February 16, 2013

Paper Qualifications VS None

A colleague of mine at the company where I am interning once said “students are the poorest people in the community.” It was more of a joke when she said that but when you think about it, there’s some truth. Unless you have parents who keep pumping you with endless cash, one would either be relying on scholarships and loans, and that provide you with just enough! Yet, I see many students who own the most updated phones, branded clothes and nice cars, of course, I am sure that those are sponsored by their parents.

Back to the topic, I have come across friends who are doing quite well without having to spend 3 to 5 years in college. Air stewards for example, I see them owning a house, car, latest gadgets and superbike. Those things made me wonder when I get out of college, would I be able to buy those things. I am certain that would take at least more than 3 years!

Of course in the long term, our salary will grow exponentially where as theirs are uncertain. But we have to bear in mind that we have debt to settle even with bigger margin of increment.

Just a random thought,

The Politician

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