November 27, 2009



WHOA. 2009. You are nearly becoming a past tense in our lives.

I shouldn't be blogging really. I've got exams and assignments to complete but I think I should pour my thoughts about recent happenings out into this box before I forget, hence making it seem like I'm not thankful.

Well, I can say it's been a very nice year for me. Everything just fell so nicely into place. Deadlines were met, prayers were answered, answers were given to mind-bending questions, people came into my life.... everything is just fine. I don't wanna say it's great because of the world's disasters like the Padang earthquake, the reversion of Maths and Science back into Malay, the economy crisis... I think it would be unfair really to say that life is great.

Among the recent things that I wanna be thankful for is my recent performance for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, everyone... though most of you don't celebrate this, but oh well). I performed two songs with two friends of mine, Mayuri and Marivin. We were called Green Egg & Ham feat. Marivin (he was a recent addition before we told the MCs our band name). The name has no reference or meaning, whatsoever, so go ahead and rest your confused selves. I sang "Use Somebody" and "Chasing Cars" to a good response from the audience, so I am particularly thankful for that to God. You see, I was panicky about forgetting the lyrics to the two songs and my panic escalated to greater heights when I DID forget the lyrics during sound check. My mind went blank.

So Mayuri in particular was worried for me and I didn't blame her. She was very passionate about performing before the people of HELP. So I prayed to God asking that everything would be fine, that I can remember the lyrics and the timing, that he would rid me of anxiety... you know, your typical prayer before anything. And thank you God, everything went so well. However, two people in particular from the audience were not pleased with me performing "Use Somebody". One was Monica whose reason was another band she heard totally crushed the song and has hated the song ever since, and the other was Dessie (I hope it's the right spelling) who thinks Kings of Leon's latest album sucked and has offered to coach me in other songs from their past albums which were, according to her, WAY better. Well, at least, it wasn't because of me, LOL. They be the coolness anyway.

And now, the show must go on... it's time for one final quiz and assignment and then... the finals. *Hallelujah chorus soars dramatically* I know, like I haven't even opened my books properly due to all the other projects that I've been involved in.

December 9, I beckon thee,
Come quick and deliver me,
From college and the final papers,
I ain't kidding, I need them answers!

I realised I wasn't being my usual betchy self here, but because I'm in the thankful mood, I shan't say anything indirectly nasty.

Have a good weekend, everyone :)

November 24, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey readers sorry for "abandoning the it world" (according to the Politician).... Well for the matter of fact i was really caught up with lots of things to do you know... I'm not as free as the politician and the betch... the politician gets money under-table and the betch get money by bitching and I get money by fishing so mind u there's no internet at the open seas... oh well.. So i'm back...
I've got nothing much on my mind to blog about recently so i'm just going to update u about my current experience in UNIVERSITY...
So for your info i've been accepted to a local uni that is UPM... well.. so much diff from all my well-to-do friends that's in INTI, TAILORS, HELP, UTP,SUNWAY, and etc... This is because the subject i want to study is only offered in UPM, no other col/uni... SO i'm stuck here... well being stuck here is no so bad afterall... i've got amazing friends (which i initially thought i wont have any)...Thank GOD for that..
The reason i am missing in action in the blog was because i was very caught up with many many things to do... My first sem was very busy... my schedule is always jam packed with labs and lectures sometimes i feel so drenched out... 18 credit hours every sem is crazy... every week i have three long reports to do.... every 3-4 weeks have test and exams...Well talking about exams its not easy at all sometimes.... i thought it will be all smooth and easy in uni looking at the majority that is around but this year was an exception... THIS IS THANKS TO THE JPA SCHOLARS!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.....I think they actually raised the standard so that it gives the JPA some sort of challenge...and they are also focusing on some ISO thing...haiz... all this is making my life more challenging... oh well... have to put up to it... its not easy honestly... In a way its a good thing because i think this is the thing that drives me to move further and getting me out of my comfort zone... I'm currently waiting for my finals results.. I'm so nervous looking at my odds to get good results...
I guess that's my update for now... i'll blog again when i find something more interesting") till then chiao!

~The Fisherman~

November 14, 2009

Fed up of Gossip Girl drama in reality!

Updates are kind of slow because of exams.......

These are some things that have happened since my last post:

1. MCA's image has been destroyed:
There are internal problemssssss in the party. Most of them are stupid problems! EGM was held but the resolutions were contradicting with Registrar of Societies(ROS) about the post of Deputy-President of the MCA and many more that I am too fed up to say....

2. Malaysia is in Formula 1!
I am actually looking forward to that and I don't want to give any comments until I know about it and see how do they do in it. I hope they do their best, take it seriously and not just for the sake of promoting Malaysia.

You people must have watch dramas such as Gossip Girl which should teach you people a lot about relationship. If not it's okay, it's just a metaphor for the title..... No worries:)

What relationship am I talking about? Of course guys and gals. If you want lesbians or gays, hmm maybe it will come from the betch or fisherman not me. Hahaha.

