January 31, 2009

Festival let-down.


First of, I hope all of you had a good Chinese New Year (CNY). I'm afraid to say, I didn't have a great one, not even a good one, but a rather dim one.

This CNY was rather blah to me. It's as if the climate decided to contribute it's dark material across the skies this week. It wasn't as hot as it should be. I've never come across a respectably chilly CNY. Something funny and weird about this new year. Something has definitely changed.

And if you think I'm speaking in terms of Feng Shui, well people, no. I don't believe in it (therefore, I don't listen to Lillian Too). I don't read what my horoscopes say as well, although I do read them once in a blue moon, just for the fun of it. I don't believe in the Chinese calendars with the different animals and how those Feng Shui masters tend to predict the future with that and the movements of the stars and moon. Really, I think it's all about you, your choices, God's will and well, God (who could forget?).

Well, aside from the whole Feng Shui story, I also think CNY has lost it's CNY-ness. I don't think most people take it as tradition anymore, it's like more of a routine now. Lose the fancy CNY-coloured clothes and accessories, this could be some normal get-together. There has to be something more to CNY, no? I don't claim to be a ceremonious person, but there has to be something more vibrant about CNY. It's the same old jazz every year. It's getting upsettingly monotonous.

I'm not being emo here, guys. I just tend to be vocal about anything misfitting.

"I shall not be moved" ~quoted from Psalms 16:8


Avalon said...

Hey Warren, atleast you dont hav to study during ur whole CNY? my studies started on the 3rd day of CNY!! Let's see, sometimes we have to believe in Feng Shui... never say u dnt believe it before running into trouble... So, when ppl say sth about Feng Shui,i think it's best to listen it..but dnt practise it if it is nt practical...Let me ask u one thing about CNY... If you're given a CNY clothes [ like china type ones] would you wear it? I think some customs and traditions have to alter them from time to time, so tht they wont be "swallowed". And what do u meant by old jazz? They do hae new chinese songs ya know? Well even old jazz, wat's wrong with it? you only listen to it once a year during whole week of CNY? If it is old jazz, i'm sure u hav memorized every single song's lyrics and able to sing them well enough? [NO OFFENCE ya? =P]

Jetblack said...

none taken, chin ;P

it's got nothing to do with clothes la chin. It's more 2 da atmosphere i guess. it feels stale.

Avalon said...

He did mention about clothes maya... "Lose the fancy CNY-coloured clothes and accessories".
Please read properly Jetblack!!

Jetblack said...

Chin, it was me who said it, not jeremy... warren here btw. n in case u din noe, jeremy, kelvin and I share this blog.

abt da clothes, it's not da primary reason la... it wasn't my point, it was merely an exmaple.

it's alrite chin, 4get abt it... b4 this turns into a petty arguement.

Jetblack said...

Haha... he's cute la...