April 20, 2009

A crocodile in disguise

Something different this time. Recently, I had a friend who came to me and seek for advice about his relationship with his girlfriend- let her name be A. He almost cried in front of me when he told me that A wanted to break up with him because A knew that he was with some other gals..........so I listened to his story. Let me tell you some of his history before I tell you what happen next....... he was a not bad looking guy who can easily attracts many girls. He had sex almost every Saturday and Sunday in his girlfriend's home. Not only that, he did not only done it with his girlfriend but with so many girls that he just knew. There was once he had sex in a church camp....how terrible can that be.....! I tell you he looks like the most innocent guy at my place but hhhuummppphhhhh... he is undescribeable!! I think he had sex more than 100 times before with so many girls. I can't tell you everything because there are just too much terrible things about him but just keep in your mind that he is a very very nice guy for a friend but in that matter that I mentioned above, I don't have anyword to use on him but a crocodile.

After listening to his story, I told him to tell everything to his girlfriend about his history. If A really love him, she would definately hate him and even give him a slap but after sometime I think she should be okay lar, rite? hahaha. I don't know lar. That was just my predictions. hahaha. He did not agree with what I suggested to him and he told me that he wanted to continue lying to his girlfriend that he never had any kind of intercourse with other gals except with his girlfriend. Then I told him "you do not need my advice because you have already made up your mind." I was actually angry and disappointed with him because in my opinion he was just using A and so many girls just to satisfy his lust. The reason he did not tell A was because when he goes back to his hometown and there would be a silly gal who is waiting to have sex with him.

I did my best to tell him what he shouldn't do but he did not listen to me and he told me that " as Christians, as long as our heart are married to each other, it's okay to have intercouse and bla bla bla bla and bla" which was ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH TO ME.........then, looking from a more liberal mind, fine....since you still want to do it, then go ahead but you should at least take care of the gals that you liked and not only used them.

I asked him what would he do if A breaks up with him and suprisingly he told me that he was sad not because he was going to lose A but he cannot have sex anymore because he was busy with his university's assignments and it would be hard for him to find a new girlfriend to have sex with in the university or in his hometown now.

Wah........!!!!! I didn't say anything after that....

Looking from a Christian point of view, we shouldn't have that thingy before marriage but from a liberal point of view, I think it's okay but the person who he did with should be someone he really love and cared for and not just anyone who he can 'kau' with his good looks and because of that he can used them.......

So for the gals out there, please beware of guys like this who is good looking but a crocodile in disguise. He may be nice to you but no matter how nice he is just be careful...............And yea any suggestions or comments just do so.

April 09, 2009

Returned for His anniversary.


Hello hello, civilisation! It feels great and strange to be home. Like when the gate opened and I saw my home, I couldn't stop smiling. HOME SWEET HOME! My dogs wasn't so welcoming though. You see, I'm now darker and my hair has been cut off, so my dogs didn't recognise me and they started barking at me.

To my dog, Duchess, I was like "You bitch" and then realised it shouldn't insult her, since she IS literally one. They softened up after a while. Well, they'd better, lolz.

Ok, let's get down to NS. NS. NS......... NS.

I seriously can't tell you specifically how I feel. I'm kinda on the fence being pulled on both sides. It's good but it's bad. It's bittersweet. It's good for character-building and discipline but it's also a bit of a waste of time. The trainers are generally fine but they can be quite annoying and insufferable sometimes. These people are hot and cold. One moment they're fine, the next they're cold and hateful. Irritatingly subjective!

Alright, from now on, I'll be writing about random stuff that happened at camp.

Yeah, I was VERY annoyed with this Malay girl. I was walking in the Eating Hall when she and I accidentally brushed our hands against each other. Oh my Lord, you guys, the look she put on as if the sky fell down. The horrified look on her face like I was some dead decomposed being. The Oh-my-Tuhan-I-touched-a-non-bumi look! SO annoying. What kind of mentality is this?

Then, this idiot of a teacher in my company called Bravo. He has this really big ego for such a tiny man. There was this time where he called all of us out into the sun for apparently having a fight. He said it involved a Chinese or two, I dunno, I usually don't pay attention to such people as he. So then he started shouting at us to confess who fought, but none of us remember doing anything, and we were like looking at each other, saying "who did it? No one fought. Who's this dude kidding?" And then, we found out it was the Alpha company that had a row, not us. This wasn't the best part. The trainer didn't even apologise for making us stand under the hot sun for 40 minutes for no bloody reason whatsoever. Instead, he decided to crack a couple of jokes and make us laugh. I actually went "WHAT?!" and he laughed even more. Irritant!

