June 10, 2011

Pretty Boy, Ubersexuals or just Gentlemen?

What is pretty boy and ubersexual? Let the pictures give you some ideas of what they are.

Pretty boy is the cute appearance and often, is look upon as good looking. You can actually see many Korean and Japanese actors, as shown some in this post, whom I put them in that category. Ubersexual is a male who is similar to metrosexual but he is straight, classy and shows much confidence. Somewhat near to being a gentlemen but he takes much care of his appearance. However, how do we know we fall into any of those categories? It's subjective!

Personally, it's not about being in any of the categories mentioned but the most important thing is to dress well with the amount of time that you could or willing to spend on. Everyone on the planet wants to look good. Appearance, you cannot help it. It comes from your parents. But it makes a significant difference when one dresses up well and keep a healthy lifestyle. Besides, it will also boost your self-esteem as well as your confidence level. If you have the time and money, do try to it. Don't like it, then get back to yourself. And do not over do it as well.

Girls are attracted to men as such but I find that many of those men who takes care excessively about their appearance are either gay or bisexual! =P

More to come....

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uberman said...

I understand now, it's all about being good and looking good (actually great!), I didn't know I wasn't supposed to overdo it, I'll just accept myself the way I am, as excessive as I am, or maybe I'll be much of a freak and to a low intensity, an ubersexual, to be a man, I understand less is best. Not too much on cigars, fine wine, compassionate, passionate, maybe one thing of a high degree of intensity: cigars! You can't get enough of them. But I'm not overdoing the hedonist part of ubersexual, much the quantitative hedonist (neither physical nor emotional unless done not overfrequently). I'll blend this with my dandy looks, I'm a moderate ubersexual!