May 14, 2013

Perhentian Island, Redang Island & Lang Tengah Island (Malaysia)

About a week ago, as stated in the title, I went to those island. To my surprise, they are well preserved. Due to the timing I went which was on weekdays, the number of tourists at Perhentian could be counted. However, the same can't be said for Redang, the island has more to offer, nicer accommodation with high class resorts compared to Perhentian Island. Perhentian Island would be the choice for those who prefer a more village style kind of accommodation.

Let's say if you insists to stay at Perhentian, there is still nice resort called Awana (if I am not mistaken). But I would highly recommend one to stay at Redang.

Enough with accommodation, I will be showing some pictures of my snorkeling experiences over there. Except for the involuntary sun tanning that I had to go through, it was a good experience.

Clown Fish

At the Perhentian Island area

A huge turtle

One of the view at Redang Island

Quite a number of fishes surrounded us

Feeding them

A coral. The locals call it Christmas Tree

More corals

I wonder why was the fish surrounding that person only...

Morning view at Perhentian Island

On our way to Redang Island

Arriving at Lang Tengah Island

View at Perhentian Island in the evening

Another side of Perhentian Island

Night activity at Long Beach

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