February 23, 2013

Babies and kidnapping in Malaysia

In Malaysia, this have a been common headlines in the papers. As one flips through the pages, it is almost impossible to not see a report regarding that. What’s with the sudden rise of children being kidnapped? It hasn’t been happening before this? I am sure it has but the scale wasn’t as worrisome as now. Syndicates have identified this as a lucrative source to gain income with many rich (an irresponsible) people willing to ‘buy’ the babies at a high price. But, again, they are not the only one that should be blamed. The kids’ parents (or caretaker) should also be blame. 

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Fellow readers especially those from abroad and not Malaysians, you will be surprised the way some Malaysians methods on how they take care of their kids. Absolutely abusive! Especially the Malays. Aside from physically hurting them for ridiculous reasons, some just hit their kids for no reasons.

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At the shopping mall, they just let their kids run free without keeping an eye on them (And when they get kidnapped, then you blame everyone else except yourself). At the restaurant, they will let their kids play near the hot area (at the cooking area) where they are exposed to many hazards. And when that happens, again they blame their kids. Kids don’t know that it is dangerous…

Food for thought people, food for thought.

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