January 13, 2013

Peaceful Rally (Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat)

Finally, it was a successful gathering till the end, for the first time in Malaysia. Why do I call it successful? Sebab dapat kumpul banyak orang? (because of the good turnout?) It could be one of the reasons. Looking at a broader perspective, I think it was successful, in Mandarin one could say it was 很成功 (hao cheng gong) because:

1. No one was injured by the police as they let the rally take place.
2. The police will not be condemn as force weren't use.
3. Voters who are yet to make a decision on which party should they vote will not switch to the opposition immediately. These are the "atas pagar" voters. At this moment, these people will make a difference. Others, even if you drown them in the rivers, they will still maintain their decision on being pro or against government.
4. International media will have nothing much no blow about.

So these are some of the good points.

However, don't you think it would have been better for the government if these had been done in the previous peaceful assembly?

Instead of stopping Bersih 2.0, they could have helped to make it happen. Again, I am sure that they have learnt but "nasi sudah jadi bubur" (the rice has turn to porridge).

And there you go, a success on the opposition side and this is also a statement to the government. :)

12th January 2013- Peaceful Rally to Stadium Merdeka

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