And just like a two or three nights ago, there was this other absolutely ridiculous thing that happened. Right, so, we were in the eatery hall at 9pm for some briefing but before that, the teachers wanted to punish some Malays for being late for isyak prayers (typical). So, the teachers made them jump like a frog on stage. It wasn't something to be so sour about 'cause it was funny and people laughed at all of them. There was this particularly big dude who got really pissed off when people started recording him doing it and shouted at the crowd. The irritant of a teacher I mentioned came around, and went angrily "Siapa yang rekod video itu? MENGAKULAH!" The big dude then said "(The A word) cikgu, janganlah memperbesarkan hal!". OH MY GOSH, if I had a camera I would have taken a picture of the teachers face which had turned pale and stony. He walked away. I was like "Tai sei!". But then, somehow other teachers got emo and started giving us their "Why are you doing this to us?" speech. And then, another dude got emo and started answering the teacher back. One thing led to another and some girls began crying. The stupidity of it all happened so fast! Then there was some apology roll call thing on stage. I didn't go up... what the heck for? I didn't do anything! I couldn't believe how exaggeratedly ridiculous it all became.

There was this other time, when we were lining up for dinner, this group of Muslims came cutting in. People were like, hey get in line! They answered, ahh diam, kita nak sembahyang!.

WTH. Using religious activity as an excuse for rudeness. Lame. Beastly. Irresponsible. Idiotic. C'mon dudes, some integrity if you please. No offense to Islam or anything, but you dudes can't just do what you want when you guys gotta pray. I mean, why didn't you guys come out earlier or something, if you knew you had to pray? You could have easily avoided the non-Muslim crowd who by the way, need to eat as well. So yeah, I was upset with that and how rude they were. Not all of them, but a handful.

And I really gotta bash these dudes up here, I'm sorry, but it must be done. Some guys in NS act as if they've never seen or met someone from the opposite sex before. Seriously. They go whistling and making those stupid noises with their mouths at the girls, treating them like dirt. I could only observe with great disgust. Guys, you're 18 years old, GROW UP! I can't imagine what it will be like for them when they work with girls in the fture. And oh yes, the lame things they say to the girls....I can't even describe it to you. It's beyond the border of terminal lameness.

On the whole, the friends I met there makes the shit that happens in NS unshitty. Lolz. It's true. I've found very nice friends here. Praise the Lord. I thank God that He sent me here too because lots of people here, even the lame ones, live well with one another. Yes, there are those bitter arguments but they're nothing. Well at least for me. I always had the ability to steer clear from social problems. I try not to get involved in anything that doesn't concern or interest me. So I'm quite problem-free and I hope it stays that way. I sit and speak with everyone...Malays, Indians, Chinese.

There's this one problem that I face though. I can't speak Mandarin, and every single Chinese person here speaks it. Some speak English well (thank God for them), some speak ok-ok-la, some just don't. But I live the best out of it. There's always Malay, which basically everyone understands. However, this could be a chance for me to learn a bit of Mandarin, I think. It wouldn't hurt now would it? :)

I also thank God the officers there allowed us to return home for holiday to celebrate Easter. I have until Sunday evening, then I'm headed off into the woods again :( .... oh well, I'm grateful I even get to come home.

Oh man, I make NS sound so crappy, don't I? It isn't so bad as people put it but you know, stuff is bound to happen to make you disappointed. It's all very complicated.

This tires me. I'm off to bed. I dunno when I'll return for my next holiday, but I hope it would be soon. I shall update you all then. For now, take care and God bless :)

To all Christians, blessed Easter! To non-Christians, well be blessed anyway!

April 02, 2009

So Called "NATIONAL SERVICE" !!!!!!!

Well well.... I'm back from National Service for a week due to my scholarship interview... That doesnt really matter... Now i'm gonna tell you all my stories throughout my 10 days stay there... Pls feel free to drop a comment after you read this interesting blog about "NATIONAL SERVICE"....

Here goes... The first day was very bad.. There were not enough beds to sleep so i and another 28 ppl were forced to sleep in some jurulatih's room.... the room was ok.. but the whole thing is we had to cary all our '3-month' luggage in and out in and out cuz they couldn't make up their genius mind... so we followed like cows.. then we had to like carry our beds from the girls dorm right to the jurulatih's room.. we did that like 9 something 10... first day was shit...well i'll show u some pictures and then i'll further elaborate the story...

Well this is my new look... gosh many loved to see me BALD!!!! so this is it... alright laugh all you want then scroll down... i'm used to it...

Rite these are my new malay friends..... they are very nice ppl.. we chat we laugh and eat together sometimes:) they are the slightly more socialable malays:) so i'm ok with them, 3 of them sleep just infront and beside me...

