November 24, 2010

Adeste Fideles.


Christmas is descending on us all and I see people are relaxing and looking forward to the end of this year. People just wanna sit back by the fire, cuddled with their families and sing 'I'll Be Home for Christmas'. That's one of my favourite Christmas songs. The feel of the song always makes me visualise a sense of warmth spreading throughout my body. Personally, I like the peace that comes with Christmas, it may be because it's the day that believers acknowledge the day of the Lord's birth into this world.

I think Christmas is a time where people basically retreat and reflect on the year. We think about what we've done, the people we met, the good times and the bad... and then we think about how we can make good changes for ourselves. As innocent and child-like as I sound, but I think it's more important how you've made a positive impact in the lives of people around you. People hide their insecurities and mistakes and they beat themselves up about it, thinking they're the only ones in the world. They feel all alone. So look around you... and talk to those that you feel need to talk, let them know that someone cares.

I may sound mushy and emo here, but you have no idea how much of an impact you can have in someone's life. Humans are created by God to have feelings and empathy towards others, hence sharing in their burdens and enlightening one another through lessons and tribulations in life. We are just designed that way to be connected with others.

This Christmas, may God bless you all! (and every other day afterwards as well :) )

Any fool can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count all the apples in one seed. ~ Robert H. Schuller

November 12, 2010

Good times.


Woooowww, I can almost feel the virtual dust on this blog. I shouldn't be surprised because the last update was more than 3 weeks ago. I will never know how people can actually update their blogs every week. Some even sooner! Sighz. Not that that's a bad thing of course :)

Anyway, moving on... since the fall semester started up for me, so much has happened. Things were revealed to me in a way that made time fly even faster than it once had... in fact, time went by so fast that I didn't even have time to absorb it all. I make it sound like I have discovered the medical cure for cancer, but no, I assure you it is nothing of the grand sort. Or scientific for that matter. I've just had a really great time getting to know people better and growing with them. Naturally but unfortunately, I've stumbled into people who are... (how do I say this without being judgmental?)....difficult. Yes, let's just put it that way. AH, but such is life. We should live the best we can.

So I've discovered that I'm rather agile in the water. I'm not talking about swimming, but water captain ball. Yeah, I was at my Christian Fellowship retreat and we were playing that. That was one sport in my whole life that I actually enjoyed playing to the fullest. Honestly! You can ask around. That camp was such an escape from my busy life, it certainly was rewarding to find rest in God (the purpose of the camp). And all the people in camp... they were just amazing to be around.

Ah, good times, good times...

Okay, moving on to other funny moments. Like this one time when I saw a dude smoking a cigarette in the rain. I should have taken a picture, honestly. It was fascinating to watch him light his cigarette again and again, scratching his head every time the cigarette would extinguish. First of all, I dunno about this but can an unfinished and put-out cigarette be lit again? Smokers, cancer lovers, anyone to help me here? Well anyway, people are just interesting lah, you know?

When I was returning from camp with a friend one afternoon, I saw this white dude trying to hitch a ride from someone. In a movie, that's usual and okay... but in Malaysia? Hmmm... I wanted to ask my friend to stop the car so I can get down and tell the fell, "Ermmm, dude... it's wonderful that you actually think people are gonna wanna give you a lift and all like in America, but it just doesn't work in Malaysia... so why don't you call a cab or something?" 

That's all I have for now and the post is getting long so I don't want anyone to stress.


"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." ~Anonymous