November 27, 2009



WHOA. 2009. You are nearly becoming a past tense in our lives.

I shouldn't be blogging really. I've got exams and assignments to complete but I think I should pour my thoughts about recent happenings out into this box before I forget, hence making it seem like I'm not thankful.

Well, I can say it's been a very nice year for me. Everything just fell so nicely into place. Deadlines were met, prayers were answered, answers were given to mind-bending questions, people came into my life.... everything is just fine. I don't wanna say it's great because of the world's disasters like the Padang earthquake, the reversion of Maths and Science back into Malay, the economy crisis... I think it would be unfair really to say that life is great.

Among the recent things that I wanna be thankful for is my recent performance for Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving, everyone... though most of you don't celebrate this, but oh well). I performed two songs with two friends of mine, Mayuri and Marivin. We were called Green Egg & Ham feat. Marivin (he was a recent addition before we told the MCs our band name). The name has no reference or meaning, whatsoever, so go ahead and rest your confused selves. I sang "Use Somebody" and "Chasing Cars" to a good response from the audience, so I am particularly thankful for that to God. You see, I was panicky about forgetting the lyrics to the two songs and my panic escalated to greater heights when I DID forget the lyrics during sound check. My mind went blank.

So Mayuri in particular was worried for me and I didn't blame her. She was very passionate about performing before the people of HELP. So I prayed to God asking that everything would be fine, that I can remember the lyrics and the timing, that he would rid me of anxiety... you know, your typical prayer before anything. And thank you God, everything went so well. However, two people in particular from the audience were not pleased with me performing "Use Somebody". One was Monica whose reason was another band she heard totally crushed the song and has hated the song ever since, and the other was Dessie (I hope it's the right spelling) who thinks Kings of Leon's latest album sucked and has offered to coach me in other songs from their past albums which were, according to her, WAY better. Well, at least, it wasn't because of me, LOL. They be the coolness anyway.

And now, the show must go on... it's time for one final quiz and assignment and then... the finals. *Hallelujah chorus soars dramatically* I know, like I haven't even opened my books properly due to all the other projects that I've been involved in.

December 9, I beckon thee,
Come quick and deliver me,
From college and the final papers,
I ain't kidding, I need them answers!

I realised I wasn't being my usual betchy self here, but because I'm in the thankful mood, I shan't say anything indirectly nasty.

Have a good weekend, everyone :)


mayuriml said...

At least the people who disliked 'Use Somebody' disliked it cause of the song itself and not because of us. I'd say our first ever performance was a pretty awesome success, no??

Betch said...

yes i should think so too... but let's be humble la huh.... :P