Ok this two feller are my 'chinese friends' :) They are not that educated (tht is if 'not that edu' means failing all subjects) haha... nvrm... They have brains... why?? Cuz they are the biggest cigarette seller in the camp:) haha... They somehow smuggled cigarette into the camp and they are selling them for Rm2 for one stick and Rm5 for 3 sticks...But they only buy the cigarette outside for like Rm 2.50 for 20 sticks...haha...so do the math:) smart... the ppl here are like going to die if the dont have cigarette for one day... So you guys know how much i hate smokers:) but in this case i dont have much choice... but they are also very considerate ppl.... they know i dont smoke so most of the time they dont smoke in front of me... On my second night.. i went to bed like at 11pm...and i was awakened to see a cloud or smoke flying in the dorm... Damn i couldn;t sleep the whole night... i only had like 3 to 4 hrs of sleep cuz they were smoking as if heaven and hell is not real...Never the less the next day i threatened them:) I told them i got sensitive nose and i get allergic to cigarette smoke very fast and apparetly i got flu when i was talking to them so i told them that is the result of their cigarette but actually its not.. Anyway i told them if they continue i'll have to go to the doctor and the doc will sure ask me what happened... i told them i will tell the truth.. so finally we came to an agreement that they willl not smoke in the dorm:)so now i'm staying in my dorm without smoke!!!! hahaa.... of course i was abit cautious about them bashing me up:) but it seems that they didn;t... SO problem solved..

This is my dorm.. there are around 30 ppl sleeping in this dorm... my bed is the first one on your right the one with the dark blue shorts:) dorm is quite clean cuz sometimes either me or the guy sleeping beside me will sweep the floor.. u know how i cant stand dirt and sand and dust and ants and ...............haha.. its quite cold at night and the mist in this place in the morning is like 200 to 300 metres visibility length... clothes are imposibble to dry in the night... so i usually wash my clothes in the afternoon after lunch then dry it under hot sun... it will be dried by evening...

So this in my toilet.. its very nice and clean as u can see so i basically dont have much problem with the toilet....(not to mention i had lots and lots of experience in SAINT PAUL's toilet) so i guees i'm used to it...the pic below is the place i wash my clothes:) and wait, most of the toilet doors have locks:) so okla.. nothing must to ask for in the toilet.. got a big jacuzzi somemore but with no hot water of course... some times some ppl tur it into a swimming pool...haha

So this is my canteen... sorry forgot to take the pic in the inside but anyway.... the food here is quite good la but the only thing is that they give u very little portion of dishes but a whole MOUNTAIN of rice.. gosh at home it is the other way round.. anyway no choice but to eat:) so yea... ok lets get to the worst part of the canteen... There are tons of FLIES!!! alot alot of them... practically thousands.. i've never seen so many flies before in my life... if u leave ur food unattended, that;s it the flies will start a party on your meal... so we are very busy when we eat... one hand eat rice the other waves over the rice to make sure no flies go on the food... argh damn busy wan... eat also no peace!!!!

Now that is my alarm clock in the morning!!! at guess what time?? 5.30 AM!!!! damn... i shouldn't further elaborate if not u guys will have a chance to run "SUPPORT KELVIN" campaign when i'm in ISA...

Ok that little house there is my classroom... THIS IS THE WORST PART OF OUR GOVERNMENT'S SO CALLED NATIONAL SERVICE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness.. they have what u call CHARACTER BUILDING classes and some leadership thing... oh gosh u should attend one of them then u will know how speechless i am right now... this classs is the most boring thing in the camp and the lamest... they talk about baby kids leadership and character building... and on top of that they do all the CHILDISH activities that can so call bring out the best in them?!?!?? i was like argh!!!! i can sometimes take a nap in the class.. imagine... its that boring and childdish.... but the whole thing is 'some' enjoy it alot.. they seem to confess that they learn alot of new things in this class and bla bla and bla bla... pls la i learned that in like form 1 or std 6.. I was thinking to myself (grow up and be matured la ppl).....no further comments... MALAYSIA BOLEH, GENERASI INI PUN BOLEH!!!!! yay!!!! lets look forward to a new future... yay...

So this is the PADANG KAWAD where we do all the footdrill and activities and stuff la... nothign much..2 things... this is where we spend 15 to 20 min just on counting ppl EVERYDAY, 3 times a day... how many in your group present and bla bla.... they take their sweet time la as usual...this is also the place where the trainers shout at you for little things...always say punctuality is very important but when its their time to be punctual they are not...haiz... the other thing that i laughed my head off is this... there is this BLEEP TEST thing... so we are required to run 20metres across to the line on the other side back and forth la.. we must follow the bleep sound and then run according to it.. if u r slow u r out.. simple... so i was doing it la...as i was in the 7th round i realised many ppl are looking at me ady.. thinking to themselves why is this elephant still running?haha so i was the COA (centre od attraction) for a moment only la:) haha then when i stopped alot of ppl actually came to say - wa bagus la kamu...haha.. until the 7th round only the fit fit ppl are left and one elephant... hahah.. this is thanks to my friends that jog with me ocassinally when i' m in s'ban:)thank you:)rite...

I guess i covered most of my life in NS for 10 days.. well on top of everything this camp is ok la... not too bad neither good.. i'm getting used to it.. so yea praise GOD...but that does not mean i love tis camp... i'm trying every possible way to finish early and make them give me the FINISHED certificate and get over with this issue.. SO yea tilll my next post of my another 4 weeks of ns:)