July 04, 2011



I'm working now! Yes, in a surprising turn of events, I'm now working as a web writer. It's been so much fun in the office, learning new stuff and getting me some cash. The real reason why I wanted to work was just to take a break from my studies and to work a bit before heading to the US. The current reason is now to just take a break from my studies as my US study plans have been axed indefinitely. Yes of course I'm disappointed but I guess abrupt change of plans happens, so I'm accepting it and moving on.

Back to work... I feel as though the universe just doesn't want me to forget about Seremban or HELP University College. I studied in HELP for two years and lived in Seremban for most of my life. But everywhere I go, there are always people or things that just remind me of Seremban and HELP. Currently, in my office, I have a colleague who graduated from HELP with a law degree and a colleague who's from Seremban. Even my old school wouldn't leave me alone. I remember St. Paul's Institution so so well. One morning, I went to the dispensary to get myself a cup of Milo and I spotted a cup that had the St. Paul logo on it!

Seriously, if I ever had amnesia, I would recover from it so fast, it's not even a worry. Because one way or another, things in the past will always hold on to me... and I suppose being grounded and always remembering your roots are good, but I would like some air to breathe just a little, thanks.

Oh, and to end my posting for today, I'll tell you all a joke. Ibrahim Ali. Done.