February 02, 2013

My Experience In An American Company

Hi readers! For Malaysians, the election is coming soon, are you EXCITED?! At least I am!

Being in a multinational company (MNC) and the largest company in the world, also in revenue, has been such a pleasure. Not that they reward me with a lot of money, I wish they do, but it is because I am amazed with the culture. I have been in several organizations but this one is truly unique. I have never been to America (yet) so being able to work among them, even by just being in Malaysia, it has been fun! Why, it is because they aren't as tight as most Malaysians are! Not every Malaysians are boring but working with them it is just so funny! Most of them are!

The jokes we do on each other while working simply makes work a pleasure. With that said, I learnt to look things differently. Again, I don't do justice by just simply saying Malaysians as lame but sometimes being in a culture to get things done QUICK and WELL, values will simply degrade.....

I recently tried popcorn from America which was Soooo GOOD! It cannot be compared to the ones in Malaysia! They taste extremely sweet like chocolates. And you can expect that they are done perfectly as every single one of them are POPPED, so you won't hurt your tooth. But, being Malaysians, I still do love Malaysia! :)

(Oreo Flavored Popcorn)

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