March 18, 2013

Know Your Right Peers!

In just a few years, especially being in college, then working in 2 MNCs and soon going back to college, I have come across just way too many people.

Colleagues, college peers, and school friends, I have discovered much. I would say that I am lucky to have done so in a young age. I discovered, I have friends who often get closer to you when they have nobody to go to. Guess what, this isn't wrong, being friends with one another, I do believe, we need each other for something, not just in terms of materials but also non-materials for example, a company when one is lonely. But dear readers, know the difference. Listen to your gut, I am sure you guys out there are smart enough.

There is a line which tells you whether the person maybe using you. Another form is that you start disliking the person especially with him/her as company. Why be with them? Try to reduce that then! How simple. You don't necessarily need to un-friend that person, but make yourself happy by discovering right peers that makes you happy. :)

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Life is short and you live only once (YOLO!)

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