January 23, 2009

Book-smart vs street-smart

Finally, I got my hands onto a computer!! Okay, what should I say..... Got it, about a month ago, I went for an interview in Perak for a convertible loan scholarship. I shouldn't say the name of the company for some reasons. The candidates chosen for the interview were all smart people as they obtained tons of A's in their SPM trials result (unlike me) and they come from all over Malaysia including from Sabah and Sarawak. Most of them studied in boarding school such as Sekolah Berasrama Penuh(SBP) and Maktab Rendah Sains Mara(MRSM). Only a handfull of the candidates there were from daily school. I asked them a lot of questions about their lifestyle in the school that they studied before. They told me that their lifestyle in boarding school was very hectic because they had to attend classes even at night. Anyway, I am not writing about the differences between boarding school and daily school.

My point is that they are the same as the pupils and kids in the primary school. Why do I say so..? They are smart and they could talk the whole day like a Prime Minister without any script but they behave like people who have little education when it comes to matters such as free food and many more situations. I was suprised when I saw them pushing and shouldering each other with their might just to get something they need faster than the rest. Too bad I didn't snap any pictures that time....

What I am trying to say is the education in Malaysia is going in a wrong direction and steps taken by the Malaysian government like making Moral Education and now, Civics are going to make the people in Malaysia a round person in every aspect..................?? I don't think so......


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Tharuman said...

Dude.. welcome to blogging... lol... very good post though..