August 01, 2011

Take Time For 'Periods' =P

What comes to your mind when you see the title? Naughty thoughts or just curious of what's coming?

It's a reflection which I was thinking before writing it down for the readers. I noticed that many people have things to rush and get them done such as assignments, study crazily for exams and all the typical teenage guys stuff that everyone would do like fighting or having fun with gf/bf for example... But recently after many happenings that I have witnessed in my daily routine, I noticed... I am in the same situation too! Do people always take time to reflect on what they have already done or where they are after living for some time....? It's not being emotional, it's just how things has changed... It's awesome to do a reflection when you have the mood for it. Some may think I am just being 'emo' but I insists I am not. It's sort of an interesting slideshow that you can see about yourself.... and others if you want. =)

In this post I would like to wish everyone to take a break and reflect, it's a cool thing to do... Maybe with a girlfriend or close friend or spouse would even be better. However, I think it may not.... Anyways, just a reminder. To do it or not, it is your decision =)

Peace and God Bless! But politics never end!

~The Politician

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