November 29, 2011

In Penang again

~ Betch

Now here's a disclaimer for the title... I intend it to sound like a sequel to the 'In Penang' post, so I'm not slighting Penang. Plus, I didn't wanna sound like I was some movie. So I just called it 'In Penang again' to sound different. I'm no rebel, believe me, but in some cases, different is good.

Well anyway, I went to Penang again with the same two friends I was with before. Aside from them being fantastic company, they were also hugely effortless to have a holiday with because they're spontaneous and unfussy. So the trip went very well, did a lot of walking and bus rides which was fun. The buses in Penang are quite spotless if you compare them to the KL ones. Rapid Penang should honestly give Rapid KL a call and offer them some advice about cleanliness and management.

Again, we ate mostly and did a lot of waiting for buses and pausing for directions. The usual tourist conundrum, you know. We stayed at the Tune Hotel which was a lot of fun, but I think the other guests say different, because I was making so much of noise during the night time. My friends were trying to calm me but really, I was just being loud and cracking jokes at anything or anyone. Speaking of the Tune Hotel, they have an excellent concept going on and it'll be to your benefit if you have a budget.

My friends and I encountered a homeless lady who was schizophrenic (I think). She was just by the bus stand where we were when she suddenly jumped up, whipped around and screamed, "Get away, devil!" She then continued speaking in hushed tones to this other being next to her and walked up and down the street. My friends and I were sombre for her predicament. She shouldn't even be on the streets, considering her state. Sighz.

We didn't go to the beach this time round. It was really more of a food getaway. So by the time we got home to KL, all of us had acquired two extra chins. They're gone now, thank goodness.

Penang's a well-rounded place in the sense that it has a balance of the suburbs and a city implemented into it which is great for people like me who can't decide whether he's for the city or the suburbs.

The Penang government should be paying me for promoting their state. But I shall shut an eye and do it for free... as I've already done. 

People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. – Dagobert D. Runes

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