March 30, 2013

Fake Handphones (Fake Samsung S3)

Last week, I personally encountered this incident in Seremban, Malaysia. For the local readers, this happened in Terminal 1, Seremban on the 2nd floor.

As usual, you would want to get the best price offered after surveyed some shops around a mall. At that time, Samsung galaxy S3 was about RM 1,600++ in Malaysia (that's about 500 USD). Friend said he would only buy if the price was RM1,400, the shop owner said yes. We were astonished that he was able to give us such price, so we agreed.

Mentioned to him that we wanted an original one and not the fake one, he said, "yes, original." Mind you that we questioned him 3 TIMES! After checking the phone thoroughly, we bought it and went home. While my friend was playing it in the car, he suspected that the phone feels different. He is a pretty IT savvy kind of guy. He reached home, check it on the internet,discovered that it was a fake Samsung S3. If it was me, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

So people out there, be cautious of these irresponsible conman.

(Fake S3 (left) and the original one)

The Politician

(Ps: sorry for the short story, I was too lazy to type it in a more exciting way)

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