Coming from a place that is very different than where I am now, totally different type of people, made me notice that there are people who are jealous, so jealous that I can consider them as stupid!

Everything that the gal/guy does must be told to the other party so that he/she knows what is he/she is doing. For example: the voice of the guy changes into a very soft spoken person and start updating about every single thing that he is doing and going to do with his friends........ then his voice changes back to his real self. I find this annoying maybe just because I get this so much here...... I thought people now are liberal and not so 'ulu' anymore but I was wrong. A picture of the guy or gal of little intimacy can cause massive drama in a relationship...... The ending..... hmmm..... depends, sometimes it's good and sometime it's not but before ending, I would see tons of drama.

I find that utter stupidity. Are those the thing we get when we indulge ourselves into a relationship? Of course not! Why get unnecessary problems and stress instead we could be happier being single.

This is what I think.....:

To be in a relationship is to declare that the couple becomes closer friends and not what most guys/gals now think, that is they own the guy/gal, he/she belongs to them. Not only when in a relationship, also after marriage, they should still treat each other as friends.........but that is not usually the case.......

The main factor to maintain a happy relationship and marriage is by the trusting each other. T....R.....U....S....T... is a value that we should practice when you think the relationship is getting serious. If not, hmmm, it's up to you because trust is something expensive or I can say priceless so don't just give it to any Tom, Dick and Harry. If you know that the other person is cheating on you and he/ she cannot be trusted so much but you still want to be with whoever the person is, what's the point? Sex? Money? Fame? If that is what your looking for then go ahead, continue with the relationship and you will attain your objective...... If you think that he/she is going to change to be a good person after you talked to the person, forget it. He/she will not change.

In the case where both are committed and have decided that this is the person then just do one thing........ trust in him/her, almost nothing can destroy the relationship. For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend slept with another girl/guy but he/she did not tell anything to you.....In other words you found it out yourself or it came from another person, you are confident that he or she did not do anything wrong. You might even choose not to ask him about that at all because you trust him/her. This is how much trust you have in the person you are with. But bear in mind, this has it's disadvantage.... If the other person has done a big mistake and you choose to trust him/her..... after some time you end up knowing that he/she did do a huge mistake, it will hit you hard...very hard.

But again, let me remind you that being in a boy and girl relationship(BGR) is a time of trial so breaking up shouldn't be a big issue and if both of you are really meant to be together, I am confident that you and the other person will get together again..... Wishing all the BGR out there good relationship and learn from love dramas about relationship, don't just watch!

The Politician

November 03, 2009

Remember, remember... my gosh, it's November?


Before I betch, I apologise to our readers for the constant delay of updating. You see, I'm a very busy betch with college and the betching business. It's very hard to juggle you know. And also, I'm sort of at a crossroads in my faith. By that I mean like I'm hitting a rocky path as things in life are revealed to me, like what is there to come and what is there to do to please my God. It's hard but I'm hanging on.

I gotta say, I'm just so amazed how 2009 is just dissolving into 2010. I anticipate the future, don't get me wrong, but somehow I feel like things are going way too fast. Just yesterday, it seems like I had just started secondary school and now, I'm in college! Sometimes I just lay in bed and wonder how did time zoom past us so quickly.

It's either time that's being sneaky or it could be me. Recently, I've got TONNES of work on my shoulders. So basically everyday would be monotonous because I'll be trying to race against time to complete my work. Thank the Lord for He sustains me. And the people! I love HELP, readers. Honestly, I'm so glad to be in HELP and no where else at this moment because of the people in general. Come to think of it, if it was not for NS, I would probably be in some other institution. Because before NS, I didn't even think of HELP once. Funny the way things out, eh? And yeah, in this sense, NS was helpful, I guess.

Why am I being so nice and tingly? OK, Betch mode activated.

1Malaysia is good. Yeah honestly. But shouldn't it have been implemented LONG TIME ago in Bethlehem or something? They're only thinking about it now, when racism and discrimination is at its' worst? Even the late Yasmin Ahmad said our PM copied her because her movies have depicted racial harmony in Malaysia in the most natural way possible. I mean, I wanna be optimistic for Malaysia, I seriously do, but let's face it, the country is in pretty deep shit. C'mon, politicians are losing the trust and faith of the nation as we speak. No substance, just small talk.
No planning whatsoever, always playing dirty. How now?

All we can do is pray for this country.

If you ask me, I'm in a love-hate relationship with Malaysia. I dunno how to love it or hate it. I'm simply mundane about Malaysia. All I can say is that Malaysia is my first home and a home that no matter what happens, I still gotta love it. C'mon we gotta be thankful we aren't in wars or involved in natural disasters.

Anyway, it's nearly three in the morning. I'll come back soon. God bless you all!

"Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."
~ Groucho Marx