January 18, 2009

Awaiting a Whole New Future

Well part and puzzle of life... Progress... Currently working with my parents in managing the business. Well at least that will be something for now cuz i dont seem to find any other way of killing time.. I'm excited, very excited in fact to see what the future holds for me.. Just an ordinary boy growing up to see a whole new world out there... I'm going to UPM to get my degree in AQUACULTURE... Hmm not one comment from my friends are good about this idea.. Trust me... in lay man's terms its a dream to be a FARMER. That's what they say... not wrong though.. At times even my teachers give me the big cloudy eyes that says "why on earth are you directing yourself into this??"
To be honest.. I dunno!!! well interest started when i grew up in the farm... I have some experience and basic stuff... soon i begin to see how much potential in this field... with the world upside down now... Everything is moving slowly but i still see so much room for improvement in aquaculture... Why do i want to do all the labour and sweat myself out?? well its because i believe in meaning of money... I like to do what most people dont do.. because that gives me less competition and more room to expand myself!! Selfish huh?? I guess its a battle of the fittest in the world out there.. if you dont work u dont get!
Now i just hope my instincts and my conscience are leading me to the corrrect path... i dont not know what my future will bring but one thing that i do know is that whatever happens MY GOD is still sitting on the THRONE.


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Jetblack said...

warren here... i think it's best we identify ourselves since jer, u n i are sharing the blog. Jst 4 protocol's sake... God bless :O