March 25, 2011

Get In Shape!

6 Packs...

Huge chest and arms...

Big biceps and triceps...

Those are some idea of what many think of what it comes to fitness. Are they true? Partially....

I believe many people out there and my fellow colleagues are very busy with their work however exercise should never be out of your life, be it sports or just a simple jumping in the room exercise.

For starters, try starting with the exercises you like such as skipping, little number of push ups and sits ups. Those who wants to lose weight, don't do that, instead, go for cycling and jogging. The time I would advice for those who wants to notice significant effects on their body, do 15 minutes of jogging without stopping. The faster you go, the better. However, because you are new, you might get ache at your stomach area. That is normal.

Three times a week is a good start and consistency is very important to see the reduction of fats from your body.

(To be continued...)

Some information about the subject:

-Body Mass Index is not a good way to measure fitness (BMI), look at the mirror instead!!

-If you lose about 7700calories, that's equivalent with 1kg but to give you an idea of that better, jogging 30 minutes non-stop at 13km/h burns only about 1400 calories. 7700 calories sounds easy but it is not! You cannot lose 7700 calories net. Tens of  calories deficit a day is good enough.

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