January 11, 2011



Happy new year to everyone of you! I hope 2011 kicked off with a bang a week ago. First of all, my apologies on the lack of updating. You see, I was under the impression that I had two other blog partners who are suppose to be posting stuff up. Perhaps one of them walked into a law suit and the other a fish net. Well I suppose it's just me for now while they untangle themselves.

Again, I must dedicate a small part of this post to rant about how quick time is passing by. I was a freshmen 1.5 years ago and now I'm reaching the 20 mark and I'm a senior. Can you believe that crap? Haha. I always find myself frozen in a particular mentality from the past. For example, I will be turning 20 this year, but somehow I have this schema in me that I'm a post-SPM student and I've just enrolled into college. But then you know, there's always that daunting feeling of familiarity and repetition of activity in the same place which makes one feel insipid and bored. And from there, reality just kicks me in the shins and say, "WAKE UP LAH! YOU'RE A SENIOR!!!"

Looking at how life is surprising people at every corner of it, I say we just go with the flow. I don't mean be carefree and ignorant but rather to just try things out. Test the waters, understand things not for others but for yourself. If it's bad, at least you can point people away from deciding the path you chose. You would be a missionary of sorts. And people say stress from life is detrimental. I agree but surely we need some stress now and then? Stress was there for a reason, so there must be some use to us; otherwise it would never have existed. People just like pushing themselves till their hanging off the edge. It's time to find that balance of stress. Whichever stress priorities come first and foremost :)

Alright, now down to some serious bashing... apparently, right now in Hollywood, it's a trend to be divorced at least ONCE. I suppose it's an unsaid trend but really, there were several divorces reported last year. They didn't even happen at once.. it was simultaneous. As if after a couple decided to have a divorce, another just goes "Hey look, another divorce! DAMN! You know what, you haven't been looking very pretty lately... yeah, so let's get a divorce...".

What frustrates me even more is how lightly they make divorce out to be. No perseverance or depth whatsoever. A quote from one of them would go, "We have decided to separate on amicable terms after five long wonderful years together." I'm like, "What the - my parents have been together since 1983... yeah, suck on that!" I know I sound harsh, but it's just an honest opinion... I don't think these couples ever loved each other truly or deeply enough and just decided to marry on impulse. They make marriage look bad when in it's core, it really is beautiful. And no, five long wonderful years together is not a beautiful marriage. That's just waste, really.

On the brighter side of Hollywood, awards season is here! Yes, it appears the actresses in Hollywood have turned the tables on their male counterparts. It's their year. The guys this time round are more relaxed, less threatened. The women on the other hand are in it to win it. The amount of promotional press conferences and premieres. DAMN. It looks like an exciting season even for a commoner like me!

Anyways, till the next post, take care!

What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. ~ Margaret Mead

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The Politician said...

Into a lawsuit! Hahaha! I don't think I will get into that yet! =P