September 25, 2011

Malaysian Government Possible Way Of Buying The People Votes?

Instead of sourcing the money of resources to the real poor people, I have noticed that food such as rice, oil and groceries are being distributed massively to anyone with the election just around the corner. I do not accuse the government of trying to get cheap publication and votes through this method but, personally to me, I find this way of channeling the resources wrong. The people who gets the allocated resources consists of society which is well to do and are just purely greedy... It is a waste of the nations money, if it was sponsored by the government.... Again, I do not have a concrete facts of the event but I know it is organized by the government. Hopefully, you guys can see for yourself from the pictures which I have taken.

And the event has caused massive jam because all the CHINESE especially, cannot tahan, but to stop and take the free stuff!

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