January 10, 2009

The first one.

Two of my friends and I decided one day we should just start a blog. It happened randomly over one of our 'yam cha' sessions in Seremban 2. Jeremy, one of the two, informed me of his recent inspiration and eagerness to start a blog because "...I really wanna voice my opinions on certain experiences".

He also asked me to just set the blog up. I did so since I had the most time in the world (I'm a post-SPM student.... don't judge me!).

Right, well, I've actually just returned from KLCC. I went up to KL for an edufare which was great for me as I received shitloads of stuff from colleges/universities about psychology, law and mass communication. I got what I went for and I'm quite satisfied with myself. There's just one problem though. I'm still rather undecided on my career path. It sucks big time because I hate the feeling of uncertainty. It creates doubts and questions which tend to crumble one's confidence. Anyway, there's this really phenomenal place called Curtin University of Techonology. It's in Miri, Sarawak, something that can be problem for me. However, my options are still open. Any advice people?

As a whole, the edufare was well organised and I enjoyed my time there except for the walking. I can't feel my legs, I bluff you not.

Peace, people :)

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