February 02, 2009

Education and MONEY!!!

Its time to do the math...Teenagers like me tend to think so much of this until we get ourselves all confused... Some i mean... Lets see, many people give me their opinion on education... They have 2 extremes of opinions... Common people tell me MALAYSIA sucks go to other countries and study... Others tell me MALAYSIA is not bad... (no offence to those of you who are going to study in overseas... )

I'll refer to overseas studies first... Overseas is the perfect place to study if u are talking about QUALITY and ENVIRONMENT... They are more advance than us in various fields of studies... No doubt about it... Their degrees are more recognized than Malaysia's...Many people tend to look up to them... Everything seems good about 'over-the-seas'.. Chinese people have this saying 'certificates that were soaked in sea water are more durable'... Well to me studying in overseas is in fact a good thing but there are other things that we have to take note of.. First, can our parents afford to send us there? second, will we be able to cope in the new environment?? physically, mentally, and spiritually... the cultures there are totally different... One wrong turn in life can kill your future as you don't have much restrictions anymore (with no parents around, which some of you loooooveeee)... Third, is it worth while??? i know of this person who graduated in US in medic... He rip off his parents of 500,000 thousand ringgit just to study there.. To do so his parents sold off their house and some other properties to finance his studies... Guess what?? when he came back he told his parents that he is not interested in medic and at last he helped his dad in their family business something like chickenn rice or so... WOW what a waste of $$ and time... Above all the parent's money... imagine if you are the parents... I will break down and cry!!! Some told me its the LOVE of parents... i say its the foolishness of the parents in the first place... What will you feel if you were the parents?? :)

Lets jump to my main point! my point is there is no need to go to universities overseas to become SUCCESSFUL.. then again success is what oneself measure it as... If you measure success as having alot of money then it is... If you measure success as knowledge then it is... what is your success?? I have two stands about success... 1. A good relationship with GOD 2. Rich to be able to pump in money for the kingdom of GOD... and myself of course but that's secondary:) Therefore i dont think there is a need to go overseas to study... Maybe you are going to argue with me about the course i'm going to study but i think overseas will be better as well.. But at the end of the day we all study for one purpose!!! it is to make money and sustain ourselves in this ever changing world... PLS tell me if that is not true for you.... Education is important but success is not just education my friends... When working life starts then you'll see how other factors play a role.. Dont get me wrong, if your parents have the money then go ahead full force i'll support you.. its good.. above all at the end of the day it is who we really are that is going to lead us to success...

There are so much more that i want to say but i'll end here for today....


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