination franchise are turning Tom and Jerry stunts into a real film. Remember when Jerry would drop an iron on Tom's tail? Yeah that's basically how Final Destination is all about. Everyone dies Tom & Jerry style!

Okay enough about that rubbish. Let's move on. Whitney Houston is back! Her new album is out and it sounds like good stuff. BUT HER. Oh my gosh, I dunno what happened to her really. She doesn't seem to be focused and her voice is so deep and husky now. Have you guys seen her GMA performance? She says her long interview with Oprah was the cause of her vocal problems. I wonder what Oprah has to say about that. But then again, the woman is 45 now. Even Mariah's voice has deteriorated and she's 39. Celine, HOWEVER, well I say she's the best among the three. I mean, yeah Celine's voice has grown deeper now too but she can still hit the notes of her older and newer songs.

I smell dinner. Gotta run, you guys. And please leave some comments. All our comment boxes are empty and dusty. And where in Malaysia are my blog partners? Eh politician, pemancing, post something FAST.

God bless :)

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