January 18, 2009

Seriously, people...wake up!


I've been looking at the newspapers and just browsing over them. I've given up reading it thoroughly because it's the same old jazz everyday, don't you think? Accidents, fights, murder, war....(Velma Kelly ~ "...and all that jazz!"). Don't get me wrong, I'm sad for those who have lost their lives due to the stated mishaps and but I'm beginning to lose interest. It's such a routine, don't you think?

Well, anyway, the above paragraph is another day for me to elaborate. I said the above sooner because it suggests what I'm about to say about life.

Life. That's like one of the greatest gifts to us, isn't it? I love the fact that we are given a chance to live our lives for a purpose God wants us to accomplish in life. I love the fact that we can see our friends and family everyday and have a round of laughter or two. It's everything really.

But somehow, people wanna throw that all away for stupid things like taking drugs, smoking etc etc. There are millions of people who are dying out there in the world due to diseases, natural disasters and stuff like that, and here these people are knocking on death's door.

Smoking, really why do people do this? "It's cool", "I like it", "It's fun", "It makes you a man".... the list goes on.... IDIOTS, these people are, they redefine foolishness. Call me conservative, church boy, innocent, but really is it very church-boyish of a person to die from cancer? Is it very innocent of me to not wanna smoke when I know the penalty is death? I don't think so. I started thinking about all this hubba-jubba when my grandfather died from lung cancer (he smoked, yes, at great length might I add). From then on, I always thought, why would I wanna smoke or take drugs when I know it will kill me in the end? I mean, I know I'll be the loser. And for all we know, God forbid, I might get cancer from any other cancer-causing stuff like food (cancer is everywhere). I might even go the very next second, God forbid. So why would people bring the cancer to them when cancer can probably be their future?

Ignorance is the word for you smokers and drug users.

Life is so short, people. Don't throw it away. If you don't care about yourself, fine, at least think about those who care for you. Don't waste your life on some stupid stick or expensive powdery substance. Basically, you're paying to die.

In case you don't know how your lungs would turn out if you smoke, here's a clue.

Feeling sick? Good. So start thinking then.

That's all.


Avalon said...

Why Me?

Why did this disease chose me?
An incurable disease which took away my legs,
Slowly… I’ll be bed-ridden or even unable to talk someday,
Frozen dreams and uncertain future are awaiting, all I know,
I cannot accept it as the word “fate”,
Reality is too cruel, as well as too brutal,
As I think about my future, my eyes brim with tears .

In the days of changing seasons, I felt how long the days are,
Dragging along memories of the past,
I was able to run and walk under beautiful weather,
But now,
I told myself, it’s alright to stay the same,
without knowing the meaning of living.
No matter how optimistic I am,
I’ll never see a single ray of hope shine anymore,
Even though I passed the same path as yesterday,
It was completely different.
Humans are the only greedy creatures, who want to live longer,
Even tough it’s impossible
Is it really greed to wish for it?
I asked myself daily with full of doubts.

I’ve decided to embrace my future with no regrets,
I shouldn’t be dwelling and relying on my past,
Even though I was hurt by those heartless glances….
Those glances also helped me to understand,
that there still exist gentle glances.
I know I will lose my dreams and ambitions slowly someday,
Isn’t great I could pass on my dreams that I had to give up?

By closing my eyes, my will kept mentioning “live on”,
Has somehow encouraged me to become stronger,
Gives me reasons to me to find answers to my doubts;
To stop my pace and live in the present,
Not to run away from reality, but to face them with courage,
Through all the periods of sufferings,
I realised it’s enough to try my best in what I’m doing now,
Continue to be grateful for what am I today,
However, the one day will come where
I’ll do what I can to obtain those days of laughter.

Written by,
©copy righted


Jetblack said...

chin, get ur own blog!

Anonymous said...

Warren, you ended the entry perfectly :)
Nice going with the post, I'll bookmark this blog for future reference and, well, for the fun of it ;)

Jetblack said...

thank u, falsefetish... i noe who u r, but blog names are for blogs now, aren't they? lolz...